52 Metaphors for posts

My duties on the paper were light and pecuniarily of no importance, though the "Post" was the journal which, of all the New York dailies, paid most attention to art, and had the highest authority in questions of culture.

A post-chaise in the village had then become a sight less rare; but several cottagers were assembled before the inn to welcome the young laird.

The listening-post was merely a pit in the ground, originally a large shell crater, and deepened and widened until it was sufficiently large to hold half-a-dozen men.

These posts became the centre of intrigues among the savages of the Northwest.

The post-house was a blaze of light.

SELF-RIGHT is the foundation rightthe post is the middle, to which all other rights are fastened.

" Several improper abuses of long standing existed in certain branches of the Administration; some posts in the Treasury had been the object of pecuniary transactions between those who held the posts and were resigning, and the candidates who presented themselves to replace them.

The post of danger was the post which most needed them, and they were not afraid to go to it.

The listening-post was merely a pit in the ground, originally a large shell crater, and deepened and widened until it was sufficiently large to hold half-a-dozen men.

The post-houses, however, are a great improvement on any in other parts of the country.

[Footnote 2: The posts occupied by the army within the city were, "St. Paul's Church, the Royall Exchange, Peeter-house in Aldersgate-street, and Bernet's Castle, Gresham Coledge, Sion Coledge.

The supervising posts are: Superintendent, 35s.

I know very well that the portrait of Madame Bovary after the adultery is most brilliant; but the picture is above all lascivious, the post is voluptuous, the beauty a beauty of provocation.

The Command Post itself was proof against anything less than a direct hit from a pretty heavy shell.

The Imperial Russian Post, by which we purposed to travel from Yakutsk to Nizhni Novgorod, was, at that time, the longest and best organised horse-express service in the world.

The post of lady superintendent was by no means a sinecure.

Established as a means of communication with military outposts, the post became a convenient means of communication for merchants and other citizens and grew into a great economic institution.

At first it was thought either that the pintles of the rudder were broken or that the stern-post was rent; but upon examination both appeared to have escaped; and as no leak was observed during the night I indulged the hope that the noise was not occasioned by any accident that would inconvenience us, or oblige our premature return to Port Jackson.

The post-man has been, dear mam-ma, And has brought me a let-ter so fine; And Su-san has one, but it is not, by far, So pret-ty a let-ter as mine.

"Yes; not from a great distance though," Roundjacket replied, with a sly chuckle; "see here; the post-mark is the 'Bower of Nature.'

A post-day has now been long a day of recreation.' Nov. 1. 'Our correspondence paused for want of topicks.

3.] How long Vergil remained at Milan we are not told; Donatus' paulo post is a relative term that might mean a few months or a few years.

The letter-post, which arrives pretty regularly every week, is then the only link between the two places.

The commandant's post was the hardest,he being supposed to control every province, and have every official under his orders, and yet being powerless in regard to two or three departments, the business of which he did not understand.

It will, no doubt, have been observed that the post of Women Clerk is the highest in the Service open to women by competitive examination, and with the exception of some sixteen or eighteen appointments in the Board of Education, Women Clerks have hitherto been recruited for the Post Office alone.

52 Metaphors for  posts
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