20 Metaphors for removals

In the light of later knowledge it is evident that the removal of the ban was the result of the exertions of Abu Talib, and it was owing to his high reputation among the Kureisch that they pardoned his turbulent and blasphemous nephew.

They had no money to purchase horse or cow or pig, and no man in the family to take care of them if purchased; so the removal of stalls and all the necessary appurtenances for the care of cattle was no source of grief or loss to them.

The removal of Clodius was a deliverance upon which Cicero never ceased to congratulate himself.

His removal was a crushing blow to all who still hoped against hope in the regeneration of the Monarchy.

It is one continuous siege, with the result that the removal of the wounded is a matter of extraordinary difficulty and danger.

That any rational and worthy activity entails the encounter of opposition and the removal of obstacles is an observation commonplace enough.

This event, with the removal of another pilgrim to become an inhabitant of the world of beatified spirits, and the pressing subject of the divisions in the Society, form the topics of the following letter from Martha Yeardley to Elizabeth Dudley: Scarborough, 12 mo. 5, 1835.

After his destruction of his strongest rival, the removal of the kings who had made themselves independent in the last years of the Ch'in dynasty was a relatively easy task for the new autocrat, although these struggles occupied the greater part of his reign.

On the other hand his removal from the southern coast to Scotland is a renunciation of intrigues with France.

A removal from this to any other fixed point would be the certain ruin of the party making it.

The removal of this, one of her earliest and dearest friends, was a severe stroke to Martha Yeardley, and sensibly affected her bodily health.

Removal of the cause (in nearly every case incorrect bearing of the shoe) is the first consideration.

This settlement was broken up in 1783, and its inhabitants sought refuge at Madawaska; but it can not be pretended that this forced removal of Acadians subsequent to the treaty of 1783 was an extension of the name of their country.

Thinking that the removal of the mast would be a good opportunity to scrape his ship, which was very foul, Captain Hamar had her lightened for that purpose, but on examination the mast was found to be in good order, and the Admiralty was so annoyed at the absence of the ship from her cruising ground that they ordered Captain Pallisser to take over the command and prepare for sea without further loss of time.

His removal was a considerable benefit to me.

But the removal was a personal favor to Mr. Boone.

His removal was a good hint to the whole body of civil servants, and did good.

The removal of the remnant of the tribe of Seminole Indians from Florida has long been a cherished object of the Government, and it is one to which my attention has been steadily directed.

As respects the matter of the report, I am disposed to believe that, viewing the question with reference to personal interests exclusively, my removal from hence would not be any disadvantage to me.

Removal of the periople by excessive rasping of the wall is most certainly a predisposing cause.

20 Metaphors for  removals