23 Metaphors for penalty

The theory that the death penalty was a preventive of murder has long ago been exploded.

The penalty for a "Sabbath" thus "profaned" was the prompt transformation of the bridal party into stone.

A certain Thrasea gave his opinion to the effect that for a senator the extreme penalty should be exile.

The penalty for breach of any of these articles was a fine of ten crowns, besides which the offender was to be put under arrest without being entitled to wages, and so to remain to the end of the voyage.

Nowadays the penalty for most contempts is costs.

"V. If the penalty would be a restriction of personal liberty, the judge may order the prisoner to a workhouse, until the proper authorities object, when the remainder of the sentence is carried out in the usual manner.

" Westermarck (61), after citing Barrow (I., 206) to the effect that "a Kaffir woman is chaste and extremely modest," adds: "and Mr. Cousins informs me that between their various feasts the Kaffirs, both men and women, have to live in strict continence, the penalty being banishment from the tribe if this law is broken.

The penalty was the forfeiture of the ship and cargo, one moiety to the commonwealth, the other to the informer.

Further, when property was stolen, the legal penalty was a compensation to the person injured.

Although it was fully proved that she had done every thing that could have been done in the case, her penalty was imprisonment for twenty years.

Some say: The greatest penalty is death.

For this reason, the obligation to frame and establish a legal register is enforced by a legal penalty, which penalty is the want of that perfection and plentitude of right which a register would give.

This large part of responsibility, it will seem to every reflective moralist, enters little into the law's survey; and its penalties, at best, are "the rack of this rude world."

Hence the penalties of the bill would be the punishment of misfortune, not of crime.

If a man stole an ox and killed or sold it, he was to restore five oxen; if he had neither sold nor killed it, the penalty was two oxen.

The penalty for stealing property was a mere property penalty.

The penalty for assault in the second degree was ten years in state's prison, and life with Bashemath, even in the vicinity of the Tunnygates, seemed sweet.

It brought the immediate débâcle of the army and the reoccupation of Thessaly for a year by Turkish troops, while its final penalties were the cession of the chief strategical positions along the northern frontier and the imposition of an international commission of control over the Greek finances, in view of the complete national bankruptcy entailed by the war.

In 1138 the penalty for priests marrying was deprivation of their benefices, and exclusion from the celebration of divine service:"Sanctorum patrum vestigiis inhaerentes, presbyteros, diaconos, subdiaconos uxoratos, aut concubinarios, ecclesiasticis officiis et beneficiis privamus, ac ne quis eorum missam audire praesumat Apostolica auctoriate prohibemus.

The penalty of such illegal intercourse is the confiscation of the cargo and of the ship engaged in such trade.

After a certain fixed hour of the night, no person is allowed to drive about in a Volante with the head up, unless it rains or the sitter be an invalid; the penalty is fifteen shillings.

I find 'time' penalties are no use: it breaks the contractor's back; but the extra ten per cent.

The penalty of eternal fire was a dreadful fear to those who believed, as everybody then did, in the hell of which the popes were supposed to hold the keys.

23 Metaphors for  penalty