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56 Metaphors for  proof

56 Metaphors for proof

The proof that religion has its habitation in feeling is the more deserving of thanks since it by no means induced Schleiermacher to overlook the connection of the God-consciousness with self-consciousness and the consciousness of the world.

The proof of wisdom is peace.

Another proof of the exuberance of our riches, and the prosperity of our commerce, by which they are acquired, is the facility with which the government can raise in an instant the greatest sums, and the low interest at which they are obtained.

He was not only caressed, and treated, but had a collection made for him of about thirty pounds, with which it had been happy if he had immediately departed for London; but he never considered that such proofs of kindness were not often to be expected, and that this ardour of benevolence was, in a great degree, the effect of novelty.

But, for Christians, the greatest proof that God exists and that God cares is in fact, a case of an innocent man who suffered unjustly.

Proof is always the burden of the accuser.

I.P. Proof" shirt (proof was a rapper who died, he was also a friend of Dre, Eminem & 50 Cent).

Proof of that there was, a-plenty.

The proofs required of such property will be such satisfactory vouchers of expenses as would be received in auditing public accounts.

But if the child is an NRI, then the required proof of identity must be a legitimate Indian passport.

Another proof of the violence of the shock was the force with which the people between decks were driven against the floors above them; my head particularly was pressed into my stomach, where it continued some months before it recovered its natural situation.

The highest proof of severe culture is the use of short and simple words on any subject whatever; and he who cannot make his readers understand what he writes about does not understand his subject himself.

The best proof of the fact is the vehemence with which he repudiates all comparison between these fortune-tellers and himself, even as early Christian apologetics and polemics attacked the rival cults of the later classical world, which possessed forms of ritual akin to those observed by Christianity.

Before we regulate our conduct by that of others, we must either prove that they have done right, which proof will be a sufficient defence without the precedent, or own that they are more capable of judging than we, and that, therefore, we pay an implicit submission to their dictates and example; a sacrifice which we shall not willingly make to the vanity of our neighbours.

[Footnote 1: The truth from which I draw my proof may he either (1) of an objective and universally valid character; in that case my proof is veracious, secundum veritatem; and it is such proof alone that has any genuine validity.

The very best proof of this, if further proof were needed, was the murder of Baron von Ketteler, the German Minister, on the morning of June 20th.

On the contrary, we hold that the most wonderful and splendid proof of genius is a great poem produced in a civilized age.

The proof of the efficacy of the timely and vigorous proceedings which he employed was the immediate increase of the public revenue, which from that day continued rapidly to advance.

The other proof of the great confidence Paul WS Anderson has in his new project is Milla Jovovich, the director’s wife and his greatest collaborator it brings.

Proof of this was the absence of sentinels.

Proof, then, is a thing different from a proposition.

Proof of having visited Israel isn't a problem for every Arab or Middle Eastern country.

Oh! 'tis a faithful groupand it might shame Painters of bold pretence, and greater name To see how nature triumphs, and how rare Such matchless proofs of Nature's triumphs are The smallest particle of sand may tell With what rich ore Pactolus' tide may swell: And Woodward!

Such another proof is that place near the Pyramids in Egypt, by Cairo, as well to confirm this as the resurrection, mentioned by [3044]Kornmannus mirac.

Handsome she was not, certainly; but so sweet and good; and that her own beauty (if she was aware that she possessed any) could have any weight with Tom, she would have considered as an insult to his sense; so she made up her mind slowly, but steadily, that thus it was to be; and every fresh proof of Mary's sweetness and goodness was a fresh pang to her, for it showed the more how probable it was that Tom loved her.

A proof of the greatness of this victory was the capture of about a hundred elephants, a vast prey, even if they had taken that number, not in war, but in hunting.

The proofs of his ignorance, on which the greatest stress is laid, are a few geographical blunders and anachronisms.

It was not secret that the monarch, in his private instructions, went straight to the point and wasted no words on religious or humanitarian considerations, the proof of which is his letter to Ponce, dated November 11, 1509.

I answer, the only proof is success and good event; for these afford the best presumption, first, of the extremity, and secondly, of its remediable naturethe two elements of its justification.

But the grand proof of Johnson's malignity, is the manner in which he has treated the character and conduct of Milton.

On the 6th of July the Act of Congress was approved, declaring that any person claiming the labor of another to be due to him, and permitting such party to be employed in any military or naval service whatsoever against the Government of the United States, shall forfeit his claim to such labor, and proof of such employment shall thereafter be a full answer to the claim.

Proof positive of the change that had taken place in her was the prank she had played upon them that night in masquerading as the cookshe who had once refused to help prepare one of the famous suppers in the House of the Open Door, disdainfully remarking that cooking was work for servants, not for ladies.

But the great proof that man is made in the image and likeness of God is the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ; for if human nature had been, as some think, something utterly brutish and devilish, and utterly unlike God, how could God have become man without ceasing to be God?

The best proof of its vitality is the crowd of writers which suddenly broke into this field: Kyd, Marlow, Greene, Jonson, Chapman, Dekker, Webster, Heywood, Middleton, Peele, Ford, Massinger, Beaumont and Fletcher.

I summarize these points as follows: 1. A proof of pragmatism would be "the one contribution of value that he has to make to philosophy.

Now proof by testimony is the firmest sort of reasoning that can be used by an advocate in defence, and it is also the best adapted for the examination of any excuse which may be alleged.

My main proof that the number thirteen ain't any better than it orter be lies in the fact that one day I married the thirteenth in Mrs. Scraggs.

Now you, Cais, are aware that the greatest proof of attachment between kinsmen is their willingness to give way to one another.

What is wanted is not the internal thread of the process, but the proof and confirmation from without that it was the right process; and this link is just what is wanting, except on a supposition which begs the question.

The proof they offered was the very Scriptures they had not previously understood.

Let us then assume, that stimulus in a certain degree is necessary to sustain the strength and invigorate the frame of the toiling man; and the best proof of its good effect is the comfort and energy which it imparts to its consumer; but if this necessary stimulus be exceeded, then it is abused, and every mouthful in addition becomes ultimately poisonous.

The proof offered was a résumé of the vegetable, animal, and mineral kingdoms, showing their perfect fitness for man's use, and the immediate induction was that they were designed for man's use.

His proof is Strodtmann's statement, and similarity of content and form, with special reference to the two rhymes "sitzet-blitzet" that occur in both.

I have brought her to own, that I am more than indifferent with her: but as to LOVE, which I pressed her to acknowledge, what need of acknowledgments of that sort, when a woman consents to marrying?And once repulsing me with displeasure, the proof of true love I was vowing for her, was RESPECT, not FREEDOM.

Proof that there’s room to grow, she said, is the far greater number of liquor stores in Alberta, which now number about 1,500.

But perhaps the most convincing proof of all was the round head of the First Lord of the Admiralty calmly having his lunch in the Hotel St. Antoine.

The first proof of returning reason she had shown, was a shriek of terror when he once accidentally followed his mistress into the room where she lay.

A proof of the present great depression in the Whaling business is the fact that the editor of the Sun still walks about unflogged.

Through the rent ticking they had all been spilt, Mute proofs and mournful of your weight and guilt.

A proof of service is evidence that can be introduced into court to verify that the tenant did in fact receive a copy of the document.

The proof of foolishness is unrest and friction.

These proofs were the references to his volumes themselves, which it really seemed as if the two reverend authors had never even looked into.

And the proof that I can be disinterested is the way in which I have acted towards you, a perfect stranger, and who have no other recommendation to my good offices than your gracious mien and gentle manners."

But the best proof of the Young Turks' intentions towards the Arabs is their actual conduct in the Arab provinces of their Empire.

But the crowning proof of the inequality of the struggle which was about to ensue between the wife and the mistress, was the departure of the King from Lyons on the 18th of December, the second day after his marriage; when, announcing his intention of travelling post to Paris, he left the Queen and her suite to follow at their leisure.

For a moment the step seemed to have succeeded, though the proofs of its success were still more strongly proofs of the utter want of sense that marked all the proceedings of the Assembly.