24 Metaphors for pioneer

These pickmen pioneers of the Iron Horse, with their worst habits, are yet a kind of John-the-Baptists to the march and mission of civilization, preparing its way in the wilderness, and bringing secluded and isolated populations to its light and intercourse.

Perhaps, the Salcete News spread the 'local' context too wide and did not do too well, either. Coming to North Goa, the pioneer was Panjim Pulse.

One such pioneer was a friend of mine.

The hardy pioneers who, with their axes, made straight the pathway of an advancing civilization, were sturdy men who need not be undervalued to us of the mechanical age.

The pioneers were hunters and husbandmen.

The trials of new and untried experiences and often of dire peril strengthen the character already strong, so that the pioneers in all lands and ages have been heroes whose exploits recounted in song and story have stirred the hearts and molded the faith of their descendants through many generations.

" Moreover, these hardy pioneers were the privileged heirs of the great political traditions of England.

The pioneer in medicine was Harriet K. Hunt who practised in Boston from 1822 to 1872 without a diploma; but in 1853 the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania conferred upon her the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

"The Captive Pioneer" is a large group.

Their struggle for existence has been hard; the pioneers were students or trades-folk of the Ghetto, unused to outdoor life and ignorant of Near Eastern conditions; Baron Edmund de Rothschild financed them from 1884 to 1899 at a loss; then they were taken over by the "Palestine Colonisation Association," which discovered the secrets of success in self-government and scientific methods.

But this same, everyone for himself, becomes most immoral when the frontier is abolished and the pioneer becomes the fellow-citizen and these frontier morals are most uneconomic when labour can be divided and the product multiplied.

Burns, Sandeman, Doty, Douglas, and Talmage; what a galaxy these early pioneers in Amoy were.

The pioneers of seventy-five years ago were a hardy race, long since disappeared.

The pioneers, though warlike and fond of fighting, were primarily settlers; their soldiering came in as a purely secondary occupation.

The pioneer who is always longing for the comfort and luxury of civilization, and especially of great cities, is no real pioneer at all.

After all, the pioneer was primarily a husbandman; the time spent in chopping trees and tilling the soil his foe spent in preparing for or practising forest warfare, and so the former, thanks to the exercise of the very qualities which in the end gave him the possession of the soil, could not, as a rule, hope to rival his antagonist in the actual conflict itself.

The Pioneer, Minnesotian and Times were morning papers, and were generally printed the evening before.

It needed peculiar qualities to insure success, and the pioneers were almost exclusively native Americans.

" The pioneers were a fortnight on their journey.

The pioneers who settled in the Ohio basin were many times as numerous as those who settled on the lands west of the Oconee and north of the Cumberland, and were fed from States much more populous.

The old pioneers were excellent natural engineers, and their successors could find no better route than they had chosen.

The pioneer, according to the legend, was Hawaii-uli-kai-oo, Hawaii and the Dotted Sea, a great fisherman and navigator.

The Pioneer is the only English woman's club which belongs to the Federation.

These California pioneers were restless fellows, but those who came by the overland trail were not without education and refinement; they were, indeed, many of them, the very cream of Americans.

24 Metaphors for  pioneer