62 Metaphors for queen

This and "Alice" were really capitally acted, the White Queen being quite the best I have seen (Miss B. Lloyd Owen).

The queen of our ball was the eldest Miss Macleod, of Rasay, an elegant well-bred woman, and celebrated for her beauty over all those regions, by the name of Miss Flora Rasay.

The queen of Egypt felt bitterly the scorn with which she was popularly regarded as the representative of an effeminate and licentious people.

I remember the Queen wellsurely there never was a princess so beautiful and so entrancing.

The queen of the age is the Press.

The Queen is the fountain of honor in this kingdom, and at her own court she can certainly confer on any of her own subjects whatever precedence she may think fit, while it may be doubted whether any act of a British Parliament could give precedence at a foreign court.

The Queen of Greece is president of the Greek council.

There was a certain kingdom called Lyonesse, and the King of that country was hight Meliadus, and the Queen thereof who was hight the Lady Elizabeth, was sister to King Mark of Cornwall.

"The noble queen" would in Anglo-Saxon be s=eo aeðele cw=en; "the noble queen's," ð=aere aeðelan cw=ene.

Even if we allow, which we do not, chat the queen was one half as bad as her enemies, or rather her husband's parasites, would make her out, we cannot forgive the men who, shielded by their incognito, and perfectly free from danger of any kind, set upon a woman with libels, invectives, ballads, epigrams, and lampoons, which a lady could scarcely read, and of which a royal lady, and many an English gentlewoman, too, were the butts.

ETHIOP'S QUEEN, referred to by Milton in his Il Penseroso, was Cassiope'a, wife of Ce'pheus (2 syl.) king of Ethiopia.

It was not till 681 that Wilfrid, really a fugitive, came again into Sussex, and this time as to a refuge, for Ethelwalch, king of the South Saxons, and his queen were then Christians, though their people were still pagan.

Then she went to the King and complained that the Queen was a murderess.

Spot leaped forward, and Queen and Baldy were no laggards in his wake.

I kissed it as I should have kissed the hem of a queen's robe, if that queen had been a saint, as I should have kissed the feet of the Virgin, as Magdalena kissed those of Christ, as I kiss it at this moment, dear, dear Suzanne.

It is remarkable, however, that Mirabeau, who held him in a contempt which, however deserved, had in it some touch of rivalry and envy, believed that the queen was not really so much the object of his animosity as the king.

Methinks, when the Queen of England feasts within my husband's halls, the Countess of Leicester should be no unbeseeming guest.

The queen, who was informed of his arrival, became a prey to the most violent agitations of hope and fear.

"I'll admit, I was also a little shaken when I first learned that the Queen of Oz was a little girl.

The queen, Earl Chester, and Earl Salisbury, If they once see me, I am a dead man: Or did they hear my name, I'll lay my life, They all would hunt me for my life.

He is not only ruled by his cabinet, bishops, and knights, but his queen is by far the more warlike character.

He was Flaccus or Albinus, Charlemagne was David, the queen was Ava, and Pepin was Julius.

The Queen of the tournament was Lucrezia Donati, and she awarded the first prize to Lorenzo.

The virgin queen of England was never more stony and inexorable with regard to the unfortunate Mary than was Richard toward his wife, and the expression of his face froze all the better emotions rising in Ethie's heart, as she felt that in a measure she was reaping a just retribution for her long deception.

The queen of them all is that glorious tree near one of the churches in Springfield.

62 Metaphors for  queen
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