78 Metaphors for  quartering

78 Metaphors for quartering

The quartering of the troops on them and the payment of the war contributions was the necessary consequence of the occupation of their country by an enemy; but I have just been reading a German work, written by a native of Berlin, shortly after the entry of the French troops in that city after the battle of Jena in 1806.

About a quarter of a mile inside was a small, low island, on which lay five boats, each manned by five men, who had come down to our assistance; but the surf was so high that they did not venture to approach us; so we remained clinging with difficulty to the rigging till about half-past one, when the schooner went to pieces.

The "quarters" were about three hundred yards from the dwelling of the overseer.

On the back of this piece of wood, a quarter of an inch or so from the bottom, on the left-hand side, was a faint smear of blood.

This quarter is desolation.

The previous quarter of a century in South Africa is perhaps the harshest reminders of this.

CROKER'S ISLAND is twenty-one miles and a quarter from north to south, and from two to five broad, its northern extremity is in 10 degrees 58 minutes 30 seconds latitude, and 132 degrees 34 minutes 10 seconds longitude; about three-quarters of a mile within it there is a remarkable rocky knob: its south extreme is in 11 degrees 19 1/4 minutes.

Mr. Ganden went on to say Operationally, the first quarter was Canada’s fourth under China’s canola embargo while rail protests also disrupted grain shipments and farmers cash-flows.

A quarter of the mixture is a dose.)

As of 2015, about three quarters of the Israeli Jews are sabras.

It covers an expanse of 2.9 square kilometers, three quarters of which is water.

Mr. Ganden went on to say Operationally, the first quarter was Canada’s fourth under China’s canola embargo while rail protests also disrupted grain shipments and farmers cash-flows.

The prison quarters are cells built entirely of cement, with two barred windows well above the ground to light the chamber, which is of ample size.

quarters of a yard long, and two fingers broad, which are written with a sharpe iron made for that purpose, and in those leaues are their supplications written, and with their supplications, they haue in their hands a present or gift, according to the waightines of their matter.

Of such kind was the craze in Versailles in 1793, when about a quarter of the whole population perished by the scourge; while that at the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris was only a notable one of the many which have occurred during the present century.

Their quarters were on the high plateaus north and west of the citywhich were in those days shaded slopes, that made suburban Washington a vale of Tempe.

Each labourer received one quarter of corn; but one quarter of corn at that time was the result of the same cost of production, as 1 1/5 quarter now.

The other three-quarters was a sort of bog, or marsh, its surface broken up by large shell holes.

Straight over there, about a quarter of a mile away, is Wyatt's farm.

The other quarter of the reason to watch this movie is Franco Nero, the Italian actor, with his iconic swag and stache.

The opening two quarters was a defensive struggle on both ends of the floor.

About a quarter of a mile back from the beach was the storehouse of the Rackbirds, a sort of cellar which they had made in a sand-hill.

This past quarter was a bit of a breather, but they see things picking up into year-end once again.

We had turned toward the north, and the straggling town lay directly in front two miles away, so hidden behind trees the houses were scarcely distinguishable; a quarter of a mile below was the bridge.

The first quarter was a high scoring affair with Bowie pushing the pace thanks to its full-court press.

Their stables, store-houses, and servants' quarters are old tombs; their talk is of tombs, and their dream (the diggers' dream always) is to discover a virgin tomb where the untouched dead lie with their jewels upon them.

Well, for one thing, a quarter of an inch on a map is a good many miles of ground.

About one quarter of the German Sixth Army's soldiers were Russian volunteers called HIWIs.

A quarter of a mile beyond the church in a field on the right are the "fairy slats."

One life, three- quarters spent, is but a poor pledge to the godsyet too much to be thrown away in vain.

The advantage of this is that one quarter of a circle would simply become Tau / 4 radians, and one half of a circle Tau / 2 radians, which is more in line with our intuition on circles (see also the drawing below).

Interviewer's Note The next afternoon he met me and told me the following story: "One night the servants quarters was overflowin' wid Yankee soldiers.

Plantation "The slave quarter was a row of houses.

The Frank quarter, which is much better contrived, is the model for subsequent erections.

A quarter of a mile above us, and about the same distance from the timber line on every side, were three jagged peaks, and not more than twenty yards apart.

But he had set a noble example, and had given an undeniable proof of the possibility of quelling the most formidable tumults; and it may be said that his quarters were the only spot in all France which was not wholly given up to anarchy and disorder.

About a quarter of a mile away was the object of his contemplationa big, new structure, painted a staring red.

A quarter of a mile to the southward are other smaller rocks with figures, too much defaced, however, to be traced satisfactorily.

On the banks of the Teith, about a quarter of a mile below the village is the Camp, a villa supposed to occupy the site of a Roman intrenchment.

"Yet remember, gentlemen, that quarters is not the place for football practice."

The pandemic quarter had been a good demand period for Britannia and they also managed to better profits on the back of lower costs.

My genetic heritage is 38% European, 28% sub-Saharan African, while a quarter is South Asian (Indian) and 7% East Asian.

About a quarter of a mile off, and slightly ahead was the Cobweb.

"Quarter of nine," was the reply.

The quarters were at Old's, a boarding house opposite the college yard, and here in a big, sunny front room the two long tables were laid with numerous great dishes of oatmeal or hominy, platters of smoking steak, chops or crisp bacon, plates of toast, while potatoes, usually baked, flanked the meat.

On the other side of the road, and a quarter of a mile distant, is an extinct volcano, the crater of which, near two hundred feet deep, is a salt lake, with a trachytic cone three hundred feet high rising from the centre.

Come, he 's not far off, his quarter Is adjoining this apartment; When you see him, I am certain You will think it a disaster Far less evil he should die, Than that in this cruel manner He should outrage his own blood,

That said, the third quarter has historically been the weakest of the year.

More than three-quarters of indeterminate sex crimes are crimes against a child, according to a fact sheet (see below) in support of the bill released by the Colorado District Attorneys' Council.

It is a little walled city lying out upon the sea plain of Sussex, cruciform by reason of its streets, North Street, South Street, East Street, and West Street, which divide it into four quarters, of which that upon the south became wholly ecclesiastical: the south-west quarter being occupied by the Cathedral and its subject buildings, while the south- east quarter was the Palatinate of the Archbishop.