51 Metaphors for  safety

51 Metaphors for safety

I think most Canadians would consider safety to be some kind of balance between freedom and security.

Road safety is safety in using roads.

Public safety in the workplace, schools, and neighborhoods are all key elements of public health.

Her brave gratitude was superior to the distress a weaker woman might have suffered from the necessity of making Mr. Osgood unreservedly acquainted with her story, in order to enlist his aid to procure tidings of Miss Wimple, whose safety, health, and happiness were now far dearer to her than her own.

In the same manner, we find that particular Animals have a more or less exquisite Sharpness and Sagacity in those particular Senses which most turn to their Advantage, and in which their Safety and Welfare is the most concerned.

Driver safety has also been a major concern.

Yes, justit would seem to me that worker safety and workers' rights would be critical components of a course.

"Safety from danger of propaganda is the most powerful director of national conduct."

Safety, human rights, equality, belonging - these are basic principles that have the same meaning and impact regardless of your political orientation.

Dreaded or not, the stroke of death must come; And though the priestess stood with hand uprais'd, Prepar'd to cut our consecrated locks, Our safety still should be my only thought; Uplift thy soul above this weak despair;

If he were but silent, he was safe as a prisoner of war; but his safety would have been the ruin of the whole French army, which had no suspicion of its danger.

Safety in numbers becomes a dual metaphor here the hoodies literally stick together, and, because verbalising their concerns is far too risky in Sandford, appealing for help is done by anonymously graffitiing nines.

CIFS continues to provide a 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency fire and rescue response, and resident safety remains our number one focus.

This intimation sufficed to convince the Lorraine Prince that his only safety was to be found in compliance, all the hopes which Gaston had indulged of succour from France having failed him; and it was accordingly resolved that the little army should proceed at once to Germany under the command of Charles himself.

Safety and efficacy are the two most important goals for every vaccine.

I’d not have returned had I not felt so safe; my safety is a result of Gov. Mills leadership and Maine’s very low COVID-19 numbers.

There was fire in the heart of the ship, and I knew the hold was filled with cotton; it was smouldering slowly, and our safety was a question of time alone!

Dreaded or not, the stroke of death must come; And though the priestess stood with hand uprais'd, Prepar'd to cut our consecrated locks, Our safety still should be my only thought; Uplift thy soul above this weak despair;

His safety must be his council's care, his health his subjects' prayer, his pleasure his peers' comfort, and his content his kingdom's gladness.

In most cases safety is the lot of such as remain in the camp and of those in the fortifications, while danger accompanies those who proceed into the midst of weapons and battles; but this was reversed in the case of Caesar.

I rest with what I have said: that the safety of the clients, of the people living in the home, and that of the staff are the main reason for taking over the operation in 60 days.

The safety of his daughter was the one remaining impulse in his life.

Our sea communications are our very life-blood, and it is not greatly exaggerating the case to say that the safety of those communications is the one consideration of first-class importance.

"All judicial sentences ought to be based upon law, and the terrible privilege which the populace now have of punishing with death certain crimes, ought to be consecrated by law, powerful interests would not suffice in our view to excuse the interruption of social order, if the public safety was not with us the supreme law.

His safety is my responsibility."

Safety was hundreds of yards away in the house; the skirts tangled about her legs; and behind her the dull impacts of the bull's hoofs swept close and closer.

Third, psychological safety is a tactic that minimizes risk by affording sufficient security to staff.

Safety is a core value that is shared at both Bird Construction and Canadian Natural - we believe that ensuring the safety of our employees, subcontractors and any other visitors to our job sites or offices is a moral obligation.

It was as if he thought to himself, "Now if I stop to fight with this dog, some other dog may come and run away with my meat, my only safety is flight," so seizing up the basket he fled as fast as his legs could carry him toward home.

It seems it was sultry weather, piping-hot; the steed tormented into frenzy with gad-flies, long past being roadworthy: but safety and the interest of the house he rode for were incompatible things; a fall in serge cloth was expected; and a mad entrance they made of it.

We are proud of the knowledge that our staff can come to work in a highly safe work environment, where safety is everyone’s business.

The safety was an argument in favor of emancipation, not against it.

Now that it has come to this, airport safety and the impacts on ground water and endangered species are the only high cards the locals can play.

PUBLIC SAFETY is our ticket to the majority, let’s win with that."

The Zippy Paws Safety & Cooling Vest is a high-visibility reflective vest designed for the active dog.

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a leader in providing impactful risk management solutions that drive lasting business success for our customers.

Safety of our customers, staff and artists is of paramount importance so there will be protocols for the customers, the staff and the musicians.

Again, safety and security is an issue that customers will look at.

Safety is the secure and unimpaired preservation of a sound state.

The public's safety has always been at the forefront of our minds safety is our watchword.

The safety of this method was its artificiality; between the King and his public image there was really no relation.

I think that safety and privacy are impo

Public safety is not a single act.

This spirit of moderation shown by the tribune relieved the fears of the patricians, but it also intensified their resentment against the consuls, for they seemed to be so wholly devoted to the plebs, that the safety and liberty of the patricians were a matter of more immediate concern to the plebeian than they were to the patrician magistrates.

Safety became the chief advertisement of the big ship lines; and speed, Speed the adored, shriveled into the dishonored god of a moment's madness.

Recently, we have again been hearing about how workplace safety is still a major problem even though there has been significant progress.

However, former Pro Bowl safety and Super Bowl champion Ryan Clark feels the opposite.

But volleyball is an indoor sport, this is still the year of COVID-19, and safety is the first priority.

Civitarese said he recognizes that safety and organization will be a challenge in operating a student gun club, but says his club is prepared.

Safety, not appearance, was the object of its builders.