58 Metaphors for  profits

58 Metaphors for profits

The profits of the institute may be devoted to the library, reading-room and recreation department, the purchase of gymnastic apparatus, etc., and articles for the soldiers' mess, and may be contributed to the widows and orphans' fund, if so determined by the patrons of the institution.

Another class of clients who brought him much work but no profit were the widows and orphans of soldiers seeking aid to get pensions.

Yet the profit Washington sets down is about seven per cent.

I have, indeed, no idea of the private advantage of a legal trader: for unless, sir, we neglect our duty of providing that no commerce shall be carried on to the detriment of the publick, the merchant's profit must be the profit of the nation, and their interests inseparably combined.

It's you're the sinner ollers, she's the saint; Wut's good's all English, all thet isn't ain't; Wut profits her is ollers right an' just, An' ef you don't read Scriptur so, you must; She's praised herself ontil she fairly thinks

Further, this profit is after a non-cash forex charge on account of IND-AS116 of INR 75.9 crore without which the profit would have been Rs 190.9 crore, it said in the result statement.

Most people will feel that this surveillance capitalism is unethical, crossing the boundaries of their rights and expectations, but financial profit remains the determining driver.

profit, and nearly every new church is a trade speculation.

"Luck is a merchant's surplus, while a living profit is the reward of his wits!"

The voyage being finished, the only profit yielded by it to Ledyard was a little experience in the hardships of a sailor's life, as his scanty funds were soon exhausted and poverty stared him in the face.

High profits (taking always good years together with bad) on capital sunk before the war in buildings and machinery are thus a likely consequence of an increase in the price-level.

Extreme profits are a characteristic of monopoly where healthy competition is suppressed and there's no level playing field.

V. be beneficial &c adj.; produce good, do good &c 618; profit &c (be of use) 644; benefit; confer a benefit &c 618.

In the mind of Sanders and other socialists, making a profit is greed and cannot be tolerated.

Bezos' single-day profit is almost half of Nigeria's 2020 budget which Reuters put at N10.51 trillion ($29.19 billion).

Gross profit for the first quarter of 2020 was (gross margin of 16.0%) compared to (gross margin of 15.1%) last year.

In 2008 when Emirates pulled out, the accumulated profit of SriLankan was Rs.

Profits are the net result of many influences.

Excluding Cyber security services and Regional ICT services, profit from operations would have been S$174.6 million, which is S$50.8 million lower YoY.

Operating profit in the third quarter was KRW 12.35 trillion (roughly Rs.

I intimate no suspicions; but accuracy is the soul of commerce, as profit is its object.

I saw that those natives remaining, laughing and full of the desire for pleasure as they were, must perish because unfit to survive in the morass of modernism in which they were sinking, victims of a system of life in which material profits were the sole goal and standard of the rulers.

Your profit will be the loss of others.

Well, in point of fact, the profits on your branch have lately been veryhave seemederhave been by no meanswhat we could wish, Mr. SCROOP, what we could wish, Sir.

If Balak should be call'd to leave his place, As profit is the loudest call of grace, His temple, dispossess'd of one, would be Replenished with seven devils more by thee.

The profit arising from punishments, which were then chiefly pecuniary, was another reason for his desiring to retain the judicial power; and when his fief became hereditary, this authority, which was essential to it, was also transmitted to his posterity.

The profits on the first edition were three thousand dollars, and several other editions were to follow steadily.

The profits of stock are the surplus which remains to the capitalist after replacing his capital: and the ratio which that surplus bears to the capital itself, is the rate of profit.

But hours later, the company announced they will "not be charging a penny" and said "profit has always been the furthest thing from our minds".

He believed profit was the devil.

Marx used this labour theory of value to argue that profits (which he called surplus value) were simply the difference between what the employer pays the worker and the value of what the worker’s labour created.

Johnson's profits, after the deduction of expenses, and together with the hundred pounds, which he received from Robert Dodsley, for the copy, were nearly three hundred pounds.

The alleged profits of Base Ball mostly are fanciful dreams of those who know nothing of the practical side of the sport and are stunned when they are made acquainted with the real financial problems which confront club owners.

It is useless to say that we are dealing here with an absurd and dangerous conception, because the profit of the capitalist is a necessary element of production, and because production along communist lines, wherever it has been attempted, has brought ruin and misery.

The profit is the byproduct, not the inspiration.

The profits are our portion.

Some asked themselves blindly, and others with a cruelly clear insight, why they had been born, what life meant.... "Since he who is destroyed, suffers, and he who destroys has no pleasure, and is shortly destroyed himself, tell me what no philosopher can explain; whom does it please, and to whose profit is this unfortunate life of the universe, which is only preserved by the injury or death of all the creatures which compose it?" ...

But what profit is ours of nil these triumphs, so long as we cry not 'check' to Rome!

In 1833 he was made postmaster of a small village; but the office paid nothing, and his principal profit from it was the opportunity to read newspapers and some magazine trash.

His diversion rather than his profit was the care and rental of about twenty small houses, some of which he built to fit his pensioners.

Excluding these items, the operating profit for matches was also considerably higher year-on-year.

Some non-profits are small groups of people such as a block association or community group.

Climate change is gathering momentum; America needs to prepare for what is coming, and the only way do that without disaster is to convert to a publicly financed universal healthcare system financed in some way such that profit is not a factor.

We are not obliged to speculate, but if we could invest our money in some enterprise where it would bring profit, the profit would be so much gain for the country.

Their banking profits were enormous, and Christians who saw the wages of sin heaped up before their eyes, looked wistfully at a business forbidden by the ecclesiastical standard of morals of that day.

His extra profits are but a share of the extra produce obtained by the same expenditure: the other share going to the consumers.

Operating profit in the October-December quarter was 243 billion yen versus 211 billion yen a year earlier.

Whenever corporate profit is the driving force of your food’s backstory, then it is neither good nor meaningful in terms of flavor, nutrition, health, safety or sustainability.

Profit before tax for the period under review was N2.22 billion, down by 32.20% from N3.27 billion reported in the first quarter of 2019.

One in which you will have profit being the No. 1 motivator and, as such, what will happen is you will have extra services being brought into the core services.