25 Metaphors for pay

The capital is Sucre (12), but La Pay (45) and Cochabamba (14) are larger towns.

His pay was only a denarius daily, equal to about sixteen cents of our money.

He returned sullen and thoughtful; I supposed him sorry for the hard fortune of his friends; and tried to comfort him, by saying that the war would soon be at an end, and that, if they had any honest occupation, half-pay would be a pretty help.

It brought some pay, and pay was bread; and every Sunday evening, with a touch here and there of paint and powder, the mother danced the dance of the shawl, the daughter remaining at home alone.

No pay, no work, is my motto.

To-day the people, eighty millions strong, are slaving for the few, and their pay is their board and keep.

His pay for this work was twenty-five shillings a week, with a lodging on the top floor of the Institute, a very fair compensation for the times.

"And how shall I pay for food the next two months, if my pay is 200 rupees only, and hospital expenses 500?" SHERRY AND BITTERS

The allowance which had been proposed to the officers of that vessel being represented as too small for their daily necessities, and still more so as the means of paying before their departure debts contracted with our citizens for subsistence, it was requested on their behalf that the daily pay of each might be the measure of their allowance.

Thy pay shall be ten thousand (coins).

The hangman would have been the nearest soldier, whose pay was already two years in arrears.

The pay of each cadet is about five pounds a month, of which his board takes two pounds, and 8s.

As the regular army contains only professional soldiers, who look, at any rate for a period of eight years, to soldiering as a living, and are prepared for six or seven years abroad, there is a limit to the supply of recruits, who are usually under nineteen years of age, and to whom the pay of a shilling a day is an attraction.

The highest paid are head-masters of Latin and English schools, 490l.; sub-masters of same, and head-masters of grammar, 300l.; ushers, assistants, &c., from 50l.

Twenty-one years ago in the bag and hemp factories of St. Louis, girl experts turned out 460 yards of material in a twelve-hour day, the pay being 24 cents per bolt (of from 60 to 66 yards).

Why were they to be sent from the capital, while their pay was several weeks in arrear?

His pay, however, falling short of is expectation, in a fit of fury he knocked his statue to pieces.

Although the members of Congress were paid, the pay was not large enough,only eight dollars a day at that time.

The whole pay of a foot soldier, sir, is sixpence a-day, of which he is to pay fourpence to his landlord for his diet, or, what is very nearly the same, to carry fourpence daily to the market, for which how small a supply of provisions he can bring to his quarters, especially in time of scarcity, I need not mention.

Why we're arst to slave from mornin' till night, and our pay is paltry.

The high pay of their officers, and the difficulties encountered in clearing the land, are in themselves considerable drawbacks; especially when we consider, that after all the pains bestowed, the soil acquired for the purposes of cultivation is often of very inferior quality.

"The Soldier's Pay and the Game of Cork" is the title that might be given by those who would write the history of the National Guard from the beginning of the siege to the present time.

Their task was to murder Armenians, their pay was the privilege to rape their girls and their women, and to rob the houses of the men they had killed.

The crew was composed of four rowers and a helmsman; their daily pay was five reals apiece, in all nearly seven pesos, high wages for such lazy fellows in comparison with the price of provisions, for the rice that a hard-working man ate in a day seldom cost more than seven centavos (in the provinces often scarcely six), and the rest of his food (fish and vegetables), only one centavo.

Sir, all the Pay is Secrecy Gay.

25 Metaphors for  pay