9 Metaphors for rage

Though I don't say there's nothing in the theory one heard that the natural war rage of non-combatants, not having the physical outlet the fighters had for theirs, became in some few of them a suppressed Freudian complex and made them a little insane.

For Flora its sharpest pangs were in her own rage; a rage not of the earlier, cold sort against Anna and whoever belonged to Annathat transport had always been more than half a joybut a new, hot rage against herself and the finical cheapness of her scheming, a rage that stabbed her fair complacency with the revelation that she had a heart, and a heart that could ache after another.

Silent rages, moody sullenness, and revenge are the general characteristics of his conduct as a boy.

And its rage is the fiercer because of the symptoms of rebellion against its despotism which it discerns among the white men of the South, who from poverty or from principle have no share in its sway.

With lance in rest, he hotly pressed To strike him to the ground; His sudden rage and onset came Swift as the thunder's sound.

Rage, indignation, and vengeance are the passions of the hour,all concentrated on "the infidels," which term was the bitterest reproach that each party could inflict on the other.

The very furythe utter abandonof its rage is its charm; the spirit rises to meet it, and revels in the roar and buffeting.

I. Her rage was love; and its tempestuous flame, Like lightning, showed the heaven from whence it came.

Rage is a consuming fire, always a glorious fire, a wild beacon in the night of darkness, but it consumes to ashes the nature that is its fuel.

9 Metaphors for  rage