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165 Metaphors for  program

165 Metaphors for program

It is widely acknowledged that our home care program is the best in Canada.

We strongly believe this program is a win-win.

Our kids arenā€™t perfect, but it is not the same environment because it is small, kids are known, and because our program is a different kind of program you are not going to see the same sort of behavior.ā€

The second digital program of the festival, with premieres by Kyle Abraham and Dormeshia, is a worthy substitute for live dance.

The iconological program was the supremacy of the Papacy.

A replacement program well worth investigating is the flow-through share (FTS) program that has been used for years in the mining and resource industries.

The ā€˜Getting Aheadā€™ program is an 8 week workshop and a joint initiative of Grey County Social Services and the Adult Learning Centres.

The feedback program, he added, is but a first step in a plan to make better use New York Lifeā€™s Web site to gain insight into customer needs.

Another successful program, Madam Chairperson, that I would like to talk about is the Partners with Youth.

This program is a continuous progression of multi-skill development.

Their only work experience comes from the area of public and illegal work, and for many of them, the program may be the first chance for legal employment.

The $100 million Next Level Broadband Grant Program is the largest single state investment in broadband.

The program that initially started off as one off presentations has come full circle.

The Feed the Hope program is just the beginning.

This educational, eight-week long program is a fun group for adults who want to learn new and effective tools for managing anger, frustration, and stress.

The service improvement program is only one vehicle for improving Government Services or implementing ideas.

The Oasis Senior Supporting Living program, is a unique model of active aging-in-place originally developed with a group of seniors living in an apartment building in Kingston.

And one of the most important factors that made this a relatively successful program is close administration oversight of the critical steps of the program.

The most popular entertainment programs are Hidden Singers, shown on Saturdays at 11 pm, and Shinhwa-Bangsong, shown on Sundays at 11 pm.

A bikeshare program would be a valuable amenity that would improve the experience of many visitors and enable tourists to visit businesses and attractions beyond a comfortable walk.

The program, entitled ā€œWarn Other Workers (WOW)ā€, is a 24/7 toll free number that sex workers can call to share info about assaults.

SAIT's new 26-week Mobile Application Developer program is a post-diploma certificate to prepare experienced developers for exciting opportunities in native mobile app development in iOS and Android platforms.

For many students, NCā€™s Summer English program is their first introduction to Canada.

For Ni, the one-year long MBA program was a time for personal growth, but also an opportunity to test the viability of her own startup idea.

Canadaā€™s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas Program is a science-based initiative to identify, conserve, and monitor a network of sites that provide essential habitat for Canadaā€™s bird populations.

Elias realized the Wolverines program was the place for him following discussions with coach Chris Haltinner, and some of the research done afterwards with the school's reputation.

The Unemployment Insurance program is a welcome safety net to the people of coastal Labrador, to the fishermen of coastal Labrador.

The program is the third facility the Fed has revived from the financial crisis days of 2008 when the central bank set up an alphabet soup of programs intended to keep financial markets functioning.

His program, Banff Systems Infinite was the product of several months of research: hours spent in the library monomaniacally listening through the strange gems that constitute the LP collection.

IBM Corp. also has paid internships throughout the year, but the summer programs are the largest, said Vera Chota, manager of IBMā€™s university recruiting and internship program.

The Republican party led by President Taft stood for the policy of monopoly-prosecuted; its program was the vigorous enforcement of the Sherman law.

The Scrubs Online program previously was an in-person camp at WSU, but COVID-10 forced cancellation of that this month.

The graduate program is the largest east of Montreal and the only PhD chemistry graduate program in Nova Scotia.

The Canada Research Chair (CRC) Program is the flagship of a national strategy to make Canada one of the worldā€™s top countries in research and development (

Two recent independent reviews concluded that the Discovery Grants Program is the envy of research communities in many other nations.

She shared with us what sheā€™s learned and why she thinks the Co-op program is a stellar addition to any degree.

We had raised it with the former minister, indicating that this program was a necessity within the school system.

But with citizenship riding on completing their service the program could be a double edged-sword for undocumented and mixed-status families, Vargas said.

Many programs are ā€˜walk and talkā€™ presentations in the parks.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

The exchange program is a two-year course that personnel from NATO are able to participate in at bases across the U.S. Air Force.

The dance programs were "red ears" cut from cardboard, and tiny red pencils dangled from them.

This program is de.

The only programs running were VideoMeld and File explorer.

The Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator Program is a two-year $10-million fund, delivered through Alberta Innovates, to increase entrepreneur development programs in new or existing small-business incubators across the province.

The City of Concord has almost no services anymore, recreation programs are a total joke, the city also has no recreational facilities to speak of ā€“ nothing has been built in 40 years.

The program has been a hit with fans, thanks to the way it follows the twisted story of animal abuse, and the war between Joe and founder of Big Cat Rescue, Carole Baskin.

The Comprehensive M.Sc. program in medical physics is a two-year (18-month coursework, 6-month research project) program that requires 36 credits.

As new needs and opportunities are identified and developed to use Information and Communication Technologies in First Nation classrooms, the First Nations SchoolNet program is another resource to support this work.

A similar program would be a significant aid to any future review panels.

The mastery program at Sir Robert Borden is a unique development for the benefit of our students.

This year, the program before our Provincial Parliament, is Good Roads.

The Shared Health Genetics and Metabolism Program is the major site for all clinical rotations throughout the academic year.

The programs we offer are a testament to this.

For NAV CANADA, the Summer Student Program is an opportunity to identify highly skilled talent for future positions.

When Campbell opened Victory in 2015, the only program she could offer to four students was an evening nursing assistant (CNA) class.

The program was a multi-year study (2000-2005) aimed at monitoring the potential effects of double-crested cormorants on the nearshore and pelagic fish communities in the coastal areas of Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

This program became the magnet school Duke Ellington School of the Arts, which she and Malone founded in 1974 and which they modeled after New York City's High School of Performing Arts.

The BSE recovery program,originally signed on with the federal government, it is the federal government that has been inflexibleā€“the member himself admits that in his own remarksā€“in not allowing that program to continue to adapt to the needs of producers.

The program is news from Senate District 30 by State Senator Pat Fallon.

The new $500 million repayable loan program is interest free for up to the first five years and will provide loans for up to 10 per cent of total project costs.

However, each program must be aware of data sharing: changes to the data in a zbuf segment are visible to all zbuf segments that reference the data.

The Canadian Mathematical Society's CMS/Esso Math Camp program was unquestionably the catalyst for the very successful event.

One such program was the Foster Grandparent Program.

The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) is a new law in effect since May 30, 2017.

The program is the result of an $86,580 grant Cass County received from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Modeled after similar initiatives in New York and Los Angeles, the program isn't just another CAPS, the department's community policing initiative.

He hypothesized that if the program were a success and funds allowed it, then security personnel could be allowed to monitor overnight activity in the underground parking garage.

Whether your program is three minutes or three hours, our team can guide you through every step of the process.

Designing programs with women and girls in mind is still the exception, not the rule.

The program is six months in duration.

This program is the epitome of professionalism.

No decision has been made as to how that is going to be implemented or what it is going to have, but I want to assure the member that programs certainly are a top priority of this government.

In most cases this program was not a factor.

He was also criticized for in 2009 that President Barack Obamaā€™s ā€œentire economic program is reparations,ā€ and for using the term ā€œā€ in reference to Michelle Obama in 2011.

Business team finishes first A team from the SFU business management of technology (MOT) MBA program is the first university team from western Canada to win the prestigious IBK Capital Ivey business plan competition.

The Talking Book Program is a free library service for people unable to read standard print because of a visual, physical, or reading disability.

When Campbell opened Victory in 2015, the only program she could offer to four students was an evening nursing assistant (CNA) class.

The Adult High School program is a partnership between Surry Community College and Mount Airy City Schools.

The program was a throwback even then, owing more to the ambitious, Cold War-era documentaries of ā€œCBS Reportsā€ than to the ascendant, faster-paced style of news coverage that had been inaugurated three years earlier by the arrival of CNN.

Programs that are generally offered to this community are fitness/wellness, art, general interest and our Bocce club.

But the Welfare and Labor Ministryā€™s job training program that works to get the unemployed back into the job market with computer classes, job boards and sessions on interview skills is ā€œsurplus.ā€

The channel's flagship program is NBA Gametime Live, a show in which a host and studio analysts go over the latest news, highlights, and look in at games in progress.

A functional annotation program that considers additional forms of data in its analysis would be a much more powerful tool.

The certificate program is consistent with the Project Management Instituteā€™s (PMI) Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge.

The program has become a secretive, though it is not known whether DARPA will maintain this status for the project.

The immediate relief program the DFL-led House wants is one piece of a broader $300ā€…million PROMISE Act aimed at rebuilding the Twin Citiesā€™ riot-damaged commercial corridors.

Overall, the Public Relations program has been a positive experience.

The remaining four programs remain a mystery to me, though.

The National Staffing Program (NSP) is the policy centre for NCO staffing.

Rees says this program is a higher level of first aid to help those in need before paramedics arrive.

Manitoba Legislative Assembly Internship Program is a paid 10-month Internship from September to June.

Will he now, after the president of the Manitoba Chamber has indicated that this program is a failure, is failing the communities, undertake the kind of review that is going to be required to streamline this program and get it back on track?

Separately, for example, Bundesbank President Weidmann is quoted elsewhere, reminding that the ECB's program is a limited duration and tied to the crisis.

That is always an area of concern and debate, but the reality is that the net program, the net amount that actually sees programming, is $98 million from the capital program and $40 million in the maintenance program and that is $130 million.

It's the opposite from the seniors', but our children's program is an amazing support for children who are going through grief.

New Masters program in Mathematics for Science and Finance at Wilfrid Laurier University Our new Masters program in Mathematics for Science and Finance is a unique blend of pure and applied mathematics.

It ain't in the program of this trench warfare to have motor transport under fire, and the program is bein' strictly attended to.

The CCTV programs are a mixture of documentary, comedy, entertainment, and drama.

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program is not a ā€˜disabilityā€™ award, though many recipients have faced and overcome physical disabilities.