53 Metaphors for pages

Dryden's page is a natural field, rising into inequalities, and diversified by the varied exuberance of abundant vegetation; Pope's is a velvet lawn, shaven by the scythe, and levelled by the roller.

The page he was illuminating was the prophetic Psalm which describes the ignominy and sufferings of the Redeemer.

Another page and here was great-grandfather himself, in middle age, his picturea faded daguerreotypeshowing him in his Sunday best, but plainly in no Sunday mood.

But immediately after, he made an effort to pull himself together, picking up a book he had laid down to wipe his forehead and holding it so close to his nose that the printed page must have been a mere blur, unless he were very near-sighted.

[Page 108] were better haue a bad Epitaph, then their ill report while you liued.

Fernand O. Page was the second son; He served in the Third Infantry; He was wounded and lost both his feet On duty at Yorktown siege.

These pages filled with discussion of art and books, which had seemed to the woman of European culture, and French associations, so natural to write, which had been written as the harmless and kindly occupation of an idle hour, with the shades of Madame de Sévigné and Madame du Deffand standing by, were messengers of terror and despair to this

O, may these heavenly pages be My ever dear delight; And still new beauties may I see, And still increasing light.

The English Company's Islands (2, 2, 2, 2) at a distance of about four miles, are of equal extent; and the general trending of them all, Captain Flinders states (page 233) is nearly North-East by East, parallel with the line of the main coast, and with Bromby's Islands.

The pages she had and showed with such pride were 415 to 449 inclusive.

The page of black and white is the sole intermediary between the creative and the perceptive brain.

Page the cities of the West one by onethey are monotonous, ungainly, ugly slums and rookeries set off by an occasional bit of creative architecture.

It is to them that the following pages are an appeal.

The preceding pages are a commentary on the manner in which man has discharged this duty.

He is much the best looking and handiest of the men; and your page, Master Joshua, is no great acquisition yet.

This page is therefore mere dust in the eyes of the public.

And with what wonderful scriptures are their pages filledmyriad forms of successive floras and faunas, lavishly illustrated with colored drawings, carrying us back into the midst of the life of a past infinitely remote.

The title page is a fair promise of a remarkable performance, and it is here presented: The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan and China, at the close of the Sixteenth Century By Antonio de Morga.

" Centuries may pass away, but still my page Will be the boast of each succeeding age.

Perhaps the page which lay face down was the page of the photograph.

[Page 216] Or is it some abuse?

The first page was a triumph.

This page is nameless in the story, but he serves to introduce to the King not less a person than Sir James Tyrell, who is represented as willing to do anything to obtain favor, and envious of the influence possessed by others.

The lady appealed to a limited constituency, like M.H.; but her pages, such as they are (for there are but thirty), are now publici juris.

"It was wonderful to me, because the pages of that book were not pictures, you understand, but realities.

53 Metaphors for  pages