185 Metaphors for plays

The Play was the Self-Tormentor.

His plays and poems are a priceless memento to the spirit of a great and memorable epoch.

Such plays are most of M. Brieux's; such plays are Mr. Galsworthy's Strife and Justice.

In this Way he reaches artistic creation, so that "play is the first poetry of the human being.

The next play was an ordinary formation with the ends back, and the ball passed to left end for a run back of quarter and through the line outside of guard.

In the dedication to George duke of Buckingham he observes, that this play was originally Shakespear's, who never made, says he, more masterly strokes than in this; yet I can truly say, I have made it into a play.

The curtain drew upI was not past six years oldand the play was Artaxerxes!

His four plays are "Tamburlaine," "Faustus," "The Jew of Malta," and "Edward II.

The play was Sheridan Knowles' "The Wife," produced on April 24.

In one respect, my two or three plays were modelsin respect of brevity and conciseness.

I really think this play is a lesson in Christian charity; and I should like to see that Oliver man strangled, though Delaunay plays the part divinely.

The play is capital, the scenery excellent, and the acting beyond all praise.

The play is a mixture of fancy, symbolism, and realism.

The greatest plays of this period are Cymbeline, The Winter's Tale, and The Tempest.

Where the play is all straightforward and honorable, a defaulter when he shows himself ought to be well-nigh murdered.

Now if we had a play" "Yes," said Elsie Morris, "a play would be the very nicest thing.

The play is somewhat Satyric in character.

A play upon words is at all times a hopeless task to transfer to another language; nevertheless, for the benefit of those who are unacquainted with Spanish, I will convey the idea as well as I can in English; Hang the thief on the cross was the ancient decree; But the cross on the thief now suspended we see.

His best play, the Broken Heart, is a prolonged and unrelieved torture of the feelings.

But from internal evidence aloneputting aside the testimony afforded by the handwriting, and ignoring the entry in Sir Henry Herbert's Office-Bookany competent reader could plainly perceive that the play is Heywood's.

Artistically, this play was Byron's most elaborate attempt to revive the unities and other restrictions of the severe style, which, when he wrote, had been "vanquished in literature."

Solstitium is an ass, perdy, this play is a gallimaufry.

She was just eager enough for a girl unused to the excitement and fond of triumph, just indifferent enough to show that her play was merely a pastime, and the gain of the money or its loss a matter of no moment.

* THE PLAYS AND SHOWS Latest of Mr. BOUCICAULT'S mixtures is another Irish dramatic stew.

For he knew what grassy places are to the child, and that "happy play in grassy places" might well be Heaven to the little one.

185 Metaphors for  plays