655 Metaphors for other

And he was the imprudent one, and the others were the sensible, the wise.

One is a more or less unwelcome mental discipline; the other is the joy of life.

"That," said the publisher, referring to the moon-in-the-pine-wood young man, "is our young apostle of sentiment, our new man of feeling, the best-hated man we have; and the other is our young apostle of blood.

405 The other was a softer voice, As soft as honey-dew: Quoth he, 'The man hath penance done, And penance more will do.' PART VI FIRST VOICE 'But tell me, tell me!

One has been in the family since the time of Alfred, but the other is newer"(blushing)"it only dates from the conquest.

That there is any physiological or psychological factor in the case which makes stopping possible at one moment and next-door to impossible at another, and that these factors may differ between the sexes, so that one cannot stop just where the other can, is quite a new idea not only to factory girls but to women-patrolsat least to some of them.

HENRY T. BLOW; the other is that thewell, no, not exactly Hon.DAN.

Some of the arreytos are love songs, others are elegies, and others are war songs; and each is sung to an appropriate air.

Some of these thronged memorials were tinged with violet, and others were a-glitter like silver, just as the ordered trees shaded them or no from the low sun.

The other was Bassianus, the child of Mammæa and Gessius Marcianus, who was himself also a Syrian, from a city called Arca, and had been assigned to various positions as procurator.

They have settled the matter between them, however, and the elder, the shrine of pilgrimage, to which the other is but a stepping-stone, or even, as I may say, a humble doormat, takes the name of the Cité.

Ile tell you: because a Constable is King of Nights and the other is Prince of Darknesse.

Two species of this bird, called forest grouse, are indigenous in England: one is the black grouse, common in the pine woods of Scotland and of the northern part of England, and elsewhere; the other is the capercailzie or cock of the woods.

Others came after him, they trod a path across the waste Almenning; others again, and the path became a road; carts drove there now.

As they marched along, with their garden shears, their long-handled pruning-knives, their rakes, their little spades and hoes, and sweeping-brooms; others following after these with baskets to carry off the stones and rubbish; and others, last of all, trailing along the heavy iron rollerit was a thoroughly pretty, delightful procession.

It contains two principal streets: that of the Saracens in which the fairs are held, and to which many merchants resort, as the court is always near; the other is the street of the Kathayans, which is full of artificers.

In modern English government, particularly in our own, one of the basic principles is that of the three departments, executive, legislative, and judicial; the Norman or Roman theory rather reposed all power in one; that is, in the sovereign, commonly, of course, the king, the others being theoretically his advisers or servants.

The other was Miss Molly Dale.

And the other was old Marianne, who lived in her own house and pulled horse-hair for a living, and never did harm to anyone.

This is one aspect of the County Court; the other is its position with respect to property.

As to the eighty-five legitimate descendants, they were less flagrantly bad, for only five of them had been in jail, and only thirteen others had been paupers.

21.There is one other apparent exception to Rule 16th, (or perhaps a real one,) in which there is either an ellipsis of the preposition with, or else the verb is made singular because the first noun only is its true subject, and the others are explanatory nominatives to which the same verb must be understood in the plural number; as, "A torch, snuff and all, goes out in a moment, when dipped in the vapour.

There are, in fact, only two deliverances from Werterism possible in the nineteenth century; one is into Popery, and the other is Forward, forward, let us range; Let the peoples spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change; Through the shadow of the world we sweep into the younger day: Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.

It is of a make that I have run before, only the other was a five-seat instead of a seven.

Then the former swineherd concealed his hands, not yet quite healed, with white gloves, of which the one was adorned with a ruby, and the other was a sapphire; and, sighing, Manuel the Redeemer (as he was called thereafter) entered into his kingdom, and they of Poictesme received him far more gladly than he them.

655 Metaphors for  other