116 Metaphors for reply

The reply was an eager affirmative.

For whenever any person has said any thing harsh, unjust, or cruel, the most effectual reply is, generally, silence.

In the former case, indeed, the ships were ordered to be released; in the latter case, of which the complaint was made twenty-four hours later, the reply to inquiries was the ominous statement that 'no information was to be had'.

The reply has invariably been, 'My husband will discard me if I do not bear a child.'" Journal of Nat.

His reply is an order announcing a blanket cut in wages, to go into effect the first of the month.

"Who erected the building?" said we one day to a churchman, and the curt reply, with a neatly curled lip, was, "A parcel of Dissenters.

The reply was characteristic if not satisfactory: "Object?

The reply was a repetition of the promise of thirty thousand men-at-arms, together with an enumeration of the several taxes whereby there was a hope of providing for the expense.

His reply was a model of tact and concise statement: "He shot divinely, but God was very merciful to the animals.

The reply of Jaffier was the offer of a public funeral in Coral City, but Bedient declined this, and the body of his friend was turned toward the East upon the shoulder of his highest hill....

But the replies of the latter are typical of the notions of a large number of persons, who habitually speak of 'the Dictionary,' just as they do of 'the Bible,' or 'the Prayer-book,' or 'the Psalms'; and who, if pressed as to the authorship of these works, would certainly say that 'the Psalms' were composed by David, and 'the Dictionary' by Dr. Johnson.

" Norgate's reply, although gallant enough, was a little vague.

His reply is worth recording: "I told her that in my opinion the poem had too much; and that the only, or chief fault, if I might say so, was the obtrusion of the moral sentiment so openly on the reader as a principle or cause of action in a work of such pure imagination.

But have you never found out what occasions the noise?" Her reply was a toss of the head and a peculiar snorting interjection, "Hngh!"

" Marjorie's reply was two flashing eyes.

Collier's 'Short View of the Profaneness and Immorality of the English Stage' had been published in 1698; it attacked a real evil, if not always in the right way, and Congreve's reply to it had been a failure.

Philip's reply to the three noblemen was a mere tissue of duplicity to obtain delay, accompanied by an invitation to Count Egmont to repair to Madrid, to hear his sentiments at large by word of mouth.

His reply to Hayne is, perhaps, the most masterly speech in American political history.

The reply sent by Secretary Blaine to this peremptory demand was, as might be expected, an equally peremptory refusal.

"If the reply is, 'The League of Nations,' the question is: Does the League possess the attributes of an independent state so that it can function as an owner of territory?

God's Image in Man Pair of Saucers Paracelsus Pierre and His Poodle Pierre and His People When a customer in a Boston department store asked a clerk for Hichens's Bella Donna, the reply was, "Drug counter, third aisle over.

" He was consulted as an oracle on all kinds of subjects, and his replies were generally the pith of common sense.

" "Perhaps you'd like to go back and see them?" "Do you want me to?" Lance's reply was a kiss.

My boy pulled my coat, and said, 'Come, father;' my wife jogged my elbow, and reminded me of a lodging; but my old reply, 'Stop a little,' was my ninety and nine times repeated answer.

No. 13., your correspondent N. replies to A.T.'s query, that "there can be no reasonable doubt, that the original authority for Rem transubstantiationis patres ne altigisse quidem, is William Watson in his Quodlibet, ii. 4. p. 31.

116 Metaphors for  reply