14 Metaphors for pillar

Pillars, you know, are the parts of an edifice that bear the weight.

Pillars, palaces, cathedrals, temples, pyramids, are an enormous dumb alphabet: as if some giant held up his fingers of stone.

But the pillars of fire-lighted smoke and the lowing of domestic cattle were a promise of better things.

S.M. "del Pillar," Our Lady of the Pillar, is protectress of Saragossa.

Hence the pillars of our present temples are the most ancient; and subsequent builders of holy sanctuaries filled up the intercolumniations till the temples were constructed as we now see their ruins in Athens and elsewhere.

The pillars dividing the nave from the side-aisles are enormous composite masses, each one consisting of six Corinthian columns, stuck around and against a central shaft.

Ramblercalled by the great authorities the first pillar of the stud bookwas a son of a dog called Bon-Accord, and it is to this latter dog and Roger Rough, and also the aforesaid Tartan and Splinter II.

The best sign of the Temple in it is that it is the thieves' sanctuary, who rob more safely in a crowd than a wilderness, while every pillar is a bush to hide them.

Between its clustered pillars on either side are alcoves, each 10 feet by 12, fitted up with shelves for books.

The pillars of the cathedral of Milan are more than ninety feet in height, and about eight in diameter.

The six pillars supporting the ambo itself are slender twisted columns with classic capitals.

The broken porphyry pillars by these second doors were a gift from Pisa to Florence in recognition of Florence's watchfulness over Pisa while the Pisans were away subduing the Balearic islanders.

And the true Poet, like the Preacher of the true religion, will seek to win unto himself and his Faith, a belief whose foundation is in the depths of love, and whose pillars are the noblest passions of humanity.

Those imitation marble pillars over there are an insult to the intelligence.

14 Metaphors for  pillar