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128 Metaphors for  rose

128 Metaphors for rose

YOU who died fighting For me and my little children; You who are a million Yet are but one, I lay upon your grave A rose and a tear The tear is the world's sorrow, The rose is your joy.

"Long ago the roses were the most abundant of flowers, but they grew on bushes that were smooth and fragrant, and such delicious eating that all the animals that eat grass or browse were constantly seeking for and devouring not only the rose flowers but also the bushes on which they grew.

The rise and growth of European civilization is too vast and complex a subject to be thrown into proper perspective and relation in a few paragraphs; but in all its details, as in its main features, it illustrates the truth that progress goes on just as society tends toward closer association and greater equality.

On the other hand the rising against Turkey was a rising of the whole people, and it was almost inevitable that as soon as some measure of independence was gained the unity the Serbs had shown when fighting against their oppressors should dissolve and be replaced by bitter rivalries and disputes amongst the various local leaders who had become prominent during the rebellion.

Nevertheless, Rishi Sunak has said he wants to โ€˜balance the booksโ€™ and Conservative ideology holds that tax rises or spending cuts are the only way to do that.

The rise of labour was but a trifling item.

The rise of AIMIM is in the backdrop of the RSS and the รขโ‚ฌโ„ขs politics, which has been steadily isolating the Muslim community in India.

A rise in prices is not, however, the only process that will check the appearance of a new rich usurer class after the war.

The rise of the tide in the Avon, in common with most of the ports on the Bristol Channel, is a very extraordinary phenomenon.

Christensen told The Salt Lake Tribune that Fridayโ€™s rise in reported deaths โ€œis a direct function of the positivity rate weโ€™ve seen.

The rising in Austria was the signal for Berlin, and on the 18th of March the revolution broke out there also.

The Bramble-flowered rose is a climber, and though not needing so strong a soil as other kinds, requires it to be rich, and frequently renewed, by taking away the soil from about the roots and supplying its place with a good compost of loam, leaf mould, and well rotted dung,

Health officials said Thursday's rise could be a result of people being infected while socialising in the days before England's second lockdown started on 5 November.

An 8lb rise in the weights is a little on the sharp side but itโ€™s still early days and trainer Roger Charlton is in decent nick.

The Rise of Skywalker wasnโ€™t the only notable ending to a trilogy this year.

THE RISE OF GERMANY The great event of the nineteenth century in the history of Europe is the union of Germany into a Federal State.

A rise of temperature of more than one degree is a symptom of disturbance.

Now since, of these people, they who rise at six pique themselves on their early rising, in reference to those who rise at nine; and they, in their turn, on theirs, in reference to those who rise at twelve; since, like Homer's generations, they "successive rise," and early rising is, therefore, as I said, a phrase only intelligible by comparison, we must (as theologians and politicians ought oftener to do) set out by a definition of terms.

The rise of this great power to the west was necessarily the absorbing political question of the day.

The rising there was but a short one-act play.

In a treeless country, the rise of the streams is a very accurate measure of the rainfall.

The rising had been the outcome of years of unrest, which had two causes: native risings of the sort we described above, and loss for the gentry due to the transfer of the capital.

The rise of Indiana football is a product of Allenโ€™s defensive coaching and an influx of talent at the quarterback position.

Mike's statement that he wanted to get up early and have a ride had been received by Psmith, with whom early rising was not a hobby, with honest amazement and a flood of advice and warning on the subject.

The stock market's recent rise is the fastest since 1931.

And inasmuch as late rising is a favorite vice of the youth of today, it has been ordered that the reveille be played at six o'clock every morning before the doors of the royal Princes and Princesses.

and the wild rose are, indeed, the only supreme flowers that the lowlands can generally show; and the wild rose is also a mountaineer, and more fragrant in the hills, while the wood hyacinth, at its best, cannot match even the dark bell-gentian, leaving the light-blue star-gentian in its uncontested queenliness, and the Alpine rose and Highland heather wholly without similitude.

The country traversed was nearly level and well grassed and thinly wooded with eucalypti and bauhinia; the soil is brown loam with small fragments of limestone; the river was running strong, but not in flood; the greatest rise this season had been only ten feet, and the usual flood-marks were twenty feet higher.

Rhea Ripleyโ€™s rise late in the year was a treat to watch.

"We have a lot more permission to see ourselves in an emotional relationship with our children; the rise of the hands-on dad is a revolution of the deepest kind."

โ€œSea level rise is the number one threat of global warming.โ€

CM Punk's rise and title win at Money in the Bank in 2011 is another great example.

Dr Robin Howe, PHWโ€™s incident director for the virus, told BBC Radio Wales on Friday, September 4, the rise should be a โ€œwarning for the rest of Walesโ€.

Oh, that streamlet was like unto me, Parting from whence its brightness first sprung, And that sweet rose was the emblem of thee, As so pale on my bosom you hung.

The rose in her hair was no pinker than her cheeks.

It must be remembered that the last Jacobite rising was then a comparatively recent affair, and that France was equally ready to upset either the Protestant succession in England or the British regime in Canada.

The Rise of Skywalker has been no stranger to since its release, but I canโ€™t imagine a better way this scene, which I as a female Star Wars fan really appreciated seeing, could have been filmed.

We had not taken pains to keep track of the day of the week or month; the rising and setting of the sun and the changes of the moon were all the almanacs we had.

"The rise of China is the world's biggest geopolitical issue".

Judge Marks countered that the rise in violent crime was more likely a result of the sharp drop in gun arrests in recent months, a position that the departmentโ€™s own data seems to buttress.

The rise of obesity and the resulting metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, is a major public health concern, not only in the U.S.A. but also the world over."

The rise of the new states in the West, and the appearance of the steamboat on the Mississippi, were the causes of a great revival of public interest in internal improvements.

The Rise Of Skywalkera lot of questions would be an understatement.

I make these remarks in order that we may see that the rise of a great central power in the hands of the Bishop of Rome, in the fifth century, may have been a great public benefit, perhaps a necessity.

A sudden rise in the market with the probability that it will be short, or a gradual fall with a probability that it will be long, is a strong temptation to the master to push his slaves to the utmost, that he may in the one case make all he can, by taking the tide at the flood, and in the other lose as little as may be, by taking it as early as possible in the ebb.

Should a team hire a minority head coach and GM in the same year, the rise would be 16 places in the third round โ€” potentially into the second round.

In short, I love him, And that excuses all; but be not jealous; His rising shall not be your overthrow, Nor will I ever marry him.

Fust here, then there, the well-saved lights goes out, An' nary sound but watch-dogs' false alarms, Or muffled cock-crows from the drowsy farms, Where some wise rooster (men act jest thet way) Stands to't thet moon-rise is the break o' day: So Mister Seward sticks a three-months pin Where the war'd oughto end, then tries agin; My gran'ther's rule was safer'n 't is to crow: Don't never prophesyonless ye know.

Now every rise in the cost of living will be a cut for the disabled.

The fragrance of this rose is its greatest recommendation, for if not kept down, and constantly looked to, it soon gets straggling, and unsightly, like the preceding species too, the buds issue from the ends of the branches in great clusters, which must be thinned, if well formed fragrant blossoms are desired.

Rise is the more general term, but it expresses less than ascend in degree or stateliness.

[Footnote 2: That the rising under Fairfax was in reality a rising of royalists, and prompted by the promises of Monk, is plain from the narrative of Monkton, in the Lansdowne MSS.

The rise in the price of lumber which marked the opening of the present century is the beginning of a vastly greater and more rapid rise which is to come.

The rise of our stocks, my lords, is such a proof of riches, as dropsical tumours are of health; it shows not the circulation, but the stagnation of our money; and though it may flatter us with a false appearance of plenty for a time, will soon prove, that it is both the effect and cause of poverty, and will end in weakness and destruction.

The rising was essentially an agrarian oneas almost every Irish rising has been before and sinceand the fact that the two rival creeds found themselves face to face was little more than a very unfortunate accident.

'The rise in registered death with Covid on the certificate may well be the first sign of an increase linked to the increase in infections, but weโ€™ll have to wait for a week or twoโ€™s more data to see whether and how that rise continues.'

Assuming that it is possible to bring up wages to the level of the higher prices, and that the rise in rents can be checked by legislation or captured by taxation, the rise in prices is, on the whole, a thing to the advantage of the propertyless man as against accumulated property.

Rise is the debut album by Northern Ireland rock band The Answer.

Early rising should be the rule, because the children are then available as they are not at night.

The rise of big data, which requires types of pattern recognition for which the brain architecture is particularly well suited, is another driver in the pursuit of neuromorphic computing.


Rose became a Medical Technician at Dโ€™Youville Nursing Home in Lewiston where she worked for 20 years.

She liked him to be near her, he knew, just as she liked her roses to be fragrant, but neither the roses nor himself was a vital necessity to her.

the days grew over-full of pain, and Marina came more often to the Mater Dolorosa, for the little Zuane had not grown stronger with the coming of the spring; sleep came to him more easily, but it did not bring refreshment, and the roses on his cheeks were only signs of failing bloom.

Rose was a property developer when she married.

Rose has been the founder of three technology companies to commercialize these technologies.

Rose would comfort her, and already her heart bounded with the thought of seeing one whom she believed to be her brother's wife, for Henry had written that ere his homeward voyage was made Rose would be his bride.

the Rose, in many countries, being not an unusual stamp on their coins.

Rose is a good friend of yours, and an excellent girl" "I say ditto to that, mother," Ben answered warmly.

Roses, I fear, are degenerating, and, without a Red revolution, must come to the dust.

Rose is a timid dandy, and a bit of a Whig to boot.

Still, the Rose and the Graal are but symbols of the eternal verities, not those verities themselves in their essences; and in these later days when we have become cleverwith the cleverness of the Performing Pigit is a great thing to find the most obscure and broken indications of the things which really are.

Rose became the leagueโ€™s youngest MVP at age 22 under Thibodeauโ€™s watch in 2011.

Rose is a Glaswegian-born dreamer, something of a self-styled changeling who believes she belongs in Nashville.

This Monday morning she opened her eyes with what might be called a start if Rose were any other sort of heroine.

But, before adjusting her limbs for sleep, she threw off a portion of the heavy blankets which had weighed upon her, and was soon sound asleep, and dreaming of a garden in which all the roses were beautiful new bonnets.

"Mr. Rose ... was the one commanding figure and very lovable man, that the frightened and discomfited Church people were now rallying round.

Rose Of Savannah is a stablemate to More Than A Samba and coincidentally also a winner of just the one race from 18 appearances.

John Williams Rose (born February 23, 1965) is an American politician and businessman.

I may add that Rose was the niece of the Rev. Mr. Gardiner, the minister of the leading church in the village.

As a charm against haemorrhage of every kind, the rose has long been a favourite remedy in Germany, and in Westphalia the following formula is employed: "Abek, Wabek, Fabek; in Christ's garden stand three red rosesone for the good God, the other for God's blood, the third for the angel Gabriel: blood, I pray you, cease to flow."

Thus, thus adorned, the speaking Rose, Becomes a token fit to tell, Of things that words can ne'er disclose, And nought but this reveal so well.

The rose of winter-time is fire.

"Rose," she said, "this is the district attorney."

Don Rose is an Associate Professor at the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Rose was always the daughter who objected and then did.

Rose was the household's Aurora.

Nyla Rose is the queen bee.

A rose is a Gul, a nightingale a Bulbul.

Footnote 256 explains that the roses are thornless because the fall has not yet occured.

Rose was not an eloquent woman; she was not even an articulate one, at times.

"Roses are nonsense, and life is nonsense," I thought.

"Right,Couleur de Rose is an impostor,an impostor, a sharper.

Rose was a man of wit, and a scholar; yet he has undoubtedly turned the ease and animation of his original into inversion and insipidity.

"The Button-Rose was a gift from him, then?" were my first words.

Salami Rose Joe Louis is always a great hit with every crowd.

A stranger might have thought, when I spoke of those copals Rose carved, that Rose was some girl.

Rose was an excellent mimic, and Father Payne used to fall into agonising paroxysms of laughter at many of his representations.

She glanced at the fresh rose he wore, but could not summon courage to ask whether roses were his favorite flowers.

Soon like the rose shall be thy sheen, My blood thee red shall dye.