86 Metaphors for  returning

86 Metaphors for returning

A tax return is a kind of x-ray of an individual, their hopes and dreams, not just their income; their various deductions and charitable contributions and so on, he says.

The Chevalier accorded them a generous welcome on all occasions; the only return demanded was an exhibition of their proficiency in instrumental music.

Any way you slice it, the return of golf is a sign that things are slowly getting back to normal.

The return to Cherbury was a pang, and it was over.

With the return of his youth came the spirit of youth to the Old Ladies' Home.

Making an appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show', the actor known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard additionally explains why his return to the franchise is a 'big deal' for him.

The year-to-date return on average equity was 11.11 percent for the first half of 2020 compared with the return on average equity of 18.39 percent for the first half of 2019.

The return of the PRI executive with Peña Nieto was the head movement required to profondisation structural reforms.

He at the same time made overtures of reconciliation to the United Provinces, and hoped that the return of the Prince of Orange would be a means of effecting so desirable a purpose.

The return was down-hill, and they went back in half the time it had taken them to come.

The return of certain Negroes from Philadelphia to Petersburg, Virginia, during the first decade of the nineteenth century, is a case in evidence.

Timely, healthy, and safe return to work is the best outcome, for everyone, says Stuart MacLean, CEO of WCB Nova Scotia.

Many were slugged by mobs with pick handles, taken to the outskirts of the city and told that their return would be the occasion of a lynching.

Return of the Texan is a 1952 American western movie.

All the excitement and interest we had enjoyed in exploring the Fitzroy thus far, now left us, and our return was comparatively tedious and monotonous work.

Beyond being a great game in its own right, Return of the Joker is a sight to behold.

After this the return towards the scholastic philosophy of the Middle Ages is not so difficult, nor even its recovery.

Edward Reevey returns to the event at his home club and is looking to improve on his third-place finish, also returning are Stu Musgrave and Greg Jones of Country Meadows, Tony MacKinnon of Fredericton and Colin Manning of Moncton.

He said the return was 'our national priority' and warned that not doing so would 'fail our children'.

" The return of Abe Potash and Mawruss Perlmutter to London is not an event to be regarded indifferently.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actor said he hopes his return in Revolution of the Daleks is a big hit.

Every slip, every fall, every return to selfishness is a lesson learned, an experience gained, from which a golden grain of wisdom is extracted, helping the striver toward the accomplishment of his lofty object.

For those who believe in superstition, the return of the 1992 World Cup’s navy blue jersey isn’t a good omen as one of India’s worst performances (7th in 9 teams) happened in that particular edition.

In addition to this, the mayor stated that the Joburg Open’s return to the international golfing calendar is a timely boost for the South African economy as it emerges from the lockdown.

Perceiving from her story, and from what the doctor could tell him of their meeting at the station that her return to town was as yet a secret to every one but themselves, he begged that the secret should continue to be kept, in order that the coup d'etat which he meditated might lose none of its force by anticipation.

Sir Walter's return to Abbotsford was an afflicting scene.

Returns are really table stakes at this point for ecommerce globally, she says.

John Hays, who runs tour operator Hays Travel, said the return of the Canary Islands was the first piece of good news we’ve had in ages.

The return of research results is a challenging ethical issue.

Now comes word that, much like Scrooge McDuck, Disney is eyeing a real reboot for Darkwing Duck, making clear that the character's return may have been a dry run for a new series.

The return of Dick himself was to the Shands an affair so much more momentous than the release of John Caldigate from prison, that for some hours or so the latter subject was allowed to pass out of sight.

Flimsy construction is a direct result of the notorious lack of care taken by the tenant, so that quick returns must be the rule; also of the probability that the neighborhood will deteriorate and that a class which will bear crowding and be less critical will replace the first tenants.

His return was a triumph,a grand ovation, an unbounded tribute to his vanity.

In that eighteenth century, for decades the return to nature had been the rallying cry of those who attacked the artificial and degraded state of society.

Its return is not necessarily an evidence of either penitence or reform.

The recent returns of Atlantic salmon are a very exciting indication that the Credit River is returning to its former glory.

The House committed the sheriffs; but, when they sued out their habeas corpus, the judges decided that the return of the Sergeant-at-arms that they were committed by the House for breach of privilege was a sufficient return.

A return to groundfish is a centerpiece of our economic development approach.

If you mined less than $50,000 in a year no tax is payable and no return must be filed/ See section 12.2.1 of the act.

Starc’s return is a change of tone for Australia after a build-up to the Border-Gavaskar series which has been marred by injury withdrawals and concerns.

Impatiently and anxiously he lay watching the moisture slowly accumulate in the bottom of the hole, drop by drop, and while he gazed he fell into a troubled, restless slumber, and dreamed that Crusoe's return was a dream, and that he was alone again, perishing for want of water.

But his principal reason for determining not to condemn Jesus was, that he wished to make some return to Pilate for his courtesy, and he thought the best return would be the compliment of showing deference to his decision and agreeing with him in opinion.

Although reported ahead of time, the return of Boba Fett to the was still a major highlight and surprise from season 2's premiere episode, "Chapter 9 - The Marshal."

Such is a brief and rapid summary of the important public events which had preceded, or immediately followed, Lee's return to Washington in March, 1861.

The doctor remembered the adage of the rolling stone, and felt that the return of a son at the age of thirty, without any means of maintaining himself, was hardly an unalloyed blessing.

Their sudden return was naturally a great relief to Lord Dredlinton.

While the magnitude of their interests convinces me that no thanks can be adequate to the honor they have conferred, it admonishes me that the best return I can make is the zealous dedication of my humble abilities to their service and their good.

A very good return of the opposing lady's service, when both men are at the net, is a lob back to the server.

In all vibrations and undulations there is a going and returning, between which must exist minute periods of repose; but in many instances the return is simply a relaxation or a subsidence, and belongs, therefore, to the department of rest.

There are still some loose plot threads and introductions of long-awaited, deep lore characters like the Foretellers, but Sora's return to the real world will likely be the narrative's focal point.