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63 Metaphors for  relationships

63 Metaphors for relationships

Although expands more on the Joestar family, the relationship between father and daughter isn't exactly the best at the beginning of the story.

"My relationship with my fiancรฉ at the time was out of control, the relationship with my child was surface.

While she ended up with ultimately, it can be argued that her failed relationship with Aidan was the most realistic of all of her relationships.

No relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, is an omnipotent vessel to sail the seas of adoption without rough waves and undertows.

A majority of faculty members said close relationships with experienced faculty and opportunities to discuss teaching with colleagues were very beneficial factors in learning to teach.

Babies experience relationships through their senses, so lots of talking, cuddling and eye contact are the way to tell your child you love her.

The two's long-term relationship was a big staple of WWE's spin-off reality series Total Divas up until they finally tied the knot in 2014.

'Our relationship with the mafia was a cat and mouse game.

But the relationships I had with kids, of course, those were the highlights.

The relationship of the soul to Christ as His betrothed wife is the key to the feeling with which prayer and love and honour should be offered to Him ...

All relationships are work.

The relationship established between and Queenโ€™s will be a model for other schools to follow.

Such relationship must sooner or later become an alternative state able and willing to play the political game with the competent state.

If you both agree that the relationship will be your spiritual practice, so much the better.

After you have found ninety-nine sound reasons for hiring a man, it's all right to let his relationship to you be the hundredth.

The world is in turmoil right now and relationships are no exception.

Not only would the Hulkling/Wiccan relationship be a big step weโ€™ve been begging Marvel to take for so long, but it would be great to get deeper into Wandaโ€™s story after it had to stray from her comics past because of her mutant origins.

Frightened, Sophie tells him to leave; their relationship was merely a figment of Arthur's imagination.

In the lowest savagery blood-relationship is the only admissible or conceivable ground for sustained common action among groups of men.

This relationship is the longest of Smithโ€™s confirmed relationship.

The film explores their experiences in childhood and the school system as they navigate a world where same-sex relationships are the norm and heterosexuality is not.

But at the same time, itโ€™s important to note that the relationship between childhood exposure to violence and abuse later in life isnโ€™t a given.

Confucianism became a social order for China, teaching that social relationships are the most important.

Relationship being her highest known form of romance, Monona was thrilled by this intelligence.

Their relationship becomes the focus of the movie any time the potential murder isnโ€™t being discussed, and itโ€™s fascinating to think about how much our culture has changed since the mid-โ€™50s and yet how much itโ€™s stayed the same.

Her anger did not embrace her sister, and yet she felt obscurely that their unacknowledged relationship had been the malignant force which had given her husband pain, and defeated his honorable ambition.

After all these years, the will-they/won't-they relationship between the X-Men's Wolverine and Jean Grey is officially a reality.

Sine then, I've always felt that a relationship might be a burden to my independant and wandering lifestyle.

Relationships of all sorts become the dominant feature as you head towards October.

Relationships remain as much a cornerstone of Good Earthโ€™s brand as exceptional coffee and food you can feel good about, and Good Earth looks forward to supporting and being part of the Winnipeg community.

Above all, their relationship is why the toysโ€™ (and Pixarโ€™s) inaugural outing remains as funny, dazzling, and satisfying today as it was in 1995.

Analyzing Thompsonโ€™s comments, opined that the Warriorsโ€™ relationship with Russell was โ€œalways a marriage of convenience to some extent.โ€

This relationship is the most important partnership of the 21st century.

Her first real relationship is Steve Hale.

Blood-relationship, including fosterage, was the only real and binding union; that larger connection known as the clan or sept, having the smaller one of the family for its basis, as was the case also amongst the clans of the Scotch highlands.

And not all lesbian relationships are even a butch and femme couple.

"I feel disrespected because you think it's a joke and obviously this relationship to you is a joke.

The relationship of donor and recipient in the sphere of foreign aid is rife for exploitation by the party making the donation.

With this privileged relationship comes an ethical responsibility to conduct a stringent armโ€™sโ€“length relationship with industry.

And what those relationships and system confer, she says, are real, tangible benefits.

A relationship that is used by the Holy Spirit becomes a place where our blocks to love are not suppressed or denied, but rather brought into our conscious awareness.

And the relationship between all these numbers in the sequence is the foundation of common ratios when studying retracements (the percentage by which the market corrects itself).

The stronger the bargaining relationship is, the better deals you are going to get, the better the industry is going to be.

Itโ€™s likely that their relationship will be a hot topic when the season comes to an end.

An author's relationship to their adaptations can be tricky business.

Many men become so energetic that when the sweetheart demands fro a malfunction, they would just malfunction, beg, and then later on, end up acknowledging that the relationships is a cloud.

What makes Kylie and Tygaโ€™s relationship even more troubling is the fact that Tyga was constantly rapping about sex and drugs.

His own 'personal relationship to his Creator' was the subject of his thoughts.

She tells him that she would do anything for him, and feels that their relationship is love.

The hope is that this new relationship between the Bombers and Bisons will be a boon for football in Manitoba.

The U.S.-Saudi relationship is the linchpin to our strategic position in the Middle East.

But the relationship would have been a source of friction had Jack survived.

He held that the idealized marriage relationship was not merely the symbol, but the most effectual sacrament and instrument of that love; "yet the world," he complains, "goes on talking, writing, and preaching as if there were some essential contrariety between the two," the disproof of which "was the inspiring idea at the heart of my long poem (the 'Angel')."

I just mention this to let hon. members and the people of the Province know that relationships between individuals that are sometimes portrayed in the House are not always the strongly held views that one frequently sees expressed in this House.

The U.S.-Israel relationship is a strategic alliance between the two countries, and Abbas will find it very difficult to drive a wedge between Biden and the Israeli government.

However, a relationship hiatus can actually be a good thing.

The implicit theory that supported the intermarrying German royal families in Europe was that their inter-relationship and their aloofness from their subjects was a mitigation of national and racial animosities.

The relationship of aunt/uncle to niece/nephew is an example of second-degree relatives, meaning that their coefficient of relationship is 25%.

Relationship between nucleus and periphery are the normal outcome of the expansion of a nucleus into an empire.

Similarly, mentoring relationships should always be a two-way street, which means you should have a clear idea about what you can offer your mentor in return โ€“ such as some useful insights into your own unique experiences.

She wins it for playing Gwen Verdon, the dancer and collaborator with choreographer and director Bob Fosse whose relationship with him was the basis of the FX show รขโ‚ฌล“Fosse/Verdon.โ€

He explained that FEMA neglects to communicate with locals and doesnโ€™t understand their circumstances and that these weak relationships are the central issue in emergency response.

"It appears to me," said Charlotte, "that, if you choose to call these strange creatures of yours related, the relationship is not so much a relationship of blood as of soul or of spirit.