10 Metaphors for regretting

The chief regret now in this young man's mind was the loss of two college years.

" To have one's approval thus stolen was out of the question and Mrs. Poynsett said, "Regret is one thing, opposition another.

The regret for his loss which is felt throughout the vast regions of the South is a just tribute to one of the greatest and purest characters in American history.

Neither he, nor the late Mrs Null, regarded this parting with any satisfaction, but their very natural regrets at the necessary termination of these happy autumn days were a good deal tempered by the fact that Lawrence intended to return in a few weeks, and that then the final arrangements would be made for their marriage.

The regret was as much the result of physical exhaustion as of Aniela's cruelty.

Every one looks alert and important, and a physiognomist may perceive that regret is not the prevailing sentiment

" Regret for his misfortune, and inquiry as to the chance of restoration, were a possible topic.

Regret, deep, though unavailing, had been Caroline's portion, from the moment she had reflected soberly on her rejection of St. Eval.

" "Her regret will be the more poignant some day, I assure you.

And yet, to those who still cling to what he left, regret is not the only feeling.

10 Metaphors for  regretting