9 Metaphors for relationships

The relationship of the soul to Christ as His betrothed wife is the key to the feeling with which prayer and love and honour should be offered to Him ...

After you have found ninety-nine sound reasons for hiring a man, it's all right to let his relationship to you be the hundredth.

Relationship being her highest known form of romance, Monona was thrilled by this intelligence.

Her anger did not embrace her sister, and yet she felt obscurely that their unacknowledged relationship had been the malignant force which had given her husband pain, and defeated his honorable ambition.

Blood-relationship, including fosterage, was the only real and binding union; that larger connection known as the clan or sept, having the smaller one of the family for its basis, as was the case also amongst the clans of the Scotch highlands.

His own 'personal relationship to his Creator' was the subject of his thoughts.

He held that the idealized marriage relationship was not merely the symbol, but the most effectual sacrament and instrument of that love; "yet the world," he complains, "goes on talking, writing, and preaching as if there were some essential contrariety between the two," the disproof of which "was the inspiring idea at the heart of my long poem (the 'Angel')."

Relationship between nucleus and periphery are the normal outcome of the expansion of a nucleus into an empire.

" "It appears to me," said Charlotte, "that, if you choose to call these strange creatures of yours related, the relationship is not so much a relationship of blood as of soul or of spirit.

9 Metaphors for  relationships