9 Metaphors for rob

"Rob is my servant, but you're a friend and relation," asserted Roy.

You don't want me to rob my employers?" "'Rob' is a hard word, Fletcher.

The Rob of Lemon and Orange was a doubtful quantity, for though Cook had no great confidence in its efficacy, Furneaux reported very favourably on its use, but it was expensive.

I say, do you think we could teach Rob cricket?" Rob was a topic which always interested Roy.

And Dudley replied, with an emphatic nod, "Yes, though you didn't know it, Rob was your big opportunity.

Rob was a good boy: I wish there were more like him.

Rob was a-fraid that Jack was go-ing to be drowned and was just a-bout to jump in af-ter him, when one of the mill hands held him fast.

" "I prayed to God," he went on solemnly; "that He would send some one to show us the way home, and Rob was the answer.

"Look here," he added, "Rob shall be your follower as well as mine, and we will all go out to look for a new country together, and when we've found it, we will come back and have a jolly time in this old house.

9 Metaphors for  rob