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52 Metaphors for  portraits

52 Metaphors for portraits

He is a surprise to those who meet him face to faceso far has photography failed to adequately present him, but the portrait we give is the best that has been made of him.

Alessandro Catena's hyper-realistic pencil portrait of Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman is a throwback to season 3 when Walter and the aforementioned dealer commenced cooking up a storm at Gus Fring's behest.

Portraits are her specialty, and in these she has made a success, as is proved by the appreciation of her work in Paris.

BORGIA, Cร†SAR, fourth son of Pope Alexander VI.; was made cardinal at the age of 17, an honour he relinquished to become a soldier, in which capacity it is alleged he gave himself up to deeds of inhumanity, which have made his name a synonym for every action that is most crafty, revolting, and cruel; a portrait of him by Raphael, in the Borghese gallery, is a masterpiece.

Halloween studio portrait created by the professional photo studio photographer is a priceless memory for your family.

The remaining portraits are illustrations of the application of the process to the study of the physiognomy of disease.

Studio/Formal portrait of George Weldon was the lineman at the Humboldt Telegraph Station.

Titian's portrait of "The Young Man with a Glove" is a great work of art, though not of great art.

Portrait was the first woman-directed film to take home the Queer Palm award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and was also nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globes.

"That portrait is the living image of my poor dead father.

These months of work on the portraitthis constant assumption on the part of the Findon circle that both the portrait and the 'Genius Loci' were to become Findon possessionsand yet no sum namedno clear agreement evennothing, as it seemed to Fenwick's suspicious temper, in either case, that really bound Lord Findon.

The so-called "Portrait of the Physician Parma" (at Vienna) is another instance of Giorgione's grasp of character, the virility and suppressed energy being admirably seized, the conception approaching more nearly to Titian's in its essential dignity than is usually the case with Giorgione's portraits.

The portrait I am now painting is Judge Moss Kent, brother of the Chancellor.

"The best portrait of Southey in his daughter's collection is a profile in waxa style that I have seen several times in England, and which I think very pretty.

This portrait is Lincoln as I knew him best: his sad, dreamy eye, his pensive smile, his sad and delicate face, his pyramidal shoulders, are the characteristics which I best remember; and I can never think of him as wrinkled with care, so plainly shown in his later portraits.

A classic portrait starting setup might be the main light 45 degrees to your subject and the fill light at camera position.

[H-4] It seems almost certain that the portrait of Johnson in the Common Room of University College, Oxford, is this very mezzotinto.

For this reason, in photography, a portrait is actually not a snapshot, but a calm image of a person in a still position.

After this, the deluge, of biographies, autobiographies, interviewings, photographic realities, portraits plain and colouredmany of them uncommonly plain, and some of them wonderfully coloured,until a Celebrity who has not been done and served up, with or without a plate, is a Celebrity indeed.

A militia officer in the Revolution, his miniature portraits of his fellow officers became the nucleus of the Philadelphia Museum collection, and he was later instrumental in the establishment of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Her portrait taken at the age of "thirteen summers, or less," is the subject of his lines, "Dorothy Q. A Family Portrait.

Da Silvaโ€™s portrait of Cameron-Dalman hanging the National Portrait Gallery is a close-up composition of two artists lives; one of the dancer and choreographer and the other of someone who sees inside people for a living.

True, the portrait is a very creditable performance for an amateur; true, M. Hรฉger's children maintained that their father did not draw, and there is no earthly evidence that he did; true, we have nothing but one person's report of another person's (a collector's) statement that he had obtained the portrait from the Hรฉger family, a statement at variance with the evidence of the Hรฉger family itself.

The portrait prefixed to the "Life," also by Severn, is a most excellent one-look-and-expression likeness,an every-day, and of "the earth, earthy" one;and the last, which the same artist painted, and which is now in the possession of Mr. John Hunter, of Craig Crook, Edinburgh, may be an equally felicitous rendering of one look and manner; but I do not intimately recognize it.

The portrait was the cool pastoral beauty with a lamb, and it was partly to make fun of her brother's passion for the picture that Mary wrote the lines.

The portrait of Lady Coote is a good picture; it is a pity that her ladyship had not sat a few years earlier; but that is no affair of the painter.

One portrait was that of a man of at least fifty: an intellectual head; eyes, I know not what they were,fierce, defiant, hardly human, but earthly, devilish; a mouth repulsive to behold, in its eager, absorbing, selfish expression.

His portraits of character are capital, especially those of feminine character, which are peculiarly vivid and spirituels.

All things considered, it is very probable that this portrait was his earliest real success, and proved a passport to the favourable notice of the fashionable society of Venice, leading to the commission to paint the Doge, and the Gran Signori, who visited the capital in the year 1500.

But, in spite of such culture, the portrait was a failure, and the elder sister fared no better.

A real portrait of an uninteresting man might be quite a treasure.

"Richard , D.D., a member of the elder branch of the family, was a contemporary and friend of Ben Jonson, and his portrait in oils, by Romney, is now an heirloom.

The portrait is the property of Clarence Delwood, he who is now known as 'the lone man of the shore;' and while you are yet gazing upon it, he enters, and pressing his lips to the canvas, he takes a bible from the case and reads.

The portraits of those we do see are mostly representations of awful-looking brutes, as bad in shoulders, and light of bone, as they could be; they appear also to have had very soft coats, somewhat akin to that we see on a Pomeranian nowadays, though it is true this latter fault may have been that of the artist, or probably amplified by him.

He was born in Providence, (R.I.); he believes in Providence; his portrait is the special pride of Providence; and there is a "Providence that shapes his ends."

The "gentleman farmer and projector," being attacked, during their visit, with cholera morbus, and considering himself in extremis, a consultation of physicians takes place, in which one portrait will be obviousthat of Dr. Shuro, who asserts disease to be a unit; and that it is the extreme of folly, to divide diseases into classes, which tend but to produce confusion of ideas, and an unscientific practice.

Portraits are the only things which can support me at present, but it is insipid, indeed, for one who wishes to be at the head of the first branch of the art, to be stopped halfway, and be obliged to struggle with the difficulty of maintaining himself, in addition to the other difficulties attendant on the profession.

I should call him a true court paintera master of splendid conventionalities, whose portraits of kings are the most powerful arguments for the divine right I know of.

Her portrait is before me now,the ingenuous, child-like face, with the large dark eyes which alone show that it is not the portrait of a child.

The full-length portrait in the dining room, and the presence of the housekeeper with the "burnt" back hair, indeed, were the only reminders of the man who once had lived here.

So that though the portrait in the Life is a full-length study of Johnson the conversationalist and literary dictator, the proportion it preserves is faulty and its study of the early yearsthe years of poverty, of the Vanity of Human Wishes and London, of Rasselas, which he wrote to pay the expenses of his mother's funeral, is slight.

I may say that the scale of the portraits need not be uniform, as my apparatus enlarges or reduces as required, at the same time that it superposes the images; but the portraits of the heads should never be less than twice the size of that of the Queen on a halfpenny piece.

In practice, these portraits were always oversimplified: Reagan, for all his saber-rattling, was actually very cautious about using force and both Clinton (in the Balkans) and Obama (in Libya and Afghanistan) authorized substantial military operations.

A full-length portrait of Hanoverian England from the personal point of view, by Voltaire, would have been a priceless possession for posterity; but it was never to be painted.

Our friend, who is giving us so many interesting figures in his "Trees of America," must not think this Prospectus invades his province; a dozen portraits, with lively descriptions, would be a pretty complement to his larger work, which, so far as published, I find excellent.

Have we a right to say that these portraits of a possible humanity, this Portia, this Toby Veck, this Tiny Tim, this ideal man and woman, are real men and real women in possibility, if not in the actualities of life?

Wilkie's Bag-Piper has been powerfully engraved by Aug. Fox; and a Portrait of Lady Jane Grey, after De Heere, is an interesting variety.

This portrait was the first example of an ecclesiastic represented as wearing a wig instead of the usual silk coif.

The best portrait there, is Pickersgill's Lord Hill; as a likeness, it is identity; and I admire it the more, from the total absence of what the painters call accessories.

That portrait leaning half-startled from the frame, was it his mother?

That portrait was really truculent of aspect.

The portrait completed, there was no room for the hint of presumption she had half sensed in the brown eyes' glance that had set her alert; and she looked up at him again, frankly, a trifle curiously.