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148 Metaphors for  portioned

148 Metaphors for portioned

The outlying portions of Kensington, such as Ealing, Hanwell and Uxbridge, are no good.

The chief portion were Greeks.

This Height may be extended to for stand alone non-commercial / retail Uses or where the portion of the building above is non commercial / retail Uses.

Since a large portion of our sales are class bookings, we felt that closing immediately was the ethical thing to do.

A large portion of the leading mechanics, fashionable tailors, shoe manufacturers, and mantua-makers were free blacks, who enjoyed "a consideration in the community far more than that enjoyed by any of the colored population in the Northern cities."

It will usually be found in studying the borrowings which the masters have made from such sources as the Gesta Romanorum that the portions which they have discriminated as worth taking from any one tale have been the only artistically essential elements which the narrative contains; the remainder, which they have rejected, is either untrue to art or unnecessary to the plot's development.

The greater portion of this immense region, including Owen's Valley, Death Valley, and the Sink of the Mohave, the area of which is nearly one fifth that of the entire State, is usually regarded as a desert, not because of any lack in the soil, but for want of rain, and rivers available for irrigation.

The most interesting portion of the Seraglio is the ancient throne-room, now no longer used, but still guarded by a company of white eunuchs.

A portion of this property was a little farm situate at Brampton, in Huntingdonshire, from which village I took the title I now enjoy.

The valuable portion of the plant is its bulbous root, which often weighs two or three pounds, and supplies the place of corn all through the Brazils.

A very large and influential portion of the community had been Caesar's friends.

The loveliest portion of Italy is the valley of the Po.

It is an accepted truth in geographical distribution, that the portion of the earth in which the greatest number of forms differentiated from one type are to be found, is almost always the region in which that type had its origin.

He knows that "the poet's mind is holy ground"; He knows that the poet's portion is to be Dower'd with the hate of hate, the scorn of scorn, The love of love; he has shown, in the lines from which we quote, his own just conception of the grandeur of the poet's destiny; and we look to him for its fulfilment.

But the most tasteful portion of the whole, is a stone screen, by Adams, in front of an open court, and facing the street.

Justicefull and ample justiceto every portion of the United States should be the ruling principle of every freeman, and should guide the deliberations of every public body, whether it be State or national.

The mainland portion, Rio Muni, became a protectorate in 1885 and a colony in 1900.

The portion of my inheritance the Lord is, i.e., the little bit of land that fell to each Israelite as his share in the promised inheritance of the nation.

That these implored the restoration of their liberty, and some portion of their goods for themselves and families, being citizens of Rome, and most of them connected with the Romans by affinity and now too near relationship, in consequence of intermarriages which had taken place for a long period."

[TR: The following portion of this interview is a near repeat of a portion of an earlier interview with this informant; however it is included here because the transcription varies.]

The state of feeling produced by this reference to slavery, was such as might be anticipated in an audience, a portion of which were once slaves, and still remembered freshly the horrors of their late condition.

Rather, the technical term is acrylic glass which means that a large portion is actually plastic compounds.

Directly that portion of the bursal membrane covering the cartilage is the subject of inflammatory change, the cartilage itself, by reason of its low vitality, soon suffers.

Perhaps the most precious portion of his relics would be the hand that signed Magna Charta.

The remaining portion of the horizon was one even straight line; not a hill or break of any kind was visible, and, except the narrow line of the creek, was barren and worthless in the extreme, the red soil of the level portions of the surface being partially clothed with triodia and a few small trees, or rather bushes, rendered the long straight ridges of fiery-red drifting sand more conspicuous.

The most notable portion of Henry Clay's life was his great career as Senator in Congress, which he entered in December, 1831, two years after the inauguration of President Jackson.

The shade, that exquisite portion of art, which is rather felt than expressed, is the characteristic sign of the perfection of talent; it forms a part of the personality of the artist.

The leaves are produced at certain definite points called nodes, and the portions of stem between these points are internodes.

The cabins are about six feet by seven, the same height as the saloon, and lit by a door on the outside part, the upper portion of which is glass, protected, if required, by folding jalousies, intended chiefly for summer use.

The largest portion of our people are agriculturists.

Let the statue be made, of course, he said, but let it be useful as well as ornamental: the lower portion to be also a barber's shop, and the head, since it would be empty, a greengrocer's.

What's more, the Type 2 portion of the vaccine is the source of most of the new "vaccine-derived" strains of the virus now causing more paralysis than the original wild forms of polio.

Having thus taken off one-third and one-fifth, the remaining portion is the "gentlemen's share"how many 'eenths it may be, I leave to fractional calculators.

The old portion of the town is picturesque and interesting, especially the quaint old town hall in the market-place, marking the centre of the town.

W.S. Rockwell, of Georgia,[60] "that its constituent portions, its living stones, should be less perfect or less a type of their great original, than the immaculate material which formed the earthly dwelling place of the God of their adoration."

Portions of the church are late Norm.

Whatever was the original title and whatever may have been the extent of the work from which it is taken, the portion of it that has come down to us is by far the most important of all the direct evidence for the Canon both of the Gospels and of the New Testament in general with which we have yet had to deal.

Unfortunately, in six cases out of ten, the only portion of these preserved delicacies, that contains anything indicative of anchovies, is the paper label pasted on the bottle or pot, on which the word itself is printed....

That portion of capital which is expended in the wages of labour, is only the means by which the capitalist procures to himself, in the way of purchase, the use of that labour in which the power of production really resides.

The Mexican portion became the Mexican states of Baja California Norte (north) and Baja California Sur (south).

The other lighter portion is blackish red sand.

May this portion of the work of your society be an ever-flowing fountain of joy and satisfaction to your members!

We are quite aware that a large portion of this literature is trash.

A great portion of the roads through which we passed were mere horse paths, full of stumps, with shrubs entangled across them so thickly, that we were often obliged to dismount in order to cut away part of the impediment.

He was very reluctant to go, for this portion of the park was some distance from the house.

The particular portions of Whitefriars forming Alsatia were Ram-Alley, Mitre Court, and a lane called in the local cant Lombard Street.

Also, that it is my firm conviction that a great portion of the cruelty of which slaves are the victims, is caused by half-educated owners of one or two slaves, who are chiefly to be found in towns, and upon whom such a law might operate as a wholesome check.

Following a series of successful missions in Southern France from July to November 1944, the Canadian portion of the First Special Service Force was dissolvedDecember 5, 1944.

He had no humor, and the comic portions of Faustus are scenes of low buffoonery.

A large portion of the inhabitants are Welsh, who have here four or five places of worship.

But he allowed the respondents claim because he found that the portion of Umlah Road in question was not a public road, (2015 NSSC 76).

This, however, was the essence of the matter, from the Spanish standpoint, and these portions of the Decree were the ones most fully carried out.

The most interesting portion of the work is the gossip it contains on the state of things in the French capital, on the return of Napoleon, in 1815, and in Brussels, before and after the battle of Waterloo.

Whether this portion of the world were rent, By the rude ocean, from the continent, Or thus created, it was sure design'd To be the sacred refuge of mankind.

The portion of the property that abuts the industrial lands and the Ottawa Hydro facility is the hydro corridor that runs through Kanata from the southeast to the northwest.

Clearly, when we look at the provincial budgetprovincial budget is just in excess of $11 billion; the provincial health-care portion of that is in excess of $5 billion, certainly the single largest component of our entire provincial spending.

Doctor Scott was a goodly preacher, but the one portion of the service for me was the singing, when I might stand beside Dorothy and listen to her voice.

To lift up the banner of the Christian religion from the mire and dust into which slavery and pride of caste had trailed it, and to hold it up as an ensign of hope and deliverance to other races of the world, of whom the greater portion were not white people.

Given that a major portion of the Group's business is project based, the revenue contribution from projects may vary from quarter to quarter, depending on the size and scope of the projects on hand and their completion schedules.

Of the mansion the portion to the R. of the elaborate doorway is the oldest (Elizabethan); the part to the L. dates from the 18th cent.

The next portion of my subject is the study of the methods by which these special cells reproduce the plant.

If he have a daughter to marry, he wishes he were in Hungary, or might follow the custom of that country, that all her portion might be a wedding-gown.

Fortunately, that portion of the plain over which the scathing element had spent its fury, was the direction the party should pursue in retracing their way homeward.

The aggregate amount of public land sold during the last fiscal year, located with military scrip or land warrants, taken up under grants for roads, and selected as swamp lands by States is 24,557,409 acres, of which the portion sold was 15,729,524 acres, yielding in receipts the sum of $11,485,380.

The older portions of the building are Early English, but it has suffered from a good deal of pulling about.

The greater portion were peasants, although the dress and bearing of several proclaimed that they belonged to a superior class.

The reason given was that a large portion of those who visit Europe are dissipated infidels, which has justly given the English a bad opinion of us as a nation.

The more unwieldy portions of an engine may be case hardened by prussiate of potasha salt made from animal substances, composed of two atoms of carbon and one of nitrogen, and which operates on the same principle as the charcoal.

The older portions, the north side of the nave and the font, are Norman.

For low water users the fixed portion is a higher percentage of the bill, but the overall bill is still lower than that of a higher water user because the volumetric charge is applied to fewer cubic metres.

The barrenest portion, as to materials for biography, in the life of this interesting man, is the period he spent at the University of Cambridge.

The higher portion of land became the property of Madame de la Tour; the lower, of Margaret; and each seemed satisfied with her respective share.

Portion is a common noun, of the third person, singular number, neuter gender, and nominative case: and is put after are, in agreement with conflicts; according to Rule 6th, which says, "A noun or a pronoun put after a verb or participle not transitive, agrees in case with a preceding noun or pronoun referring to the same thing."

Much of the writing is Wordsworth's own; but perhaps the larger portion is the hand-writing of others, one or more, not familiar to me as Wordsworth's is. "How the volumes came to be sold I do not know....

Several modern managers have been equally appreciative, but it is a comfort to reflect that a portion of the fraternity are vast improvements on crusty Christopher, who was described by a contemporary as "an old snarling lawyer, master and sovereign; a waspish, ignorant pettifogger in law and poetry; one who understands poetry no more than algebra; he wou'd sooner have the Grace of God than do everybody justice.

The eastern portion is a level, treeless plain, adapted for grazing.

The inner portion was formed early in the season, when growth was comparatively rapid and is known as early wood (also spring wood); the outer portion is the late wood, being produced in the summer or early fall.

A large portion of the inhabitants are Low Dutch, who appear never to be in their proper element, unless when settled down in the midst of a swamp.

Fabius was commissioned to march the legions to Antium: to Cornelius was assigned the duty of keeping guard at Rome, lest any portion of the enemy's troops, as was the practice of the Aequans, should advance to commit depredations.

The significant portion of his evidence is the need for a trend line.

At the bottom is a broad hoop or basket of thinly cut wood, and adjoining the center portions are pieces of body armor composed of reeds bound together.

The natural history of man is the subject matter used by this school; and to describe accurately, minutely, some portion of the human race, some social community, is its main object.

If public bodies are to employ more labour, when labour is excessive, and pay a wage which shall be above the market price, it must be clearly understood that the portion of the wages which represents the "uncommercial" aspect of the contract is just as much public charity as the half-crown paid as out-door relief under the present Poor Law.

The central portion of the house, usually appropriated to the best pews, was in ours devoted to them; and here were arranged benches of the simplest and most primitive form; on which were collected every Sunday, the thin and wasted remnants of what once was a numerous and powerful tribe.

sd Kate saye I will not yeald to you for you are wiches & yor portion is hell fyre to all eternity & many such like expressions shee had; telling them that Mr. Bishop had often tould her that shee must not yield to them, & that that daye Norwalk minister tould her the same therefore she sayd I hope God will keep me from yielding to you;

A portion of it is also denominated Blad-Sidi-Hasham, and forms a free and quasi-independant state, founded in 1810 by the Emir Hasham, son of the Shereef Ahmed Ben Mousa.

They spoke of the close of the opera, and of the first performance, announced for an early date in November; and when some one remarked that certain portions yet to be written must be a gigantic task, the master smiled, and Constanze said to the Countess, so loudly that Mozart must needs hear: "He has ideas which he works at secretly; before me, sometimes."

The most remarkable portion of what remains of the old buildings is an almost unique Norman staircase.

The keenest eye could not discern which portion of the fragments was Nicholls and which Jackson.

The southern portion of Tirolthe so-called Trentino, the district round the town of Trentis purely Italian by race, and its union with the kingdom of Italy has long been the chief point in the programme of the Italian Irredentists or extreme Nationalists.

The greater portion of the soil is rich loam, black, or mixed with reddish earth, generally to the depth of five or six feet, on a limestone bottom.

The total length of this canal is 53 miles, 1,024 yards, the artificial portion of which is only 2,739 yards, the remainder being formed by a chain of deep lakes and the Shubenacadie river.

Mr Shaw is of opinion that about one-fourth of each brood never assume the silvery lustre; and, as they are never seen to migrate in a dusky state towards the sea, he infers that a certain portion of the species may be permanent residents in fresh water.

He wrote to Coleridge on January 2, 1797, in a letter of which only a small portion has been printed:"The opening

Much of this legend is a mythical history; but some portion of it is undoubtedly a philosophical myth.

The northern portion of the district was a wilderness, and the few points that had been invaded by settlements, were almost wholly inaccessable.

The final portion of the text is a twelve-line poem of praise which complements the initial encomium.

Unfortunately, in each collision, a portion of those killed were innocent on-lookers.

The Mexican portion became the Mexican states of Baja California Norte (north) and Baja California Sur (south).

Though entitled the travels of two Mahomedans, the travels seem to have been mostly performed by one person only; the latter portion being chiefly a commentary upon the former, and appears to have been the work of one Abu Zeid al Hasan of Siraf, and to have been written about the 803d year of the Hegira, or A.D. 915.