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96 Metaphors for  pages

96 Metaphors for pages

Dryden's page is a natural field, rising into inequalities, and diversified by the varied exuberance of abundant vegetation; Pope's is a velvet lawn, shaven by the scythe, and levelled by the roller.

Your front page would still be a starting point for people reading your blog but it would be a different sort of starting point, one more oriented towards a first time (and one time) visitor.

The page he was illuminating was the prophetic Psalm which describes the ignominy and sufferings of the Redeemer.

Another page and here was great-grandfather himself, in middle age, his picturea faded daguerreotypeshowing him in his Sunday best, but plainly in no Sunday mood.

But immediately after, he made an effort to pull himself together, picking up a book he had laid down to wipe his forehead and holding it so close to his nose that the printed page must have been a mere blur, unless he were very near-sighted.

The editor is doubtless well aware that about sixteen pages is the utmost length of essay which his readers can stand.

Re-ordering pages is a simple drag-and-drop operation, and all preferences, specifications, and color codes can be quickly imported from previous projects.

For instance, what could be more explicit than these lines from "The Brave Page Boys"? "John S. Page was the eldest son Edward C. Fish was his brother-in-law; They both enlisted in the Mechanic, And served their time in the war.

Considering that the average web page is usually not more than 50 kilobytes, this file is exceptionally large.

These pages filled with discussion of art and books, which had seemed to the woman of European culture, and French associations, so natural to write, which had been written as the harmless and kindly occupation of an idle hour, with the shades of Madame de Sรฉvignรฉ and Madame du Deffand standing by, were messengers of terror and despair to this ignorant and yet sentimental Westmoreland girl.

O, may these heavenly pages be My ever dear delight; And still new beauties may I see, And still increasing light."

And when the open page he saw and read what it contained, These were the words in which the maid of her hard lot complained: THE LETTER OF VINDARAJA "Ah, hapless is the love-lorn maid like me in captive plight, For freedom once was mine, and I was happy day and night.

And when the open page he saw and read what it contained, These were the words in which the maid of her hard lot complained: THE LETTER OF VINDARAJA "Ah, hapless is the love-lorn maid like me in captive plight, For freedom once was mine, and I was happy day and night.

The title-page is as follows: 'Demetrius and Enanthe, a pleasant Comedie Written by John Fletcher gent

The page of black and white is the sole intermediary between the creative and the perceptive brain.

A "page" is typically an item on the menu.

It is to them that the following pages are an appeal.

page 340.] In a letter to Lord Egmont, by Governor Belcher, dated Boston, May 24th, 1741, is this remark; "I was heartily sorry for the miscarriage of General Oglethorpe's attempt on Augustine, in which I could not learn where the mistake was, or to what it was owing, unless to a wrong judgment of the strength of the place, to which the force that attacked it, they say, was by no means equal.

The preceding pages are a commentary on the manner in which man has discharged this duty.

He is much the best looking and handiest of the men; and your page, Master Joshua, is no great acquisition yet.

This page is therefore mere dust in the eyes of the public.

The title page is a fair promise of a remarkable performance, and it is here presented: The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan and China, at the close of the Sixteenth Century By Antonio de Morga.

" Centuries may pass away, but still my page Will be the boast of each succeeding age.

Perhaps the page which lay face down was the page of the photograph.

This would lead to Page being an executive vice president of the IIHF from 1969 to 1972.

And on the nex' page was Mis' Dutton."

The last bright page before you, Kind reader and good friend, Is of another Annual The very pleasant end.

So, staying on the legal aid, when I look at the Estimates booksโ€“can't even speak todayโ€“page 67 is the subappropriation section.

By spring of 1981, 16 pages was the norm and our unpublished motto was โ€œAll the News that Fits.โ€

The first page was a triumph.

The report said the FBI did not corroborate the allegation but used the claim to assert that Page was a Russian agent.

Today the organizationโ€™s Facebook page is an active platform teeming with discussions and conversations among more than 7,900 fans.

This page is nameless in the story, but he serves to introduce to the King not less a person than Sir James Tyrell, who is represented as willing to do anything to obtain favor, and envious of the influence possessed by others.

The lady appealed to a limited constituency, like M.H.; but her pages, such as they are (for there are but thirty), are now publici juris.

marvelling, for in the living pages of that book I saw myself; it was a story about myself, and in it were all the things that had happened to me since ever I was born... "It was wonderful to me, because the pages of that book were not pictures, you understand, but realities.

Every page is masculine in power, every sentence is condensed thought, every line burns with passion; yet every sentiment betrays the woman, seeking to reveal her own boundless capacities of admiration and friendship, to be appreciated, to be loved with that fervor and disinterestedness which she was prepared to lavish on the object of her adoration.

Page 232-233 is not homework, we will have some time Thursday to complete.

In the final, Brit Bryony Page was the early leader, laying down a score of 56.040 as the second competitor to go.

Ever since the day of the fire, since Page had become a more and more frequent visitor in Lydford and had seen more and more of Sylvia, she had derived a certain amount of decidedly bad-tasting amusement from the fact of Morrison's animosity to the other man.

The Andrew Hanson Facebook page, as far as Iโ€™m concerned, this is my chance to get lots and lots of likes, especially because Iโ€™ve just created it for this purpose, and Iโ€™ve actually made my own celebrity isolation video.

This pdf clocks in at 2 pages โ€“ 1 page is an interesting b/w-artwork/hand-out-style version of the creature, the other page contains the text.

John Page is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Physics at the University of Manitoba, but you may come to know his work at the bottom of your next bowl of noodle soup.

Thank you so much for the online support & love for the band, This page is a tribute and a place to celebrate music, life, and positive thoughts, all are welcome.

This page is our central repository for determining systems for PDE and PDE systems.

And the page weโ€™re talking about is experts.

Insipid are the weekly themes Of 's imbecile review, Whose page with adulation teems, And makes me "beautifully blue.

A standard braille page is 11 inches by 11 inches and typically has between forty and forty-two braille cells per line and twenty-five lines.

Off-page is the complete opposite of on-page SEO, but it also has the same level of relevance - one cannot work without the other.

COLLINS, MORTIMER, a versatile genius, born at Plymouth; wrote poems, novels, and essays; was the author of "Who was the Heir?" and "Sweet Anne Page"; was a tall, handsome man, fond of athletics, a delightful companion, and dear to his friends (1827-1876).

"and of course," murmured Page finally, on another note, "of course it's rather a satisfaction to feel that you are making waste land of use to the world, and helping to protect the living waters of all that" He waved his hand over the noble expanse of sunlit valley.

[Page 108] were better haue a bad Epitaph, then their ill report while you liued.

An analytics solution with a visitor counter will give you a better idea of how many people see your content, which pages are the most visited and which links bring the most people to your site.

This page is the gateway to Grade 9 - 12 SS/NS resources that can be integrated into the provincial Social Studies curricula.

Among artists, William Page is a painter.

Page was the most brilliant talker I ever met, and a dear friend of Lowell.

The yellow pages are a fantastic method to find a business, but using the internet available these days, it may be best to search online so that you can find reviews for the company before hiring them.

This monthly mailing and web page,, are an attempt to reach the thousands of small-church clergy and lay leaders who are looking for resources to enhance the health of their congregations.

The download page to which users are directed is a perfect imitation of the one they would use for legitimate iTunes software downloads.โ€

[Page 108] were better haue a bad Epitaph, then their ill report while you liued.

These pages should be a way to recognize amazing people on campus and lift their spirits.

These pages are not a tutorial on HTML or CSS technologies.

"Dr. Page was of opinion that death, or at any rate unconsciousness, must have been almost instantaneous," Finch rejoined respectfully.

Master pages are templates used to automatically copy or link elements and graphic design styles to some or all the pages of a multipage document.

Moreover, Page is arguably the first transgender actor who was already well-known and well-liked prior to transitioning.

Campion the Elizabethan historian, whose few pages are a perfect magazine of verbal quaintness, apologizes in the preface to his "lovyng reader, for that from the time of Cambrensis to that of Henry VIII."

โ€œThis is not unconnected with the fact that our leaderโ€™s page has become a rich resource for those determined to expose the evil regime in Nigeria and enthrone a better life for the masses.

Each page of this book is a celebration and a reminder of the infinite variety of our home and native land.

The title-page of the French translation is as follows: * * * * * MARCHANT VERS LE CIEL.

I am keenly alive to the gathered-up sadness of which your last two pages are an expression.

The following pages are literally what they profess to be, a record of a few weeks snatched from a soldier's life in Affghanist[=a]n, and spent in travels through a region which few Europeans have ever visited before.

Macaulay's pages are not a graveyard for the dry bones of history.

Each page can be up to 38 lines with up to 50 characters/spaces per line.

After them came seuen pages of honour in cloth of siluer, vpon seuen white horses, which horses were couered with cloth of siluer, all embrodered and garnished with precious stones, emerauds, diamonds, and rubies most richly.

A page of the phone book is a more random sample of voters than a union meeting, so the result is more likely to tell who will really be elected.

Judging by her followersโ€™ comments, the page has been a source of light, humor and silver linings throughout many months of quarantine.

One of the finest and most distinctive Canadian poets, P. K. Page is no provincial.

Pages of his writings are devoted to the inhabitants of the islands and of the mainland, their customs and superstitions, their religions and forms of government.

"Say," he asked, "what page is that poem on?"

Every page of her life was a profound ambiguity of social standing.

One page consists of nine pictures with the English text above and the French text below each one, while the opposite page is a humorous line drawing of a scene from children's daily life using the pictured vocabulary.

[Page 232] Vouchers, his Recoueries: Is this the fine of his Fines, and the recouery of his Recoueries, to haue his fine Pate full of fine Dirt?

This page is a list of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft from 1960 to 1989.

The particular page in question is a somewhat useful annotated index of women who've made an impression in the world--outside the fashion industry.

In the "Washington (D.C.) City Laws," page 138, is "AN ACT to prevent horses from being cruelly beaten or abused."

I note the more important; Page 5, line 1, "recollection" was "remembrance" in the first edition; page 10, line 27, "voracious" was "ugly" in the first edition; page 15, line 21, "vessel" was "churn"; page 42, line 30, "continued" was in the first edition "remained"; page 108, foot, "But she being a woman" had run in the first edition, "But she being a bad ambitious woman."

A primary object of the NavalAnnualindeed, the chief reason for its publicationbeing to assist in advancing the efficiency of the British Navy, its pages are eminently the place for a review of the historical examples of the often-recurring inability of systems established in peace to stand the test of war.

Her unwavering advice and inability to be shocked ensured Zeldaโ€™s page was a must-read week after week, and for 26 years she has remained a stalwart of this magazine.

Page 26: "Fierce and terrible Benevolence!" is a phrase full of grandeur and originality, The whole context made me feel possessed, even like Joan herself.

Just as the front page is the 'face' of the periodical, the editorial should be its 'heart', not a vestigial organ like the appendix.

page 770, 4th edition; where it is introduced in these words: "The following pages are an answer from General OGLETHORPE to some inquiries made by the author, concerning the State of Carolina and Georgia."

"A crafty page, that for advantage watch'd, Detected in the act a brother page, Of his own years, that was his bosom friend; And thenceforth he became that other's lord,

The following pages are the result of this dreaming.

That just about perfect size was, I think, crucial to why Pages was a great store and a great environment.

Microsoft Active Server Pages ( which are files containing an extension ) are a newer file format for developing Web Sites.

384 Pages, Cloth Bound, Size, 5x7 Practical Mind Reading By William Walker Atkinson A course of Lessons on Thought Transference, Telepathy, Mental Currents, Mental Rapport, etc.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are pages that load near instantaneously for mobile users.