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221 Metaphors for  plays

221 Metaphors for plays

Noh plays are a special kind of play.

His plays and poems are a priceless memento to the spirit of a great and memorable epoch.

Such plays are most of M. Brieux's; such plays are Mr. Galsworthy's Strife and Justice.

In this Way he reaches artistic creation, so that "play is the first poetry of the human being."

The next play was an ordinary formation with the ends back, and the ball passed to left end for a run back of quarter and through the line outside of guard.

In the dedication to George duke of Buckingham he observes, that this play was originally Shakespear's, who never made, says he, more masterly strokes than in this; yet I can truly say, I have made it into a play.

The curtain drew upI was not past six years oldand the play was Artaxerxes!

The play was Sheridan Knowles' "The Wife," produced on April 24.

In one respect, my two or three plays were modelsin respect of brevity and conciseness.

I really think this play is a lesson in Christian charity; and I should like to see that Oliver man strangled, though Delaunay plays the part divinely.

The play is capital, the scenery excellent, and the acting beyond all praise.

The play is a mixture of fancy, symbolism, and realism.

The greatest plays of this period are Cymbeline, The Winter's Tale, and The Tempest.

Now if we had a play" "Yes," said Elsie Morris, "a play would be the very nicest thing.

The play is certainly an example of how with impassioned thinking, directors can dream up on-screen projects.

For me, the Zoomed plays that worked best were the ones that creatively exploited the medium itself โ€“ including its limitations โ€“ and shows expressly crafted for the platform.

A play upon words is at all times a hopeless task to transfer to another language; nevertheless, for the benefit of those who are unacquainted with Spanish, I will convey the idea as well as I can in English; Hang the thief on the cross was the ancient decree; But the cross on the thief now suspended we see.

His best play, the Broken Heart, is a prolonged and unrelieved torture of the feelings.

But from internal evidence aloneputting aside the testimony afforded by the handwriting, and ignoring the entry in Sir Henry Herbert's Office-Bookany competent reader could plainly perceive that the play is Heywood's.

Artistically, this play was Byron's most elaborate attempt to revive the unities and other restrictions of the severe style, which, when he wrote, had been "vanquished in literature."

Solstitium is an ass, perdy, this play is a gallimaufry.

Entering Thursdayโ€™s play, Coloradoโ€™s (117-point pace) was the only other player in the NHL whoโ€™s even on a 115-point pace.

She was just eager enough for a girl unused to the excitement and fond of triumph, just indifferent enough to show that her play was merely a pastime, and the gain of the money or its loss a matter of no moment.

For he knew what grassy places are to the child, and that "happy play in grassy places" might well be Heaven to the little one.

It is in part due to a confusion of words: the play was presentato, but not rappresentato.

At the same time, though I do not believe Shakspeare's play to contain a line of any other writer, I think it extremely probable that we have it only in a revised form, and that, consequently, the play which Marlow imitated might not necessarily have been that fund of life and humour that we find it now.

True, the mind does minister to the body and preserve it; but still more does the body minister to the mind; or rather, each ministers to that whole in which the play of the mind is the principal function and the play of the body subordinate.

His greatest play was The Duchess of Malfi (acted in 1616).

Play in the Junior School is almost an occasional method, because the work motive is by this time getting stronger.

It is by no means improbable, at the same time, that "Look About You," and not Shakespeare's play, was the piece performed at Gray's Inn in December 1594.

The next chapter will show that it has taken us exactly a hundred years to reach as far as public recognition of the Nursery School where play is the only possible motive.

The play is rotten, the acting poor, but N. has to praise.

But this play of words and thought would, after all, be in itself little more than serious trifling, a mere exhibition of mental and verbal ingenuity.

that the garish light is permitted to lift the veil that so concealed those flames, that the play of the senses was fain to cool and assuage the burning soul.

His plays were failures.

The play and program were the subject of a major impact assessment and researchers of many kinds examined how and why theatre can make change.

The play was "Pygmalion and Galatea," and at the appearance of Galatea they knew that the overture had not lied.

The play was the 'School for Scandal,' I never liked it; indeed, I think it an indecent representation before ladies of character and virtue.

The plays of men become their dramas; their holidays change to holy days.

As the biologist defines play as "the natural manifestation of the child's activities," so Froedel says "play at first is just natural life."

In his earlier life the so-called Atellan plays (fabulae Atellanae) were the favourites: these were of indigenous Latin origin, and probably took their name from the ruined town Atella, which might provide a permanent scenery as the background of the plays without offending the jealousy of any of the other Latin cities.

The play was "Anno 66," but I could only catch a few words here and there, so have very little idea of the plot.

ร†S`CHYLUS, the father of the Greek tragedy, who distinguished himself as a soldier both at Marathon and Salamis before he figured as a poet; wrote, it is said, some seventy dramas, of which only seven are extantthe "Suppliants," the "Persรฆ," the "Seven against Thebes," the "Prometheus Bound," the "Agamemnon," the "Choephori," and the "Eumenides," his plays being trilogies; born at Eleusis and died in Sicily (525-456 B.C.).

The play of light on the modest dwelling-places is an effective element in the cleverly rendered drawing now in the Society of Artists' Exhibition.

His first really successful play was "Virginius," written for Edmund Kean, transferred to Macready, and produced in 1820.

Game play is turn-based strategy, with the options of single- or multi-player.

His first experiments are with his body, "his first toys are his own limbs," and his first play is the use of "body, senses and limbs" for the sake of use, not for result.

The play isn't a model of excellence, but it was made to show EMMET'S strong points, and it answers its purpose.

His best plays are The Great Duke of Florence, The Virgin Martyr, and The Maid of Honour.

The play chosen was Payne's Brutus, in which the father took the part of "Brutus" and Charles Kean that of "Titus."

Her most original play was A Bold Stroke for a Wife (1717).

The play is the story of those twenty-four years.

The play was Shakespeare's most popular printed text.

His best but least characteristic play is Perkin Warbeck, which is worthy of ranking second only to Shakespeare's historical plays.

Tropically: This Play is the Image of a murder done in Vienna:

Many plays in transition are reads triggered by the actions of the point guard and trailer.

If it be not, he ought to have made his exception against it; by proving that a Play is not an Imitation of Nature, but somewhat else, which he is pleased to think it.

Strange was the theatre whose play was all and only a frightful reality; whose swarming, thundering, smoking stage had its audience, its New Orleans audience, wholly behind it, and whose curtain of distance, however thin, mocked every bodily sense and compelled all to be seen and heard by the soul's eye and ear, with all the joy and woe of its actuality and all its suspense, terror, triumph, heartbreak, and despair.

The next play which Sir John Vanbrugh introduced upon the stage was Aesop, a Comedy; in two Parts, acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane 1698.

With the exception of some of the additional scenes, which are undoubtedly by a different hand from the rest, the play is unrelieved rubbish.

The introduction, written by Craig, describes how live theatre is stereotypically not an art form that is welcoming or relevant to young adults, and the plays in are a result of Craig and Craddock's efforts to engage this population.

'This (says the editor) must be understood of his performances for the stage; for as to his personal character, there was nothing remarkably vicious in it: but his plays are, some of them, the fullest of obscenity of any now extant.'] * * * * * Sir CHARLES SEDLEY, Bart.

The play that preceded "Cynthia's Revels" was "Every Man Out of his Humour."

And he says his award-winning play is a celebration of that psychosis.

The play is a protracted debate in four sessions, June, 1914; July, 1914; August, 1914; September, 1916.

Our plays from 1878 to 1887 were "Hamlet," "The Lady of Lyons," "Eugene Aram," "Charles I.," "The Merchant of Venice," "Iolanthe," "The Cup," "The Belle's Stratagem," "Othello," "Romeo and Juliet," "Much Ado About Nothing," "Twelfth Night," "Olivia," "Faust," "Raising the Wind," and "The Amber Heart."

A famous play which is justly chargeable with this fault is The Gay Lord Quex.

Kindergarten plays are easy intellectual exercises; for to do anything whatever with a thought beforehand develops the mind or quickens the intelligence; and thought of this kind does not try intellect, or check physical development, which last must never be sacrificed in the process of education.

His two best known plays are The White Devil (pub.

Happy was it for us that the play of affection was also activenay, by sympathy excited to still greater liveliness; and that a higher wisdom suffered us not in all these flowery mazes to go astray."

Yet we say we believe that "Children have their youth that they may play," and that "Play is the purest, most spiritual activity of man at this stage" [childhood].

The gun play had been a mere bluff, but he had played into the hands of Silent, and now his life was truly worth nothing.

A play is not a child's puzzle that can be taken to pieces and labelled, nor even a chemical compound to be analysed into its component parts.

Besides, these attempts were not utterly despicable; at least one play written on the new lines had met with some measure of success, and that play was Mr. Hubert Price's Divorce.

Plays that have never been acted are: "Knave & Queen," in collaboration with Sir Charles Young, and "Kate," issued, 1906, in book form by Harper & Brothers.

On the field, the play was a mix of traditional college and pro style with some different twists.

Moliรจre's last play was Le Malade Imaginaire, called in English The Hypochondriac.

District play was a reality check for the up-and-coming squad, but by the time he was a sophomore, West Las Vegas was buying into the program Gonzales was implementing, led by its strapping, big-armed quarterback.

โ€œI am proud to partner with the LA84 Foundation and the Play Equity Fund, which was founded on the belief that play is a human right for children,โ€ said McVay.

This play was only a translation of M. Racine, by a young gentleman, chiefly in prose, and published by Mr. Crown.

At first our play had been innocent sports, but a short time before my father's talk a cousin had come to board with the family and attend school.

Their plays are merely incidents strung together more or less loosely; whereas my play is the development of a temperament, of temperamental characteristics which cannot be altered, having been inherited through centuries; it must therefore pursue its course to a fatal conclusion.

Hunt said the play itself is an emotional rollercoaster.

This play was the Mourning Bride.

Power Play: Is new federal program a bailout?

Power Play: Is new federal program a bailout?

The play on words in the first quatrain and the first terzet is Shakespearian.

But play is the first great educator,that is as true of animals as of men,and to the cubs their rough helter-skelter after hoppers was as exciting as a stag hunt to the pack, as full of surprises as the wild chase through the soft snow after a litter of lynx kittens.

The next play Mr. Rowe brought upon the stage, was his Royal Convert, acted at the queen's Theatre, in the Haymarket, and dedicated to the earl of Hallifax.

The theory of the peripety, in short, practically resolves itself for us into the theory of the "great scene," Plays there are, many and excellent plays, in which some one scene stands out from all the rest, impressing itself with peculiar vividness on the spectator's mind; and, nine times out of ten, this scene will be found to involve a peripety.

A play is a more or less rapidly-developing crisis in destiny or circumstance, and a dramatic scene is a crisis within a crisis, clearly furthering the ultimate event.

Charles Lamb's first play was the opera "Artaxerxes;" Mary's may quite well have been Congreve's "Mourning Bride."

"Play is the purest, most spiritual activity of man."

A factor overlooked, but even more significant than training or staff work, was that what might be called martial team-play had become an instinct with the continental peoples through the necessity of their situation.

The only other plays known to have been represented by the Chapel Children are Lyly's Love's Metamorphosis and the three Comical Satires of Ben Jonson.

How well she was obeyed, the play itself is a proof; and here I cannot help observing, that a poet seldom succeeds in any subject assigned him, so well as that which is his own choice, and where he has the liberty of selecting: Nothing is more certain than that Shakespear has failed in the Merry Wives of Windsor.

The play is in fact a contest between the paganism of Audrie Lesden and the ascetic, sacerdotal idealism of Michael Feversham.

It would have been quite possible for Ibsen to have completed the play without any such scene: he might, for instance, have let Nora fulfil her intention of drowning herself; but in that case his play would have been merely a tragic anecdote with the point omitted.

The best Plays of this Kind are 'The Orphan', 'Venice Preserved', 'Alexander the Great', 'Theodosius', 'All for Love', 'OEdipus', 'Oroonoko', 'Othello', &c. 'King Lear' is an admirable Tragedy of the same Kind, as 'Shakespear' wrote it; but as it is reformed according to the chymerical Notion of Poetical Justice, in my humble Opinion it has lost half its Beauty.

But the typical modern play is a much more close-knit organism, in which every word has to be weighed far more carefully than it was by playwrights who stood near to the days of improvisation, and could indulge in "the large utterance of the early gods."