103 Metaphors for  practice

103 Metaphors for practice

Practice is either a Good or an Evil; all consists in the Choice of it.

Accordingly if we accept the solar theory of the bonfires, we seem bound to apply it also to the torches; we must suppose that the practice of marching or running with blazing torches about the country is simply a means of diffusing far and wide the genial influence of the sunshine, of which these flickering flames are a feeble imitation.

It was Mrs. Pat Dearman's habit to read a portion of the Scriptures nightly, ere retiring to rest, for she was a Good Woman and considered the practice to be not only a mark of, but essential to, goodness.

Video production and remix practices are new literacies that define a culture that values the past as it creates the future.

If he have been but a bystander at some desperate recovery, he is slandered with it though he be guiltless; and this breeds his reputation, and that his practice, for his skill is merely opinion.

The referee timekeeping practices are deeply seated traditions in soccer that many traditionalist aficionados of the game actually love, cherishing the heightened suspense it engenders in close games.

These men point out that Communist Chinese practices are often direct continuations of earlier Chinese practices, customs, and attitudes.

One who in an eastern city is merely a backbiter and slanderer, in the western woods lies in wait for his foe with a rifle; sharp practice in the east becomes highway robbery in the west; but at the same time negative good-nature becomes active self-sacrifice, and a general belief in virtue is translated into a prompt and determined war upon vice.

Another practice condemned by the Bloc Québécois is the conditional release of inmates who have served only one-sixth of their sentence.

Practice is a better pilot than theory.

Practice is work, but there is absolutely nothing like playing games to be able to understand and feel exactly what it’s all about.

If the best practice of successful companies is a continuous cycle of deconstruction and reconstruction, what can we learn from this?

Another horrible practice of the Australians is, the exchange of daughters by their fathers.

Plus, this practice can be a mood booster and anxiety reliever as well.

Practice was the touchstone; a theory was useless unless you could prove that it had worked.

It seems to me very probable that this practice was an adoption, at any rate in theory, of the Christian custom of praying for the emperor.

This practice of over-filling a garden is an instance of bad taste, analogous to that which is so conspicuously characteristic of our own countrymen in India with respect to their apartments, which look more like an upholsterer's show-rooms or splendid ornament-shops than drawing-rooms or parlours.

Additionally, once the practice becomes a familiar pattern used by one person in a relationship, other persons may avoid reporting new issues or problems for the sake of avoiding a repeat of the gunnysacking behavior.

Such practices are a d

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have warned that the practice is a concern in many developing countries, magnified by the revenue challenges that governments around the world face as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis.

And if, where the divine government is concerned, practice is the expression of principle, and principle the standard and interpreter of practice, such harmony cannot but be maintained and must be asserted.

He had a foundry, where he cast miniature cannon, kettles and curious things, and his rifle-practice was a neighborhood wonder.

For though it may be true that the practice of defending the Colonies with the troops and at the cost of the mother-country was an innovation upon the earlier Colonial system, introduced at the time of the great war, it is not the less certain that to the generation of colonists that had grown up since that time the abandonment of it had all the effect of novelty.

Malik strongly supported the view that the practice of the people of Medina was a major factor in accepting a Hadith or rejecting it.

Better still, it proves that the favorite practice amongst our slaveholders of bequeathing their colored children to those of a different hue, was a "Divine institution," for Isaac "gave" Esau, who was "red all over," to Jacob, "as a servant."

Practice in making fine pictures should not be the end sought, but the development of geographical ideas.

This practice is no certain note of patriotism.

Condivi tells us that the practice of anatomy was a passion with his master.

The traditional practice of an Examen of Conscience is a great tool to help us deal with our spiritual clutter.

This is the way in which we gratify the old, underlying animal instincts and passions; but we should shudder with horror at the mere idea of such practices being realities in this day of enlightened and humanitarianized thought.

Your practices are your own affair, and in them I decline to dabble.

In neither taste nor precision is any man's practice a court of last appeal, for writers all, both great and small, are habitual sinners against the light; and their accuser is cheerfully aware that his own work will supply (as in making this book it has supplied)

Voltaire, whose literary genius converted the work of the English thinkers into a world-force, did not begin his campaign against Christianity till after the middle of the century, when superstitious practices and religious persecutions were becoming a scandal in his country.

Each veterinary practice is a hospital unto itself, and running a hospital is not cheap.

Holding, as he did, that inviolable secrecy was one of the prime functions of an editorthough the practice has since become very differenthe never attempted to vindicate himself, or to reveal the secret as to the writers of the reviews.

The practice thus secured will be a great aid in developing habits of fearless and free oral expression.

Noble said that this practice would be an annual occurrence, and before it can occur, proper arrangements need to be made with the relevant authorities.

Therefore, ALM’s practice of charging a fee for withdrawal of consent without prior notice and agreement is a contravention of PIPEDA Principle 4.3.8.

He said the continued practice of safety guidelines of washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks will be a bridge to the day vaccines can become widely available.

Our extended practice is another highlight of the program.

The conservation practices it supports, such as cover crops, crop rotations, advanced grazing practices, and a host of others, are the bedrock of land stewardship for family farms and ranches.

Our practice has been signature as the standing rule, occasionally suspended in favour of anonymity when there seemed to be sufficient reason.

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As, therefore, the Japanese have totally disappeared, and the number of Chinese is evidently inadequate to the wants of agriculture, it almost necessarily follows that the practice of distributing the Filipino laborers, as allowed by the aforesaid laws of the Indies, under all circumstances, is the only alternate left.

This practice, my lords, is a sufficient foundation for the motion; a practice so injurious to the nation, so long continued, and so openly avowed, requires to be vigorously opposed, lest it should become established by long custom, and entangle itself with our constitution.

Formerly, this practice of speaking to persons you had not been presented to was a proof of good-breeding; for it was well known that in no house of any distinction would there be found a guest who was not worthy to be the associate of whoever was noblest and best.

Gymnasiums offer a very good substitute for outdoor exercise; and if practice in them is at all times controlled by a careful judgment, the result is undoubted benefit.

In 2018, a study on FGM in India said that the practice was up to 75 per cent across the Bohra Muslim community.

Accustomed all his life to regard them rather as domestic animals, to hear them stormed at, and to see them cuffed and caned; and being himself in the constant habit of treating them thus, such practices have become to him a mere matter of course, and make no impression on his mind.

A practice that involves duration, repetition and endurance is at the heart of a reflection on the apprehension (and, ultimately, the prehension) of time.