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117 Metaphors for  reply

117 Metaphors for reply

The reply was an eager affirmative.

For whenever any person has said any thing harsh, unjust, or cruel, the most effectual reply is, generally, silence.

The reply was "Yes," and I then asked what he was doing, the reply being a pantomime of painting.

The reply was, "Dead sheep, dead sheep, don't bother."

In the former case, indeed, the ships were ordered to be released; in the latter case, of which the complaint was made twenty-four hours later, the reply to inquiries was the ominous statement that 'no information was to be had'.

His reply is an order announcing a blanket cut in wages, to go into effect the first of the month.

"Who erected the building?" said we one day to a churchman, and the curt reply, with a neatly curled lip, was, "A parcel of Dissenters."

The reply was a repetition of the promise of thirty thousand men-at-arms, together with an enumeration of the several taxes whereby there was a hope of providing for the expense.

His reply was a model of tact and concise statement: "He shot divinely, but God was very merciful to the animals."

The reply of Jaffier was the offer of a public funeral in Coral City, but Bedient declined this, and the body of his friend was turned toward the East upon the shoulder of his highest hill.... Presently Bedient read the Captain's documents.

Your reply was a little vague about your agreement or disagreement.

Its reply to every demand upon it has been "more Dreadnoughts."

the flippant tongue replies, How solemn is the fool, how wise!

" Her reply was a toss of the head and a peculiar snorting interjection, "Hngh!"

Marjorie's reply was two flashing eyes.

Collier's 'Short View of the Profaneness and Immorality of the English Stage' had been published in 1698; it attacked a real evil, if not always in the right way, and Congreve's reply to it had been a failure.

Philip's reply to the three noblemen was a mere tissue of duplicity to obtain delay, accompanied by an invitation to Count Egmont to repair to Madrid, to hear his sentiments at large by word of mouth.

His reply to Hayne is, perhaps, the most masterly speech in American political history.

The reply sent by Secretary Blaine to this peremptory demand was, as might be expected, an equally peremptory refusal.

"If the reply is, 'The League of Nations,' the question is: Does the League possess the attributes of an independent state so that it can function as an owner of territory?

" He was consulted as an oracle on all kinds of subjects, and his replies were generally the pith of common sense.

The blind man was well aware that her reply was but a subterfuge.

When strangers would sometimes venture some word of compliment on the prosperity and contentment of the Tuscans, his reply invariably was, "Sono tranquilli"they are quiet.

Lance's reply was a kiss.

If this obvious preparation for war is named to the average German, his reply is, "The growing jealousy of German culture and commerce throughout the world rendered necessary protective measures."

The manโ€™s reply is evidence that the light of his understanding has increased for he addresses the Saviour as Lord (v. 36).

The replies were monosyllables.

The reply was an admission of the fact.

If the reply is, Authority, we are confronted by the difficulty that many beliefs backed by authority have been finally disproved and are universally abandoned.

Definition by Synonyms.+If we are asked to explain the meaning of a general term, our reply in many cases will be a brief definition.

It is believed that the reply, if one had been given, would have been "Over-dilution."

His reply was a further surprise.

Virgil, however, went up to him, and gently urged it; but the only reply was a question as to who they were and of what country.

Her only reply was a flutter of the little fans and a most contemptuous glance.

The only reply was a furious mazourka of all the dishes on the table.

The Prince's only reply to the introduction was a frown.

Austriaโ€™s reply to the proposals of England and Serbia was a notice to the latter country that she had just forty-eight hours in which to give in completely to the Austrian demands.

I had written to Eccellenza a true account of the reason of my departure, and informed him of my future intentions; but his reply, which arrived after long delay, was a stunning blow to me.

His reply will be: 'Avant tout, restez unis avec la France.'

Carpenter's reply was a demand for unconditional surrender, and the hopeless little tragi-comedy was played out.

Whereas previous replies Naughty Dogโ€™s tweets have been a landmine of spoilers for the upcoming sequel after hackers released online, the newest tweet is spoiler-free because, well, there arenโ€™t any replies at all.

"Necessity compels me to clasp your knees and ask your aid," he exclaims when he meets her; and when she gives him that broad hint "do not forget me; I shall never forget you," his reply is a long story about his home.

Miss Prudence's reply was a flash of sunshine through the mist of her eyes.

"Until to-morrow, Paul." The sick man's reply was only a faint murmur, and Pougeot stole softly out of the room, turning at the door for an anxious glance toward the white bed.

the reply was "Oh, papa, little Miss and Fanny , and I, were put out, they were put in the corners and I in the middle of the room, and there we all stood, papa, a complete triangle of dunces."

A lady, who had taken a kind charge of him, accompanied him to the theatre, and in the most thrilling scene of Kemble's acting, what is usually termed the dagger scene in Macbeth, she turned to the farmer with a whisper, "Is not that fine?" to which the confidential reply was, "Oh, mem, its verra enterteening!"

The reply of William of Orange was a letter, countersigned by Dalrymple, in which, upon the recital that "several of the chieftains and many of their clans had not taken the benefit of our gracious indemnity," he gave orders for a general massacre.

The Danish reply was a hurrah and a volley from all the standing guns.

The best reply to this doubt is the repeated discovery of the fossil remains of animals entirely different from the existing species; proving their extinction to form a part of the scheme of creative wisdom.

Admiration was the universal sentiment, though some objected that the reply to "Is it a bear?" ought to have been "Yes."

I suppose the only reply one can give is the old saw turned upside down: They live as the fishes do in the sea; the great ones eat up the little ones.

But the smiling reply was Spartan: "Oh!

The reply to the asphyxiating gas of the enemy was not only the same gas, but a propaganda calculated to do more damage, and which, in fact, did do as much damage as tanks and blockade.

'Partners at cards, even if we are not to be partners for life,' Smithson had whispered, tenderly; and Lesbia's only reply had been a modest lowering of lovely eyelids, and a faint, faint blush.

A lady, who had taken a kind charge of him, accompanied him to the theatre, and in the most thrilling scene of Kemble's acting, what is usually termed the dagger scene in Macbeth, she turned to the farmer with a whisper, "Is not that fine?" to which the confidential reply was, "Oh, mem, its verra enterteening!"

He heard the words, and knew that she was looking at him from the corner of her eye, but his only reply was a deeper scowl and a lowering of his glance to the printed page.

Anyway, the reply was a curt 'I don't think.'

Her quiet reply was, "Ou, ay, man; senselessly ceevil."

The reply was a volley of oaths that showed him to be no novice in profanity.

The reply was "affirmative ad primam: negative ad secundam partem."

" But all the reply he received was a glance of scorn.

His reply was the slightest of shrugs executed by perfect shoulders beneath a gown of cynical transparency.

"And, after all," continued Susie, "our reply was the exact and literal truthof a kind which, I should imagine, is well known to diplomats."

Blackwood thought this reply was "humbug, as formerly."

The League's reply to the Oregon laundrymen who asked leave to work their women employees far into the night was, "The World's Experience upon Which the Legislation Limiting the Hours of Labor for Women is Based."

Callahan's reply was another flourish of the hammer, and a sudden outpulling of the throttle-bar; and the superintendent subsided again.

"I just wanted to testify to you that Mr. Bullen's reply to my offer was the patriotic reply of a loyal Irishman.

At another time when an allusion was made to her sufferings, her reply was, "Patient the appointed race to run."

During the rapid-fire round when Karan asked Sonam, "Name one Bollywood actress you'd cast in 'Sex and The City' to which Sonam prompt reply was Rekha and she said, Rekha, as you know, one of the.

" A recorded reply of old Lady Perth to a French gentleman is quaint and characteristic.

The only reply is a vacant but not unpleasant smile; and the armless wastrel then volunteers the information that the childfor she is little moreis not a boy but a girl.

The reply was, "Consulantur probati auctores" (Acta Sanctae Sedis XXXVII., p. 712).

Then on their side came a shower of questions, to which Maxime's replies were shortsoon he fell silent.

"Yes," reply I, laconically, hanging my head, for this is a topic on which I feel always guilty, and never diffuse.

The first reply that suggests itself is the probability that there must be some error about these experiments, because they are performed on an enormous scale every day with quite contrary results.

The announcement was made in a letter from the Master of Trinity (W.H. Thompson), and Airy's reply was as follows: ROYAL OBSERVATORY, GREENWICH, LONDON, S.E. 1867, June 12th.

I could write a book on this, but this reply is long enuf.

Why, if you walk into any drawing-room and asked who was the most popular man in London, the immediate and unanimous reply would be 'Stafford Orme.'

The reply to this sally was a boot launched at the center rush, for Tom Warren's middle name was in reality Saalfield, and "Stumpy" was a cognomen rather too descriptive to be relished by the quarter-back.

To my question, how he could, at his age, have mastered so many attainments, his reply was, that with his three teachers, "every thing might be learned, common sense alone excepted, the peculiar and rarest gift of Providence.

The song changed subtly from mood to mood, expressing that which nothing but itself could express; and presently there was a low and gentle menace, thrice repeated under the melody of the song, and the reply of the song was a proud cry, a haughty contempt of these furtive warnings, and a sudden winged leap into the empyrean towards the Eternal Spirit.

The minister's reply was another thrust of the Sword of the Spirit, 'If ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.'

The reply was somewhat startling"It's no the day to be speerin' sic things!"

What are you stopping me for?" The only reply to this was a great number of loud lamentations from the young woman who had embraced him.

One of the questions I asked when conversing with Harvey was, "Will you tell me how you died?" to which the only reply was a fixed stare on the part of Miss A., though every other question was answered, by pantomime, affirmative or negative signs, or writing, and always in writing when it was insisted on.

The reply was: "A race which possesses its own language, customs, and culture, and enough self-consciousness to preserve them."

I got some indefinite information about this river, from an Indian who happened to meet me just below its mouth, but I could not readily make him understand me, and his replies were a compound of Chinook, Tagish, and signs, and therefore largely unintelligible.

McTavish's editorial reply was a gem of satire and displayed an intimate knowledge of the antecedents of the rival editor.

The reply was a wild-beast growl, and taking it for a negative, Kent went on.

The sergeant hears everything, and his reply to backslack is a straight-arm jab in the jaw.

Her reply was "Pshaw!"

I heard the Second exclaim brokenly, but the only reply was a strangled sob.

"Break it down, then," coolly suggested the daughter of the House of Orlรฉans; to which his only reply was a profusion of profound bows, and the lady walked on.

But in vain the lady wooed; Viola hastened from her presence, threatening never more to come to plead Orsino's love; and all the reply she made to Olivia's fond solicitation was, a declaration of a resolution Never to love any woman.

Jamรกsp, the minister, said that the subject required deep thought, and great prudence was necessary in framing a reply; but Zerdusht observed, that the only reply was obviousnothing but war could be thought of.

The reply, when it came, was the terrible second Philippic; never spoken, however, but only handed about in manuscript to admiring friends.

The reply was, "A half-penny."

Teresa's only reply was a gesture of scorn.

The reply is, that in these and many other similar diseases the exact value of particular remedies and modes of treatment is by no means ascertained, while there is universal experience as to the extreme importance of careful nursing in determining the issue of the disease.

The only reply was the violent closing of a door at the top of the house, and after waiting a short time he led the way to the front door himself.