27 Metaphors for pens

The pen is a more befitting weapon for a magistrate than a keen-edged sword or a foul-smelling piece of fire-arms.

He got a prodigious in the University and was hailed as a sort of Crichton: and as for the English verse prize, although Jones carried it that year, the undergraduates thought Pen's a much finer poem, and he had his verses printed at his own expense, and distributed in gilt morocco covers amongst his acquaintance.

And it is difficult to say whether, in provoking laughter, his pen or his pencil is the more effective instrument.

But the pen is a witness on record.

The pen in the hand of Michelangelo was the tool by means of which he realised his most trenchant conceptions and his most picturesque impressions.

Our pens are feebler; but the play Of deep emotions, the fine stir and stress That mark the soul's rare movements, are, in state, Equal to those of lines that make men pray.

Captain Pen is as good a hero as Captain Sword, any day; and Captain Brush, to my thinking, is as fine a fellow as either.

'A pen is to Tom a torpedo; the touch of it benumbs his hand and his brain,' i. 159, n. 4. TOSSED.

Pen and Pencil Sketches of India, being the Journal of a Tour in India.

Cowardice holds him a good commonwealth's-man; his pen is the plough and parchment the soil whence he reaps both coin and curses.

[Horace]; that mighty instrument of little men [Byron]; the pen became a clarion [Longfellow].

But Pen was a sworn fire-worshipper and a corsair; he had them by heart, and used to take little Laura into the window and say, "Zuleika, I am not thy brother," in tones so tragic that they caused the solemn little maid to open her great eyes still wider.

A fountain-pen is really a great comfort.

In the course of 1673 our author's pen was engaged in a task, which may be safely condemned as presumptuous, though that pen was Dryden's.

At all events, if the pen is the tongue of a ready writer, so may a piece of glass be, under given conditions.

Writing frankly, as I feel, I have said enough for you to glean something of the turn they took, and to see that they were impressions which a pen is too feeble an agent adequately to express.

The pen in his hand, he became a different man.

Our pen was the sword.

All kinds of engines and machinery, fine gold, silver, copper, and brass ware, cutlery and ammunition are made here; steel pens, buttons, nails, and screws are specialties.

For example, a telegram is a "lightning-letter"; a wireless telegram is a "not-have-wire-lightning-communication"; a fountain-pen is a "self-flow-ink-water-brush"; a typewriter is a "strike-letter-machine".

[Horace]; that mighty instrument of little men [Byron]; the pen became a clarion [Longfellow].

I will write if I can, but they must not expect it, for I find my pen and pencil are enemies to each other.

As we sit dreamily here, he speaks to us again of "life's morning march, when his bosom was young," and of his later years, when his struggles were many and keen, and only his pen was the lever which rolled poverty away from his door.

" The shades of nite was a fallin, so thankin H.G. for posten me up on his farmin nolidge, I left him, with my mind fully made up, that, with the Filosifer, the pen was a heep site mitier in his hand than a farm is, in which opinion any well-bred, onprejodiced farmer will fall into.

Pen and Ink and Clerks, and desks, were the refinements of this old torturer a thousand years after...." Lamb probably was as fond of this sonnet as of anything he wrote in what might be called his second poetical period.

27 Metaphors for  pens