24 Metaphors for quarrels

" "So we may take it that the quarrel between your late master and Miss Fanning was not the only quarrel of the kind which came under your notice?"

"The quarrels of lovers is a renewal of love.

Even in their engagement days he had never brought her flowers, and any overture from him after a quarrel was a thing unknown.

So also the quarrel between Noah and his wife is probably a late addition to an old play.

His quarrel with Johnson was an instance of this.

He insisted upon picturing life as he believed that it existed in London society; and, to his satiric eye, that life was composed chiefly of the small vanities, the little passions, and the petty quarrels of commonplace people, whose main objects were money and title.

The quarrel is the domain of policy, the fight that of strategy or dynamics.

The quarrels of the first twenty years of the Constitution have become chronic ink-feuds in certain families.

Family quarrels are always the most difficult to appease, but everybody will admit that those of the family who do most to reconcile them are entitled to the greatest favor.

In 1381 the quarrel became war.

Becket's quarrel with the king and the civil power was, as we know, concerning the liberty of the Church, and more particularly here a dispute as to the presentation to the church of St Martin in Eynsford, which still retains many features of that time.

But that quarrel was itself far more a symptom of a deeply rooted spiritual antipathy than a mere vulgar struggle for influence between two rival salonnières.

"The quarrel is so violent you think it can never be healed, but the ordinary circumstances of life force reconciliation.

Then the whole question of railway-building involved the old quarrel between the provinces and the central governmentwhich is another way of saying that the provinces did not see why all the spoils should go to Peking.

The other quarrels with Swift, and especially with his old friend Steele, were the unfortunate result of political differences, and show how impossible it is to mingle literary ideals with party politics.

The quarrels, the jealousies, and mutual accusations between the colonists and the Government officials that kept the island in a continual ferment, were the natural consequence of the prerogatives exercised by Diego Columbus, which permitted him to fill all lucrative positions in the island with his own favorites, often without any regard to their aptitude.

The quarrels of friends are the opportunities of foes.

" "Unhappily, family quarrels are ever the most bitter, and usually they are the least reconcileable," returned John Effingham, evasively.

'He sometimes claims admission to the chiefest offices;' 'The quarrel became so universal and national;' 'A method of attaining the rightest and greatest happiness.'

The quarrel between Sebastian and Dorax is a masterly copy of the quarrel and reconciliation between Brutus and Cassius in Shakespeare's Julius Cæsar.

To such a man the quarrel with his childhood's faith is a never-ending anguish; especially is it so with a religion so objective, so pictorial, and so interwoven with the whole physical and nervous nature of man, as that which grew up and flowered in modern Italy.

The quarrel soon became a fight and they attacked one another with the utmost fury.

The quarrel was the means of a great and happy reconciliation.

As late as July 28th the German Chancellor himself refused 'to discuss the Servian note', adding that 'Austria's standpoint, and in this he agreed, was that her quarrel with Servia was a purely Austrian concern with which Russia had nothing to do'.

24 Metaphors for  quarrels