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207 Metaphors for  pictured

207 Metaphors for pictured

Her pictures of the forests and fjords of Norway are the best of her works and painted con amore.

The companion picture is the most popular of allthe Birth of the Virgincertainly one of the most charming interiors in Florence.

Among the German examples, the picture by Albert Durer, in the tribune of the Florence Gallery; and that of Mabuse, in the collection of Lord Carlisle, are perhaps the most perfect of their kind.

"Recent developments are proving that the moving picture, because of its educational and emotional appeal is the greatest of them all.

In the years after the test, the pictures have become a potent symbol of the beginning of the so-called " atomic age", and the test has often been featured in popular culture.

Yet, though this picture is a miracle of art, the first glance filled me with disappointment.

The only picture on our list likely to date from the period 1500-1504 is the "Knight of Malta," the "Young Man" (at Buda-Pesth) being later in execution.[80] From 1504 on, the rapid rate of progress is more than fully maintained.

A very different picture is the Cosimo Rosselli, No. 1280 his, a comely "Madonna and Saints," with a motherly thought in the treatment of the bodice.

The picture is history in showing what actually happened and it is pathetic history in recalling how great were the hopes that came to the coloured people from the success of the North and from the certainty of the end of slavery.

"Besides, Alice wasn't in Brussels six weeks ago, was she?" "Of course not; the picture was a fake, made from a genuine one of Alice and a lady, perhaps her mother.

The picture of the burial at sea was the passage of whose merits she had the highest opinion.

FILDES, S. LUKE, artist, born in Lancashire; made his mark first as a designer of woodcuts; contributed to various magazines and illustrated books, notably Dickens's "Edwin Drood"; his most noted pictures are "Applicants for a Casual Ward," "The Widower," and "The Doctor"; he was made an R.A. in 1887; b. 1844.

His picture of Goldsmith is an understanding defence of that strangely-speckled genius, written from the heart.

The picture of him was the only treasure left to the poor broken heart, when heaven had taken his wife from him, soon afterwardsand in the gloom and misanthropy these tortures inflicted upon him, this alone had been his light and solace.

"The arts fare badly in time of a money panic, and all the pictures you can sell now will be clear gain."

Well has a modern master of art and style said of these old artists, "Many pictures are ostentatious exhibitions of the artist's power of speech, the clear and vigorous elocution of useless and senseless words; while the earlier efforts of Giotto and Ciniabue are the burning messages of prophecy delivered by the stammering lips of infants."

Blake had telegraphed to New York that the one picture above all others desired had been obtainedthat of a big slide in the Culebra Cut.

Other Venetian pictures are "La Chiese della Salute," "Il canale de' Canalregio," and "La Pescaria." <b>BRESLAU, LOUISA CATHERINE.</b> Gold medal at Paris Exposition, 1889; gold medal at Paris Exposition, 1900.

The earlier novelists wrote at periods when society was not perfectly formed, and we find that their picture of life was an embodying of their own conceptions of the "beau idรฉal.

PS Picture 1 is Alongsiders Founder Craig Greenfield in front of Shalom Valley building.

The picture was classic hilarious Teigen, but one follower had to ruin the mood by accusing her of photoshopping her butt to look bigger.

Just wanted to let you know of a good week of shore crappie fishing for me, picture below is one the fattest Iโ€™ve caught this week.

[Haydon's picture was his "Alexander and Bucephalus."

Then by farther using various subordinate contrivances, calculated to aid and heighten the effects, even shrewd judges have been led to suppose the small pictures behind the glasses to be very large pictures, while all others have let their eyes dwell upon them with admiration, as magical realizations of the natural scenes and objects.

I find the picture is becoming the subject of conversation, and every day gives me greater encouragement.

Perrier's picture of "Jeanne d'Arc" is in a provincial museum; several pictures by her belonging to the city of Paris are scenes connected with the schools of the city"Breakfast at the Communal School"; "After School at Montmartre" were at the Salon des Artistes Franรงais, 1903; others are "Manual Labor at the Maternal School," "Flowers," and "Recreation of the Children at the Maternal School."

And what a story it will make for the paperswhen my picture is shownhow you were not satisfied with the portrait and refused to let it goand how, after keeping it in your studio for months, you repainted it, to satisfy your artistic conscience!"

This picture, drawn in 1793 by a nameless traveller, is an evidence of the courage and buoyancy of heart with which the United Empire Loyalists faced the toils and privations of life in their new home.

Drowsy old summer, your skies are as blue As the skies which a dreamy-eyed youngster once knew, An' I fancy to-day all the pictures are there The ships an' the pirates an' princesses fair, The red scenes of battle, the gay, cheering throngs Which greeted the hero who righted all wrongs; But somehow or other, these old eyes of mine Can't see what they did as a youngster of nine.

Other fine pictures are a Spanish prince by Lucas van Leyden; an old Dutch scholar by an artist unknown, No. 784; and a young husband and wife by Joost van Cleef the Elder, and a Breughel the Elder, like an old Cromea beautyNo.

The dark picture on the outer wall is the very Madonna to which, when its position was at the Mercato Vecchio, condemned criminals used to pray on their way to execution.

In the sumptuous landscape, and colour, and the picturesque rather than religious treatment, this picture is quite Venetian.

โ€œThe Big Picture is an epic act of theatrical creation that redefines stage chutzpah for our time.โ€

And the picture is the whole point.

But supposing all of a sudden information turned up giving us the exact date of Titian's birth, would the picture of the development of Venetian painting be any the different for it?

The picture is a frog, but a frog the size of a tadpole, a frog which has missed its childhood, adolescence and youth, skipping over these transition stages into the adult age, as a pigmy.

His picture is the epitome of government conducted by a sovereign people.

But what a picture of patient misery is a baby with its rubber ring!

The house, it is true, had slabs of ice for windows; the carpet was made of deerskins; and the pictures were only woodcuts from Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's; but to us, fresh from the smoky tents of the Tunguses, windows, carpets, and pictures, of any kind, were things to be wondered at and admired.

The picture was full-length, and we had hung it low, so that she might have been stepping into the room, and was little above my own level as I stood and looked at her again.

'A picture is a poem without words.

But his picture, like the previous pictures from which it was compounded, is simply a physical impression on the brain, just as much as those in dreams.

The pictures are great Nicole, thanks, and a great big thanks to Carol for making the dream come true for all the animals.

This picture was a surprise and pleasure to me.

His picture of the oppressive vacancy which the Prisoner felt is a well-executed piece of very difficult word painting: "There were no stars, no earth, no time, No check, no change, no good, no crime But silence, and a stirless breath Which neither was of life nor death; A sea of stagnant idleness, Blind, boundless, mute, and motionless!"

He had seen her thus so often in fancy, that the picture had become a reality, and refused to be erased at once from the mental canvas, when, in January, Miss Nettie Hudson, niece to Mrs. General Tophevie, came from Philadelphia, and at once took prestige of everything on the strength of the one hundred thousand dollars of which she was sole heiress.

This immense picture is about thirty-six feet in length, and about twenty feet in height, and contains more than a hundred figures above life-size.

The other picture was a silhouette of the city's flank, mysterious as a line of unexplored cliffs, under a sky crimsonbarred from the zenith to the ground, where it lay, pale emerald behind the uneven ramparts.

Todayโ€™s lead picture is my favorite Viking player.

The figures and the landscape are brought into close relation by this subtle scheme, and the picture becomes, not figures with landscape background, but landscape with figures.

This picture is a large "Deposizione della Croce," an altar-piece for S. Trinitร .

But we hold with Pope that "The proper study of mankind is man," and that authors' pictures are bores, except as narrow frames to big incidents.

The only picture was a portrait of Stafford enlarged from a photograph, and it hung over the mantel-piece so that Sir Stephen could see it from the bed.

These pictures are a series of twenty-four subjects from the life of S. Benedict.

Disregarding the justice or injustice of the thought, note the singular force and beauty of this passage, delightful alike to ear and mind; and observe how its very elaborateness has the effect of the finest simplicity, because the successive pictures are constituents of the general thought, and by their vividness render the conclusion more impressive.

There is a big picture and the big picture is the establishment of a specialized court to deal with domestic violence.

The present picture with its band of nude girls is therefore an exceptionthe facts of the Purana rendering necessary their frank inclusion.

A vivid picture by the hand of tradition is this period in Mahomet's life, for he was between eighteen and nineteen, just at the age when fighting would appeal to his wild, yet determined nature.

Not a picture sold; and next day there were altogether seven people in the gallery, of whom five were the relations of men to whom he had given gratuitous teaching at one period or other of his career.

The picture is not only a sacred painting but (like the Gozzoli fresco at the Riccardi palace) an exaltation of the Medici family.

The pictures being in good frames, which cost Hogarth four guineas a piece, his remuneration for painting this valuable series was but a few shillings more than one hundred pounds.

Of one thing I am surethat the dreadful picture is no joke, and was not meant for a burlesque, though it might possibly be expected to perform the office of a scarecrow.

The picture before us is an admirable specimen of Vandyke's powers.

This picture is a great addition to our portraits of Mr. Lincoln.

The compressed picture is lower quality but the RAW picture has to be processed with a special computer program.

From rest and sleep, which but thy picture be, Much pleasure, then from thee much more must flow; And soonest our best men with thee do go, Rest of their bones, and soul's delivery!

I am a 'visualiser,' and the picture in my case was a blurred triangular outline.

One more picture was Botticelli to paint, and this also was to the glory of Savonarola.

Such pictures, in which there is no attempt at representation, real or ideal, and which merely have a sort of imaginary sanctity and power, are not so much idols as they are mere Fetishes.

Pictures by older artists, with all the appearances of having been painted by children of this unripe age, are, of course, no novelty.

The pictures were apropos of nothing; they had been suggested by nothing I had been reading or talking of; they simply came as if I had been able to look through a glass at what was occurring somewhere else in the world.

It has been well said that both Rossetti and Morris paint pictures as well in their poems as on their canvases, and this pictorial quality of their verse is its chief characteristic.

Lady Dorothy Nevill, that distinguished lady of the old schoolwhat a picture of a woman!was always a fine theater-goer.

The dark picture on the outer wall is the very Madonna to which, when its position was at the Mercato Vecchio, condemned criminals used to pray on their way to execution.

'We have it on the highest authority,' said Vieuxbois, 'that pictures and music are the books of the unlearned.

These two little pictures thus become historically the first-fruits of the neo-pagan spirit which was gradually supplanting the older ecclesiastical thought, and Giorgione, once having cast conventionalism aside, readily turns to classical mythology to find subjects for the free play of fancy.

The last picture in each strip always was Nemo waking up, in or near his bed.

Each picture was the child of the painter.

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' lands Best Picture at Critics' Choice Awards Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was the top pick at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday when it was crowned Best Picture.

Her pictures in 1810 were the "Happy Mother" and the "Unhappy Mother," which are now in the Louvre; the contrast between the joyousness of the mother with her child and the anguish of the mother who has lost her child is portrayed with great tenderness.

Her medal picture at Cadiz was an "Adoration of the Cross."

The kite pictures above is a custom version of our full-size tailed delta kite, 11 ft. from wingtip to wingtip.

CONSTANT, BENJAMIN, a highly popular French painter of the Realistic school, born at Paris; his first picture was "Hamlet and the King"; afterwards he took chiefly to Oriental subjects, which afforded the best scope for his talent; occupies a high place in the modern French school, and has been promoted to the rank of Officer of the Legion of Honour; b. 1845.

"Many other pictures might be mentioneda quaint old house at Gloucester, a view of Ten Pound Island, with its picturesque surroundings, and the familiar beach, with Fort Head at York Harbor.

Let them look to Italy, where a picture by Raphael or Correggio is a rich legacy for a whole city.

He had been lucky enough to find a model very much resembling Phoebe in figure; and now, suddenly, the picture had become his passion, the centre of all his hopes.

My picture, as I have said, was a fairly executed steel engraving, taken from some one of the thousands of "Tokens," or "Keepsakes," or "Amulets," or "Gems," or such like harmless giftbooks, with which youths of tender sentiment remind preoccupied damsels of their careful penchants.

Sir Kenelm Digby had been in France in the reign of Charles I., and the fictitious correspondence proved that the picture was an original, and had been painted by Queen Elizabeth's command, on the lid of her favourite pair of bellows!

We now come to one of the most remarkable rooms in the gallery, where every picture is a gem; but since all are northern pictures, imported, I give no reproductions.

It seemed as if the picture, while hidden behind the cloud of immemorial years, had been all the time acquiring an intenser depth and darkness of expression, till now it gloomed forth again, and threw its evil omen over the present hour.

" It is a pity that both these discerning writers of the modern school have not gone a little further and seen that the picture before them is not only Giorgionesque, but by Giorgione himself.

This picture is quite literally a snapshot of viral shedding, a process in which viral particles are released from a dying cell.

Mr. Berenson answers the question thus: "His pictures are the perfect reflex of the Renaissance at its height."

"It was before we were married, but not much before, and the picture was a sort of wedding present for my wife, though Blakey made a show of giving it to me.

He thought at first that this picture of his home was some new and delicate device put forth by his press-agent.

The only picture is Sir Walter's eldest son, in hussar uniform, and holding his horse, by Allan of Edinburgh, a noble portrait, over the fireplace; and the only bust is that of Shakspeare, from the Avon monument, in a small niche in the centre of the east side.

The last picture was a pleasant relief in a rather sombre story, therefore we prefer to commence a stormier scene in a new chapter.

Another picture being circulated is an image of a Dettol bottle and with a question underneath "if Coronavirus is so new and so dangerous how can Dettol kill it?"

FILDES, S. LUKE, artist, born in Lancashire; made his mark first as a designer of woodcuts; contributed to various magazines and illustrated books, notably Dickens's "Edwin Drood"; his most noted pictures are "Applicants for a Casual Ward," "The Widower," and "The Doctor"; he was made an R.A. in 1887; b. 1844.

Mrs. Denslow in yon picture; and we seemed to discover, under the management of your valet, that Denslow's picture, a genuine duplicate of the original by the author, was a modern copy.