94 Metaphors for prayers

The prayer, 'Sancta Maria et omnes sancti' forms a natural conclusion, to the reading of the Martyrology, The 'Deus in adjutorium,' the 'Pater Noster' with accompanying versicles, and the collect, are the prayers before manual labour: 'Respice,' etc., Look, O Lord, upon Thy servants and upon Thy works... and direct Thou the work of our hands.

Nearly all the prayers of this kind are the products of the Church during the storms of early heresy against the divinity, nature or personality of Christ.

Indeed, as the highest poetry (in Milton, for instance) blossoms into prayer, so the truest prayer, often by insensible gradation, becomes poetry.

The impulse to pray came to her, but the prayer that went up from her trembling heart was voiceless and wordless.

The new moon prayers are mere matters of tradition; 'our fathers did it before us.'

" "I certainly do not pretend," said he, "that prayer is a mechanical method of getting things; it isn't a substitute for effort and action.

My humble prayers in my country's cause I address to your entire nation: but you, gentlemen, are the engineers through whom my cause must reach them.

But my prayers Were yoursand, only after, theirs.

Mommsen, comparing the Greek and the Roman, says that when the former worshiped he raised his eyes to heaven, for his prayer was contemplation, while the latter veiled his head, for his was reflection.

As the old hymn says 'Prayer is the Christian's vital breath, The Christian's native air.

Prayer is an intimate union with God, but a soul resting in sin can have no intimate union with God; there can be no intimate union between light and darkness, between sanctity and sin, between good and evil; in a word, between Christ and Belial.

That prayer was answeredif we are to believe the records of Norman, not English, monks in England after the Conquest, by the speedy extinction of the most guilty families among the Norman conquerors.

she said to herself: "prayer is my only offering; one that I am now about to present.

And he built himself a hut, and fasted forty days and forty nights; for he said 'Until the Lord God look upon me mercifully, prayer shall be my meat and my drink.'

Prayer is the true World-Power.

The Prayer of Moses the man of Godwhich is our 90th Psalm, our burial Psalm.

The true answer is, prayer is an idea, and 'ens spirituale', out of the cognizance of the understanding.

HOW BLACK ROGER PRAYED IN THE DAWN: AND HOW HIS PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED "Holy Saint Cuthbert, art a very sweet and potent saint, and therefore hast good eyeswhich is well; so canst thou see him for thyself, how weak he is and languid, that was a mighty man and lusty.

She declares that prayer is the gate through which the Lord bestows upon her His favors; and it is only through this that any comfort comes.

The prayer of the Buddhist was a yearning for deliverance from sorrow, a hope of final rest; but this was not to be attained until desires and passions were utterly suppressed in the soul, which could be effected only by prayer, devout meditations, and a rigorous self-discipline.

Much of the religion of the fellah consists in prostrations, and his spontaneous prayers are usually invocations to dead men, as we see with Nile boatmen and other labourers; when in a fatiguing work, they call on the 'Lord Hosseen or Zeid,' &c. to 'stretch out a hand and help.'

"Prayer is the only weapon becoming peaceful citizens.

The Lord's Prayer is a very intimate whispering of the soul with God.

But to Alice and Gwendolen prayers were a weariness and an exasperation.

Like the Roman catholics, they had rosaries, containing 108 beads, and their prayer is, Hom-Mani-Pema- Hum.

94 Metaphors for  prayers
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