21 Metaphors for rifle

" Only one Britisher was brought down by our bullets, and he had been the mark of D'ri: with him a rifle was never a plaything.

When skill in these exercises has been acquired, the rifle will still remain a most formidable weapon at close quarters should the bayonet be lost or disabled,

The rifle you are armed with is the most accurate in the world.

These .30 Gov't 1906 rifles with 150-grain bullet are the most wonderful shooting arms I ever tried.

The rifles were short and light Winchester carbines, of the kind so universally used by the rubber-gatherers and other adventurous wanderers in the forest wilderness of Brazil.

A heavy rifle was indeed burdensome over so long a road when there was no frequent use for it.

No rifle, no horse worth riding, no food to stay out our timeit was indeed bad luck for me.

And there was admiration too, because Black Rifle was a great warrior.

Every part of the rifle must be kept free from rust, dust, and dirt, A dirty or rusty rifle is a sure sign that the soldier does not realize the value of his weapon, and that his training is incomplete.

The rifle of the Servian army is the Mauser, model of 1899, with a caliber of 7 millimeters, but it is doubtful if Servia possessed enough of them to arm the reserves.

Now, this rifle of Dick's had become a source of unceasing wonder to the Indianswonder which was greatly increased by the fact that no one could discharge it but himself.

Black Rifle is too good a hunter to fire a useless shot, and too experienced to miss his game, when he needs it so badly.

The rifle was a long Enfield with three bands; the cartridge-box and cap-box were slung to a single waist-belt, the scabbard for the bayonet also, but there was no bayonet.

My rifles were a.30-40 Winchester, a double .577, and a double .40-93-400, kindly lent me by Mr. S.D. Warren, of Boston, and on which I relied.

The Enfield rifle was a new mystery; and the busy brains of the sepoys were soon at work to divine the motive of the English in greasing cartridges with cow's fat.

Wabi had braced a foot, and his rifle was half to his shoulder, leveled over a knee.

my rifle to a pop-gun there's wilder men on t'other side

The rifle now used by the Army of the United States is the United States magazine rifle, model of 1903, caliber .30.

Even Crusoe, since his gallant conduct in saving the Indian child, was "medicine;" and Dick Varley's double-barrelled rifle, which had been an object of wonder ever since his arrival at the village, was tremendous "medicine!" Of course the Indians were arrayed in their best.

Nor are their rifles more than a half protection, for the '303 makes so clean a hole that it is often madness to attempt to shoot a lion with it.

In such cramped quartersa ditch six feet deep and from two to three feet broadthe rifle is an awkward length to permit of prompt and skilful use of the bayonet.

21 Metaphors for  rifle