166 Metaphors for pictured

Her pictures of the forests and fjords of Norway are the best of her works and painted con amore.

Among the German examples, the picture by Albert Durer, in the tribune of the Florence Gallery; and that of Mabuse, in the collection of Lord Carlisle, are perhaps the most perfect of their kind.

The companion picture is the most popular of allthe Birth of the Virgincertainly one of the most charming interiors in Florence.

"Recent developments are proving that the moving picture, because of its educational and emotional appeal is the greatest of them all.

A very different picture is the Cosimo Rosselli, No. 1280 his, a comely "Madonna and Saints," with a motherly thought in the treatment of the bodice.

The picture is history in showing what actually happened and it is pathetic history in recalling how great were the hopes that came to the coloured people from the success of the North and from the certainty of the end of slavery.

"Of course not; the picture was a fake, made from a genuine one of Alice and a lady, perhaps her mother.

The picture of the burial at sea was the passage of whose merits she had the highest opinion.

His picture of Goldsmith is an understanding defence of that strangely-speckled genius, written from the heart.

And sure the spot was haunted by a power To fix the pulses in each youthful heart; Never was moon more gracious in a bower, Making delicious fancy-work for art, Weaving so meekly bright Her pictures of delight, That, though afraid to stay, we sorrowed to depart.

The picture of him was the only treasure left to the poor broken heart, when heaven had taken his wife from him, soon afterwardsand in the gloom and misanthropy these tortures inflicted upon him, this alone had been his light and solace.

"The arts fare badly in time of a money panic, and all the pictures you can sell now will be clear gain.

Well has a modern master of art and style said of these old artists, "Many pictures are ostentatious exhibitions of the artist's power of speech, the clear and vigorous elocution of useless and senseless words; while the earlier efforts of Giotto and Ciniabue are the burning messages of prophecy delivered by the stammering lips of infants.

Blake had telegraphed to New York that the one picture above all others desired had been obtainedthat of a big slide in the Culebra Cut.

Other Venetian pictures are "La Chiese della Salute," "Il canale de' Canalregio," and "La Pescaria." <b>BRESLAU, LOUISA CATHERINE.</b> Gold medal at Paris Exposition, 1889; gold medal at Paris Exposition, 1900.

The earlier novelists wrote at periods when society was not perfectly formed, and we find that their picture of life was an embodying of their own conceptions of the "beau idéal.

[Haydon's picture was his "Alexander and Bucephalus."

I'm a fust-rate judge of character, though I be but a pavement artist; but a picture's none the less a picture, no matter where it is drawn.

This picture we safely predict will be a landmark in the history of the nation that will never be erased.

" In Catherine's tone, for all the books on her shelves, the pictures on her walls, there was no doubt at all as to which of the two an Eton boy should be good at, and I agreed sincerely with another nod.

I find the picture is becoming the subject of conversation, and every day gives me greater encouragement.

Perrier's picture of "Jeanne d'Arc" is in a provincial museum; several pictures by her belonging to the city of Paris are scenes connected with the schools of the city"Breakfast at the Communal School"; "After School at Montmartre" were at the Salon des Artistes Français, 1903; others are "Manual Labor at the Maternal School," "Flowers," and "Recreation of the Children at the Maternal School."

This picture, drawn in 1793 by a nameless traveller, is an evidence of the courage and buoyancy of heart with which the United Empire Loyalists faced the toils and privations of life in their new home.

Drowsy old summer, your skies are as blue As the skies which a dreamy-eyed youngster once knew, An' I fancy to-day all the pictures are there The ships an' the pirates an' princesses fair, The red scenes of battle, the gay, cheering throngs Which greeted the hero who righted all wrongs; But somehow or other, these old eyes of mine Can't see what they did as a youngster of nine.

Other fine pictures are a Spanish prince by Lucas van Leyden; an old Dutch scholar by an artist unknown, No. 784; and a young husband and wife by Joost van Cleef the Elder, and a Breughel the Elder, like an old Cromea beautyNo.

166 Metaphors for  pictured