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104 Metaphors for  populations

104 Metaphors for populations

According to the latest statistics, Kafr bara has a population (3,500 inhabitants), the population grows by 5% and its population are Arab Muslims.

Now Badzan embraced Islam, and with his conversion the Yemen population became officially followers of the Prophet.

Since the majority population is Orthodox, Voice of the Martyrs claims no criminal investigations are carried against Oriental Orthodox mobs who burn Evangelical churches, destroy houses and even murder P'ent'ay Christians.

In the far Southwest he became aware that the increasingly numerous Mexican population was no longer a matter of box-car dwellers, more or less migratory.

There are no cushions in the Intermediate class, and the population are either Intermediate, which is Eurasian, or native, which for a long night journey is nasty, or Loafer, which is amusing though intoxicated.

The population is all patients who receive complete PFTs and the rationale for the study is the appropriateness of care.

The American soldier is at no The idea of enlisting the sympathy pains to enlist the sympathy and and coรถperation of the local coรถperation of the people; and population is the strongest tenet his methods of discipline habits in the constabulary creed.

Although the Oregon dry coast population is the top climate match at North Coast sites, the model predicted them as having such a low probability of being the top climate match that it is not even represented in the dotplot (Fig 13).

This doctrine brought a ray of light, a promise, to the country people who had suffered so much since the later Han period of the second century A.D. Their situation remained unaltered down to the fourth century; and under their alien rulers the Chinese country population became Buddhist.

According to the 2001 Ukrainian Census, the population of Zakarpattia Oblast is 1,254,614. citation The current estimated population is 1.2 million people (as of 2004).

The population of Greenland is twelve percent Danish, the rest Eskimo or mixed-blood Eskimo-Danish.

Inside the district boundaries, population 130,805, there have been 3,369 confirmed coronavirus cases, 532 of those from outbreaks, and 288 of those in youth ages 5 to 19, according to San Bernardino County data.

Chinaโ€™s population is 1.4 billion.

The total area of the Philippines is about the same as that of Japan, but its civilized population is only one-seventh.

Less than one-sixteenth of the area of Cuba has been improved, and while her population is but 1,600,000, according to the latest census, and is not so much now, Porto Rico, with less than a tenth of the land of Cuba, has half the number of inhabitants.

By the end of 17th century the Romance speaking population of the historical Albania Veneta was already a minority, according to Oscar Randi in his book Dalmazia etnica, incontri e fusioni.

Although the population of the whole vilayet of Audin and the majority of the Sanjak of Smyrna was Mussulman, Greece had the possession.

The Anatolian population is a sober, labouring peasantry, essentially agricultural and wedded to the soil.

The black population, unprepared in any way for the sudden change, became day by day more idle and vicious, the taxes of the islands increased, and the circulation issued by the banks decreased in an equally fearful ratio.

In 2001 Indian Census Muslim population is 4,74,071 (18.34%), Hindu 16,85,044 (65.18%), and Christian 4,23,745 (16.39%).

Child population in the age group below 6 was 10,571 Males and 10,259 Females.

The present population are a continual source of dread to the neighbouring towns and villages, on account of their lawlessness and thieving proclivities, and mix very little with any of their neighbours, who have given the unsavoury city the Turkish nickname of "Pokloo Kalla," or "Filth Castle."

Dr. Johnson thought that wealth and population were the true, equitable rules of representation; but he conceived that these two principles resolved themselves into one, population being the best measure of wealth.

Recent estimates suggest that half the population of New York was Loyalist; it had an aristocratic culture and was occupied throughout the Revolution by the British.

โ€œWe donโ€™t think that the population of Alberta is that complex โ€ฆ That was our concern.โ€

Nearly half the population are foreigners.

A numerous colored population were both the offspring and the victims of it.

] THE NEW VENISON.The deer population of our splendid English parks was, until a few years since, limited to two species, the fallow and the red.

Is it so certain that a dense population congested in cities and crowded in factories and mines is a more ideal social aggregation than is a community of prosperous farmers?

In 1900 the cityโ€™s population was just a shade over 100,000 and by 1950 it reached two million residents.

Originally part of Poland, half the population are Poles; except the Jews, most of the people are Catholics.

The populations covered by provincial government formularies, are, for the most part, the elderly, the indigent or the disabled, often with multiple comorbid disease.

The population, of Indian and negro descent chiefly, is only half what it was when the canal works were in full operation.

Target population is native women and their families in the Capital Regional District experiencing violence against women, family violence, sexual assault.

The population of the Union, by the census of 1860, was thirty-two millions.

I repeat that I see no harm from the point of view of a practical working compromise, in the principle that population, or numerical strength, should be the main factor in determining how many representatives should sit for this or the other community; but modifying influences may be both wisely and equitably taken into account in allotting the numbers of such representatives.

This population was also the most numerous of the 10 or so discrete populations across the globe, carrying perhaps 239,000 individuals prior to the onset of industrial exploitation.

's population is the number of people living in that city.

Its population is about 1,456,000 (2006 estimation).

"One sees much of this on the continent of Europe, because the country population is purely a country population; and less of it in England, perhaps, because those who are at the head of society, consider town and country as very distinct things."

That over-population is in certain localities a serious difficulty few would deny.

When Hargraves made his discoveries in 1851, the population of the mother-colony was nearly a quarter of a million, exclusive of the Port Phillip district, and such a population meant a government organization of corresponding magnitude.

Between the great towns and in other places where the population is dense stages are preferred because they afford an additional opportunity to make a profit from passengers; but where the population is sparse and on crossroads it is generally carried on horseback.

Since this population is a poor representation of an average person, data might show different results than it should.

The healthy population of grassland birds we see and hear today are an indication that the tall grass habitat awakening is well underway."

The population is largely Eskimo, christianised by the Moravians.

Do not use miticides unless apple rust mite populations are greater than 200-500 mites per leaf.

In the organism that thus developed, with its unified economic system, the conquerors became an aristocratic ruling class, and the subjugated population became a lower class, with varied elements but mainly a peasantry.

South River's largest incoming immigrant population are Asian's, Mexican's and Brazilian populations.

Mr. Davidson says the population of Aghadir is forty-seven Mohammedans, and sixty-two Jews.

That was accomplished by exchanging it for a district in which the population, if not exclusively, are numerically, Mohammedan, and which, so far as the fertility of the land is concerned, is an exchange highly to the advantage of the Porte.

With the population of the elderly growing - 5.2% during the three years ending in 1992-1993 - nursing home care is becoming an even more important portion of our health care system.

Such hair is found specially in the interior of the islands, where the so-called aboriginal population is purer and where for a long time the name of Alfuros has been conferred on them.

Towards evening the whole population of the village was busy laying a ring of brushwood round the boundaries of the village.

The population of Kachgar is Turkoman, with a considerable mixture of Chinese, who willingly fulfil the duties of domestics, artisans or porters.

In overall, per official 1981 estimates, the population as divided by religion is 58% Muslim, 39% Hindu, 2% Sikh and 1% buddhist.

There is a French village near Quebec whose population is chiefly dogs.

The Croatian State Bureau of Statistics estimated the population of the county to be 45,493 in 2017, citation and 45,184 in 2018.

Where their lands abutted on the more settled districts to the eastward, the population was of course thickest, and their peculiarities least.

While Europe was three times more populous than Africa in 1900, by the close of the 20th century the populations of the two continents were approximately the same size, largely due to Africaโ€™s substantially birthrates.

As the whole population of Tasmania was at this time only about fifty thousand, the matter was serious.

If replanting is uneconomical, controlling weeds where plant populations are low needs to be considered.

The local population of the capital, in consequence of its continual communication with the Chinese and other Asiatics, with the mariners of various nations, with the soldiery and Mexican convicts, who are generally mulattos, and in considerable numbers sent to the Islands yearly in the way of transportation, has become a mixture of all kinds of nations and features, or rather a degeneration from the primitive races.

The idea of property, which naturally arises with reference to things of human production, is easily transferred to land, and an institution which when population is sparse merely secures to the improver and user the due reward of his labor, finally, as population becomes dense and rent arises, operates to strip the producer of his wages.

This population is the direct growth of slavery.

The population of the vilayet of Smyrna is 1,819,616 inhabitants, of which 1,437,983 are Mussulmans.

Zhang also said: "The floating population is an important force for constructing a Tibet which is well-off in an all-round way, a peaceful Tibet and a harmonious Tibet.

Although the population was traditionally predominantly shia (Jafria).

The people are industrious and thrifty; population is the densest in Europe.

The average population in Manitoba now is the youngest it's been in decades at about 37 years old, and we're growing the economy, the infrastructure program, 58,900 jobs.

As far as Adrianople the population was Bulgar, but south of that city it was succeeded by a Greek element, with a considerable sprinkling of Turkish settlements, as far as the sea.

The Canadian population as a whole are a compliant and peaceful bunch, and rather than fight for an injustice done to us, we just hand over more money.

In 1841 the population of Ireland was 8,796,545 persons.

Our most vulnerable population are the seniors in this district, making sure their meals are continuing to get delivered.

Never cases of Franco-German, Franco-English have been mentioned in the media, but those of Franco-Algerian, Franco-Moroccan, etc. The populations of North African immigration is once again the primary targets of power.

The working-age population defined by the International Labour Organization is 15 years or older.

That even the latter movement may be a considerable thing, the present population of the United States is a striking testimony.

PENANG or PRINCE OF WALES ISLANDS (91), a small fertile island near the northern opening of the Straits of Malacca, off the Malay coast, and 360 m. NW. of Singapore; is one of the British Straits Settlements, of value strategically; it is hilly, and covered with vegetation; the population are half Chinese, a fourth of them Malays; figs, spices, and tobacco are exported.

In the besieged city the civilian population is for the most part a drag on the military, but in besieged Germany the civilian population, reinforced by slave labour from Belgium, France and Poland, continues working at high pressure in order to enable the military to keep the field.

It is unquestionably a palpable negation of majority rule, for as no measure can become a law without the concurrence of the Senatenow numbering ninety-six Senatorsa combination of the little States, whoso aggregate population is not a fifth of the American people, can defeat the will of the remaining four-fifths.

The present populations are relicts, and of restricted distribution.

Si, par ce mot hommes, l'auteur entend les habitans mรขles, alors, pour comprendre les femmes dans la population, il faudroit compter plus de deux cent mille individus au lieu de cent mille.

In villages on the Danube, where the population is a cross between Magyar and German, the young men and maidens go to the high banks of the river on Midsummer Eve; and while the girls post themselves low down the slope, the lads on the height above set fire to little wooden wheels and, after swinging them to and fro at the end of a wand, send them whirling through the air to fall into the Danube.

The population is Low-German and Roman Catholic; the language of the educated, French.

Historically, fish populations were the early indicator of the condition of the Lakes, and have remained one of the key indicators even in our technological era of sophisticated analyses and measuring instruments.

Over-population and its attendant miseries may not improbably become a more serious subject of consideration than it ever yet has been,

The Serbs were given the districts of southern Serbia which they had occupied, and which are all ethnically Serb except Pirot, the population of which is a sort of cross between Serb and Bulgar.

The population of India is a dense, inert, ignorant, depraved and superstitious mass of beings whose actions are almost entirely controlled by signs and omens, and by the dictation of the Brahmin priests.

(A) If Roumania succeeds in redeeming her kinsmen across the northern frontiers, she cannot be so ungenerous as to insist upon retaining territory whose population is overwhelmingly Bulgarian, and the least which might be expected from her would be the retrocession to Bulgaria of her bloodless acquisition during the second Balkan War.

Mr. Davidson says the population of Aghadir is forty-seven Mohammedans, and sixty-two Jews.

The population of France was once a fourth of the population of Europe, but now it is only one-eighth.

In spite of the fact that the population of Wellington was two thirds colored, this state of things was gall and wormwood to the defeated party, of which the Morning Chronicle was the acknowledged organ.

The most at-risk populations are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories, indigenous fishers.

The population is a vigorous, intelligent, highly moral and well-read community, as I could not fail to notice on attending service on the Sabbath at different places of worship.

It's population was the largest in 1870 when there were 14,000 living there.

โ€œWithout sounding too morbid, for some of those most vulnerable during this period, the ageing population, a lot of those people are property owners,โ€ says Simpson.

โ€œThe desired populations are families who are unable to afford the added expense of learning pods,โ€ the application reads.

Its population is 23,845 residents according to 2001 Greek census.

These poverty-stricken populations are the ones most threatened by climate change.

As some observers pointed out at the time, with the Canadian population being about 10 per cent of that of the U.S., it was roughly the equivalent of a staggering 700,000 job losses south of the border.