481 Metaphors for peoples

The people who speak the English language have been the most successful, and the device by which they have overcome the difficulty is REPRESENTATION.

"The people of Porto Bello are not particularly dainty.

"The people in their wisdom"this is the kind of wisdom most needed by the people.

So that the Grange people, though they pay their way handsomely, and plough deep and manure lavishly, and lead the van of agriculture, are not, perhaps, an unmixed good.

Imprimis, all our working people would be females, wearing swords, never marrying, and occasionally making queens.

The people are mostly idolaters, but there are some Christians and Mahometans among them.

I've druv lots of people in here to look at that barn, though, to be sure, not since these young people has been livin' here, but they won't mind it an eighth of an inch.

Each newly subjugated people, smarting under defeat and the heavy hand which Rome laid on its dissidents and opponents, became a potential center for disaffection, conspiracy and rebellion against Roman authority.

Then what would you do if you were like us?a people who possess nothing in this world among whom there is not one able or one instructed head; for although every third man bears the name of Papa, it is not every hundredth who can read!

Such people are so clearly out of court as not to be worth controverting, except for the opportunity they give one of confidently making the joyous affirmation that, far from romance being dead in our day, there never was a more romantic age than ours, and that never since the world began has it offered so many opportunities, so many facilities for romance as at the present time.

But in time of Cicero the people were still powerful legislation and elections, and the public finance was disorganised and in confusion; and the result was that the corn-supply was mixed up with politics, and handled by reckless politicians in a way that was as ruinous to the treasury as it was to the moral welfare of the city.

She was evidently a gypsy, for at this time these people were the minstrels of Europe.

But there is a perversity in this antithesis, an ill-intentioned ruse designed to insinuate that the people are the totality of the State.

"The people of color must, in this country, remain for ages, probably for ever, a separate and distinct caste, weighed down by causes powerful, universal, invincible, which neither legislation nor CHRISTIANITY can remove."African Repository Vol.

He decided to try whether they were disposed to make terms with him, as he perceived that to capture Rome and utterly subdue the Roman people would be a work of no small difficulty, and that it would be vain to attempt it with the force at his disposal, while after his victory he could make peace on terms which would reflect great lustre on himself.

"The people among whom I am are six hundred thousand footmen, and thou hast said I will give them flesh that they may eat a whole month; shall the flocks and the herds be slain for them to suffice them."

Chief among the impalpable throng that people the state galleries is Marie Antoinette, and her spirit shows us many faces.

It is a time when base, heartless, cruel people can become heroes.

But I guess those people hadn't ever been boys themselves; and all of us can appreciate this liking for the open that Roland showed.

It is, however, believed the people on the coasts were Buddhists, while those of the interior were Pagans.

I told you, I believe, in a former letter, that the people of Amiens were all aristocrates: they have, nevertheless, two extremely popular qualificationsI mean filth and incivility.

A stranger, in paying his shilling for admission into an exhibition, which has been dubbed nation (by whom?) in contradistinction from another in the Surrey Gardens, very naturally suspects that the people are partners in this contemptible transaction....

He belongs now to a German house, the people around him are his kinsmen; the prefiguring ideals, which he had once sketched to himself at the coronation of his brother, of the warm rays wherewith a prince as a constellation can enlighten and enrich lands, were now put into his hands for fulfilment.

Private people with missions are nuisances, but public people with such ideas are simply unbearable.

At the outset the peoples were amateurs in the science and art of expansion, occupation, consolidation, exploitation.

481 Metaphors for  peoples