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36 Metaphors for « roofed »

36 Metaphors for « roofed »

  • When I met the valley of the Vers again the storm had passed far away; the evening rose was in the calm heaven, and the topmost oaks along the rocky ridge burnt like tapers upon a high altar of the vast temple whose roof is the vaulted sky.
  • He stood in astonishment and apprehension, for, just above the room where he had dwelt, the roof was an utter wreck, showing a great hole, as if something had fallen upon it with crushing weight.
  • In the rear of the Broadway dwelling-houses, are one story tea-rooms, or third parlors, the roofs of which form a continuous platform, upon which you can step from the second story of the houses."
  • The glass roof is not simply a barrier for an individual, based on the inability of the person to handle a higher level job.
  • The roof is very simple, the curved brackets springing from the shafts which run down to the arches below.
  • One of the towers had apparently been shorn away and the roof of the nave was burnedwe could tell that.
  • For sunny regions where rainy days are not something that happens a lot, flat roofs are an excellent choice.
  • It will be seen that the chancel roof is a continuation of that of the nave.
  • Where the roofs of nave and chancel join there is a cove to connect the two levels; and on the tie-beam above this was found a Latin inscription, giving the attributes and powers of the nine choirs of angels forming the hierarchy of Heaven.
  • In many instances, the outer roof is the common covering of all the rooms, which are merely separated from one another by low partitions, so that you can hear every word your neighbour says, and almost the breathing of the person sleeping next to you.
  • This cellar roof is too thin to stop an ordinary Fizzbang, much less a good solid Crump, and that machine gun upstairs is a certain invitation to sudden death and the German gunners to down and out us."
  • While both the roof and the porches are departures from the original lines of the house, yet they are departures that have themselves attained a dignified age of about a century and a quarter.
  • The roof is a low dome with broad eaves, and the walls are slabs of thin marble perforated in geometric designs like the finest lace.
  • Every shed-roof is the edge of an oblique Niagara of snow; every angle the center of a whirlpool.
  • The roof was therefore their only escape: a roof overlooking acres and acres of other roofs, and closed in by the naked fortified mountains which stand about Fez like prison-walls.
  • I could never view these buildings without astonishment at the infatuation of the proprietors: they are, without a single exception, of wood, and the roofs covered with cedar shingles; were a fire to commence at either extremity with a brisk wind in the same direction, the whole must infallibly be consumed.
  • In gladness that the roof was yet a floor For other feet to tread, for his, one day?
  • The chapel was, however, restored by Queen Anne; the floor is of black and white marble, the pews are of Norway oak, and there is some fine carving by Gibbons; the roof is plain Gothic with pendent ornaments.
  • They say the roof is an introduction, but I notice it never pronounces names very distinctly.
  • The roof, formed of open rafters, bearing marks of having once been elaborately gilded, is now but a mass of blackened timbers.
  • The roof of the vestibule is a wonderful piece of workmanship, formed of pointed arches, wreathed and twined through each other, like basket-work.
  • An avenue of trees and a high hedge rendered the house quite private, and the roof was a lovely recreation place and promenade for the ladles and girls of the family, who were all purdah.
  • The roof was in form a truncated pyramid; its material a rose-coloured crystal, through which a clear soft light illuminated the whole scene.
  • "Roofs should be screens, and not prisons, not shells, you think?" said Mr. Raleigh.
  • In fact, their roof was ever a shelter for the homeless, a home for the friendless; and it is pleasant to record that the return of ingratitude, so often made for benevolence of this kind, was never their portion.
  • Tin Roof Roofs made of thatch are a common sight across Asia, but they don’t offer good protection from annual monsoon rains, which means families must spend precious resources repairing or replacing their possessions.
  • The roof of the Duomo at Volterra is a fine specimen.
  • The wooden roof to the nave is, however, the most splendid in the county.
  • The roof was a thatch of pandanus and breadfruit leaves, the whole structure, light, flimsy, but a gamut of golds and browns in color and cool and beautiful.
  • The roof of the Mercato Centrale is the ugliest thing in the view.
  • The roof is Venetian, with projecting eaves; and the wings are surmounted by spacious glass lanterns, which light the upper rooms.
  • Its roof was the wonder and envy of the whole region for many years.
  • The roof is a tremendous affair; it is open, and supported by eleven huge Gothic-fashioned principals, each of which cost 100 pounds, and it is panelled above with stained timber.
  • Near this were the privy-chamber and the King's bed-chamber, together with a wide gallery, one hundred and twenty-three feet in length, wainscotted and roofed like the presence-chamber, but yet more gorgeously fretted and painted.
  • "The roof was not safe, you know, and had to be mended, andand when it was all done up, the furniture and curtains looked so dirty and ugly and inappropriate.
  • The roof is bamboo and thatch.

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