37 Metaphors for promising

the promises of the sword are always brokenalways."

Promises are but words, and words air, which no man can claim a propriety in, but is equally free to all and incapable of being confined; and if it were not, yet he who pays debts which he can possibly avoid does but part with his money for nothing, and pays more for the mere reputation of honesty and conscience than it is worth.

But she had promised Emily not to tell a living soul, and a promise was a promise with Hinpoha.

For, in Arcadia, it would seem that a promise is still a sacred thing.

Full of longing, and held in thrall by her beauty, Fergus promised; and this promise was the beginning of many calamities, for Nessa, the queen, feeling her sway over Fergus, and full of ambition for her child, won a promise from Fergus that the youth should sit beside him on the throne, hearing all pleadings and disputes, and learning the art of ruling.

To save my honour I my love must lose: But promises, once made, are past debate, And truth's of more necessity than fate.

No, no; my promise was no trick of state: I meant to be made truly wretched first, And then to die; and I'll perform them both.

Your promise is a sort of rock that nothing can move.

Castleman had told us to remain at the inn until his return, and had exacted from Max, as you will remember, a promise not to visit the House under the Wall, which we had learned was the home of our burgher friend.

His promises were a glorious consolation.

The promise of automobiling is knowledge of one's own land.

No, no, my lord, 'Tis not her favour I regard, nor her; Your promise 'tis I challenge, which I'll have: It was my bargain, no man else should have her.

Amongst these, it was tacitly agreed upon, and understood, that a spoken promise was a pledge, and held to be a very sacred thing, and he who broke faith, committed all the cardinal sins.

"The Promise of May" is another play which was staged, in 1882, by Mrs. Bernard Beere, but met with failure by the critics, owing, in some degree, to its supposed caricature of modern agnostics, and to the repellent portrayal of one of the characters in the piece, the sensualist, Philip Edgar.

Had he met them, there upon the Avenue at that moment, all his promises to Mrs. Hammond must have been forgottenand he would have made short work of that unspeakable gentleman.

We may grow to include some of them among the trivial incidents of childhooda broken toy, a promise made to us which was not kept, a harsh, heart-piercing wordbut these, too, as well as the bitter experiences and disappointments of mature years, are the tragedies of life.

And now, eight years later, the promise of M. René Taillandier, in his introduction to the selection, has become reality.

For who would not have then thought that the promise which had been made him of a numerous posterity was all a deception?

THE PROMISES OF EUGENICS There are, to be sure, the claims and assertions and negative achievements of the youngest of the sciences, eugenics.

Thy promise, Lord, I hold, 'The evening shall be light,' The cloud its pinions fold, And vanish out of sight: O Jesus, come, Thy face display.

But the king's promises to the inhabitants, the rights which he authorized them to claim from him, and the rules which he imposed upon his officers in their government, were not concessions which were of no value or which remained without fruit.

Edmée swore as I asked her, and she made me swear in return that her promise should be a secret.

But in Arcadiabecause it is an old-world place where life follows an even, simple course, where money is as scarce as roguery, the old law still holds; a promise once given, is a sacred obligation, and not to be set aside.

How long must we pursue a road in which promises are all fetishes in front of us; and all fragments behind us?

Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.

37 Metaphors for  promising