58 Metaphors for remedy

The remedy proposed has been a reduction of the prices according to the length of time the lands have been in market, without reference to any other circumstances.

The remedies he proposed were the fertilization of the soil, the diversification of crops, the promotion of commerce, and the large development of cotton manufacturing.

This state of things requires that a remedy should be provideda remedy which, while it shall do justice to those unfortunate children of nature, may secure to the members of our confederation their rights of sovereignty and of soil.

From these premises, it is evident that an universal remedy, or one that possesses healing powers for the cure of all diseases, is, in fact, a non-entity, a mere delusion, the existence of which is physically impossible, as the mere idea of such a thing involves a contradiction.

In practice the most sweeping remedy attempted under the law has been the dissolution of enormous combinations formed years after the law went into effect.

This remedy was the crossing of the Channel, a crossing kept by beggars, who levy a heavy toll on those who pass over it.

[Amongst the evils for which the fire-festivals are deemed remedies the foremost is cattle-disease, and cattle-disease is often supposed to be an effect of witchcraft.]

The remedy for both the wrongs is the spiritual solvent of non-co-operation.

They were, as a rule, too shortsighted to see that the only permanent remedy for their troubles was their own absorption into a solid and powerful Union.

The remedy is more play in the open air, then you will find that that girl's brain will clear up.

Their prevalence is explained by the habit of neutralizing the ill effects of drinking water in excess, when they are heated, by the consumption of warm water in large doses; and the rule holds with regard to coco-water; the remedy for immoderate use of which is warm coco-water.

The remedy proposed was the establishment of a home departmenta measure which does not appear to have met the views of Congress on account of its supposed tendency to increase, gradually and imperceptibly, the already too strong bias of the federal system toward the exercise of authority not delegated to it.

And the remedy for our mistakes in prayer is not a set of little man-made rules, telling us what to pray for and what not to pray for, but rather a deeper insight into, and a fuller understanding of, the glory and blessedness of the Divine Fatherhood.

The only other remedy is an injunction in chancery, to stop the cutting of wood.

All other pleasures are equally uncertain; the general remedy of uneasiness is change of place; almost every one has some journey of pleasure in his mind, with which he flatters his expectation.

Another remedy recommended by M. Mégnin was the strong smelling vermifuge assafoetida, known sometimes by the suggestive name of "devil's dung."

If the Federal Government exercise powers not warranted by the Constitution, and immediately affecting individuals, it will scarcely be denied that the proper remedy is a recourse to the judiciary.

[Ovid]; the remedy is worse than the disease [Dryden]; throw physic to the dogs, I'll none of it

The remedy for this sorrow, even in the pages of Adam Bede, is not the atoning love of Christ or the blessedness of a divine forgiveness, but the altruistic compassion of man for man.

How rudimentary as regards medical science that skill was may be judged from the fact that the staple remedy prescribed by the great Milanese doctor, Lazaro da Ficino, who had been called in to consult with Lorenzo's own medical man, Pier Leoni of Spoleto, was a potion compounded of crushed pearls and jewels.

The universal remedy was likewise a grand secret of the order, the discovery of which was promised to all its faithful members.

Similar remedies we find recommended on the Continent, and in Westphalia an apple mixed with saffron is a popular curative against jaundice.

"The remedy is education.

That remedy is legislation to cover thoroughly hours, wages and conditions of work.

" Since the world needs building up rather than tearing down, a remedy for an ailment rather than fault-finding, the greatest of men cannot be mere satirists.

58 Metaphors for  remedy