108 Metaphors for position

His social position is a kind of magnifying lens, through which all his virtues are viewed.

I am not informed whether the positions ceded are the best which can be taken for securing their respective objects.

But the prospect was by no means flattering; it was, in fact, all but hopeless while the position of a special pleader was not my ambition.

Our position when we read them was a strange satire on one article (which I read with great pain), which expressed the writer's opinion that the book was so altered as not to be worth prosecuting.

As one might expect, the position of greatest ease is the decumbent.

It seemed to me that if Nino so seriously cast his eyes on the Contessina Edvigia, he might at least have looked pleased to hear she was so rich; or he might have looked disappointed, if he thought that her position was an obstacle in his way.

John Calvin's position His early life and precocity Becomes a leader of Protestants Removes to Geneva

How much this may be due to her peculiar geographical position is not wholly evident, but its influence must be great; and it is important to observe that the position of the State is central, being, in fact, the very heart of the continent.

Amidst all conflicting theories, one position is undeniablethe precious metals will invariably disappear when there ceases to be a necessity for their use as a circulating medium.

This position, which could without difficulty have been seized by the allies at the commencement was in reality the key of the Russian position.

Our position was semi-circular in form and about three-quarters of a mile long; its main strength lay in a chain of machine-gun emplacements at intervals of about two hundred yards.

Do you honestly imagine, Sir, that my literary position will be one farthing's-worth improved by a memoir and a portrait of me appearing in your widely-circulated journal?

The position that an intellectual function of attention and discrimination is active in sensuous perception, is a view entirely foreign to mediaeval modes of thought; for the Scholastics were accustomed to make sharp divisions between the cognitive faculties, on the principle that particulars are felt through sense and universals thought through the understanding.

On the east bank the only fortified positions in Confederate hands were Vicksburg, Grand Gulf, and Port Hudson.

And yet that is your position in the world now, and that position is the consequence of your adhering to your policy of indifference, at a time when you needed to act like a power on earth.

The positions assigned to two of these places, which subsequent experience has shown it is difficult to identify, are: Cape Rodney: Latitude 10 degrees 3 minutes 32 seconds South, Longitude 147 degrees 45 minutes 45 seconds East.

Pickell, whose position was a little in advance of the two wings, of the name of Jackson, having just fired, received a shot from a tall Indian, not twenty yards distant, which broke through the outer parts of his pantaloons, and lodged in his right-hand pocket.

But remember that the opposition can never be on the part of the Universal Mind, for in itself it is sub-conscious mind; and to suppose any active opposition taken on its own initiative would be contrary to all we have learnt as to the nature of sub-conscious mind whether in the individual or the universal; the position of the Universal Mind towards us is always the reflection of our own attitude.

Right position of woman in the State is another index.

Her connections, too, were so perfectly respectable (though humble enough in comparison with Mr. Buxton's soaring wishes), that there was nothing to be objected to on that score; her position was the great offence.

The new position which women seem to have occupied in the sixteenth century in Italy, was in part owing to the wealth and culture of citiesever the paradise of ambitious womenand the influence of poetry and chivalry, of which the Italians were the earliest admirers.

The position of the tropical belts of high pressure is a resultant of the high temperature of the equatorial regions on one side and the polar whirls on the other.

Here, after the position had been several times stormed by artillery, the Zouaves made one of the most brilliant bayonet charges of the day, dashing up the steep banks and through the breeched walls.

In any case, the false position of the female sex, so conspicuously exposed by the existence of the "lady," is a fundamental defect in our social condition, and this defect, proceeding from the very heart of it, must extend its harmful influence in every direction.

Of these, the position of Harry was the brightest, if only Harry would be careful to guard it.

108 Metaphors for  position