24 Metaphors for rushing

Richard Rush was counsel for the claimants.

There came a sound like the slitting of air By a swift sharp sword A rush of the sound; and the sleek chest broad Of black Orion Heaved, and was fixed; the dead mane waved toward Lyon.

The third rush was a miss on both sides.

The rush across the field was awfulflank fire from the right.

The wolf which approaches in rear is the true assailant; the rush of the other is a mere feint.

None knew, however, or, if it were known, no one chose to reveal, her history; and, as curiosity had been so keenly whetted by mystery, the rush of the multitude was merely a proof of the power which expectation, aided by the thousand surmises of rumor, can gain over the minds of the idle.

A further examination of the river resulted in likely-looking results being obtained; and the discovery is now a matter of history, the world-wide Palmer rush to north Queensland being the result in 1874.

A blinding rush of smoke was his only answer as he backed away from the overpowering heat, but something fell across the door-sill in a limp little heap.

Sometimes the center-rush isn't a good kicker; then some one else kicks off.

Krishna then, enraged, took up a handful of rushes to destroy them, and the rushes became a club of iron and with this he slew many of the murderous Yadavas; whilst others, fighting fiercely, put an end to one another.

Your mother, my consort of blessed memoryah, Princess, see, the tears rush to my eyes even in my old ageshe was a good queen, she wore the crown with an indescribable air of majestybut she gave me very little peace.

[Footnote 2: Benjamin Rush was a Philadelphia physician of Quaker parentage.

He was soon assisted by Sanders, Waters, and other officers, and, with the curses and vociferations of these men, the confused rush of the panic-stricken crowd in the dark, and the outcries of the wounded, who lay about on the floor, as the fugitives trampled over them, there was such a pressure as might unchart a young soldier, and strand him among his fears.

Economically, no doubt, "rush" is the proper word to apply to the old stampedes to colonial goldfields.

Reading the 'proof' of an instalment of a comic serial now publishing in my paper, I contracted such gloom, that a frantic rush into the fresh air was my only hope of on escape from self-destruction.

For Germany this quite unexpected rush was a reversal of the whole tide of the world.

The onward rush of eternal waters was an idea vaguely floating in my mind.

With the war and its desolating sights fresh in her memory, she saw, with sorrow and aversion, that social life was gayer than it had ever been, that the rush for wealth had become a fever, and that the simple ways and homely joys of the past were now remitted to the very elderly.

"Rush, to begin with, isn't a healthy young animal.

The rush of our thought forward through its fringes is the everlasting peculiarity of its life.

They had broken before, and this last rush of murderous savages was a hard thing for broken men to stand against.

It has seemed to me that the same rush of water in Little Bill Creek that runs the dynamos at Royal is in evidenceto a lesser extentat the old milldam.

The freshmen had long been carrying things with a high hand, but the rushing of a lot of them who were in dress suits and bound for a swell party was the straw that broke the camel's back.

This rushing is a characteristic of the Americans.

24 Metaphors for  rushing