4 Metaphors for rattling

The fire quickly spread, and was not to be conquered by any human means, "Then, (says a contemporary writer,) then the city did shake indeed, and the inhabitants did tremble, and flew away in great amazement from their houses, lest the flames should devour them: rattle, rattle, rattle, was the noise which the fire struck upon the ear round about, as if there had been a thousand iron chariots beating upon the stones.

The voice of the last-chance better is the deep and mournful burden; the steady rattle of comment is the body of it; and the edge of the noise is the calling of those who are confident with "inside dope."

As the pair rattle along in the pony trap there is for a time a total silence.

The rattling of a wagon run out of a shedthe dripping of a bucket drawn up overfullthe patter of doves' feet alighting on a roofSurely it is a farmyardunless it be a mill!

4 Metaphors for  rattling