26 Metaphors for running

The first ran like wild-fire through the country, were the darlings of watering-places, were laid in the windows of inns,[A] and were to be met with in all places of public resort; while the "Orations" get on but slowly, on Milton's stilts, and are pompously announced as in a Third Edition.

Running is also an art.

Hence, again, by dropping what distinguishes it as a participle, it may become a noun; as, "Running is a safer sport than wrestling."

Bull Run was opera bouffe!

The run has been a fearful strain upon Nick, and at length he falls, gasping, in a clump of cat-tails.

A day's run of 336 knots was a triumph of steaming and rarely attained.

I remember the first run I worked for was Kinch McKinney of El Dorado.

Bull Run was a slow piece of business compared to Castlebar; and our countrymen did not run from a foe that was not half so strong as themselves, and who had neither position nor artillery.

After all, this six or seven-mile run was only a good touch of exercise, and he would sleep all the sounder on account of it.

" Bevin's run was the most remarkable feat of the kind ever known, either of a white man, or an Indian.

The quality of redemptioners varied from the very dregs of society to well-to-do apprentice planters; but the general run was doubtless fairly representative of the English working classes.

That run was two miles, and Joel finally stumbled into the gymnasium tuckered out and in no very good temper just as the five o'clock whistle on the great printing house sounded.

Running is an excellent exercise for children and young people, but should be sparingly indulged in after the age of thirty-five.

" "Indeed the run of men are poor thin-minded creatures, Manuel" He answered, moodily:

The run is a small water-course which, rising south of the great highway between Orange and Chancellorsville, flows due northward amid woods and between hills to the Rapidan, into which it empties itself a few miles above Germanna, General Meade's main place of crossing.

Sorry." "So'm I. Ran out an' now all I've got is plug.

A reporter of the Tribune stood on top of the New York Life tower for an entire week, devouring cold-slaw sandwiches and Marie Corelli, and during that period, as his affidavit runs, "never for one consecutive second were his ample ears free from the near or distant strains of the Wedding March.

I was wondering whether the whole run was not a delusion also.' "Wat Danbury pointed to his hunting boots still lying upon the floor, necked with the splashings of two counties.

Afternoon runs are good runs; pretty sure of an empty fox and a good scent after one o'clock.

His run to Dr. Jallup's, across the Big Hill, was a series of renewed strivings for speed.

Therefore the English Bull Run was a far more disgraceful affair than was that of America.

The detective knew that the running down of each individual trailthe investigation of each of Warren's supposed affairs of the heartwould be an interminable procedure.

Observe, that this running is not an ordinary, or any sort of running, but it is to be understood of the swiftest sort of running; and therefore, in the vi. of the Hebrews, it is called a fleeing: "That we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge, to lay hold on the hope set before us."

The over-running of my yard by the neighbors' chickens is a nuisance I shall not .

Her running was the running of panic; and often she looked back as to some dreadful enemy in the rear.

26 Metaphors for  running