84 Metaphors for philosophy

Aristotle's philosophy of rhetoric, Cicero's charming dialog on his profession, Quintilian's treatise on the teaching of rhetoricnone of these is a text-book.

Whoever may have been its author, it expresses in noble and impassioned verse the sense of danger, the audacity, and the exultation of those pioneers of modern thought, for whom philosophy was a voyage of discovery into untravelled regions.

A philosophy is the expression of a man's intimate character, and all definitions of the universe are but the deliberately adopted reactions of human characters upon it.

Her philosophy is a seeming neglect of those that be too good for her.

"Philosophy is the science of the totality of things," says Cardinal Mercier, his greatest contemporary commentator, and he continues, "Philosophy is the sum-total of reality."

The philosophy of Fichte's second period is a new systemso judge the majority of the historians of philosophy.

Schleiermacher's philosophy is a rendezvous for the most diverse systems.

Philosophy as illumination, as a factor in general culture, is an exclusively modern phenomenon.

Philosophy is the basis of theology, theology the criterion and complement of philosophy.

May there not be at least a partial release from the imprisoning verdict that a man's philosophy is the formula of his personality?

So I waited..." "Such philosophy is rare, madame.

The actual literature, however, and the philosophy of this period are Buddhist.

"Modern philosophy is Protestantism in the sphere of the thinking spirit" (Erdmann).

The German philosophy of war, of which this is a part, is not really a philosophy of war; it is a philosophy of victory.

Her philosophy was the fruit of a rightly-lived, useful life, and even after the distressing accident which lamed her, her enthusiasm never waned, but rather seemed intensified and glorified.

Besides, Miss Brontë's "philosophy" was exactly the opposite to that attributed to her, as anybody may see who reads Shirley.

The speculative mind has been stimulated to fresh activity, and new philosophies, of vast and imposing proportions, have been the result.

The philosophy was Herder's, and a glowing eulogy of him closes the study.

Philosophy is a precipitation of its electric spirit, and the need that philosophy feels of basing everything on an ultimate principle is in turn relieved by music.

Philosophy is thought-movement (dialectic); it is a system of concepts, each of which passes over into its successor, puts its successor forth from itself, just as it has been generated by its predecessor.

To such men, a satire of Juvenal was more precious than an epistle of St. Paul; dogma, they demolished with epigrams, the philosophy of the schoolmen was a standing joke, and a passage from Plato or Horace outweighed the definitions of an Ecumenical Council.

The philosophy of a period is thus the fundamental bass of its history.

It indeed may well have been that the formal enunciation of the primary importance of woman in the social organism has played its own part in accelerating her rise into her destined lofty position, though in the main, any philosophy can be merely the explanation and the record of an evolution wherein we are little but passive factors.

" That Pater's philosophy could ever have been misunderstood is not to be entertained with patience by any one who has read him with even ordinary attention; that it may have been misapplied, in spite of all his care, is, of course, possible; but if a writer is to be called to account for all the misapplications, or distortions, of his philosophy, writing may as well come to an end.

Philosophy and science and the springs Of wonder, and the wisdom of the world I have essayed, and in my mind there is, A power to make these subject to itself.

84 Metaphors for  philosophy