50 Metaphors for saint

Every schoolboy knows St Thomas's Hospital in Lambeth, but not all know that the saint whose name that hospital bears is not the Apostle, but England's Martyr.

As to my predecessors, were they no greater saints? Saints!

The patron saint of Venice was St. Pantaleon (the term is from Greek, means "all-lion," and possibly refers to the lion of St. Mark's Cathedral).

" "And what are you, my dear; a pattern saint?" "No," said Annette, as the ruefulness of her face relaxed into a smile, "

A Giustinian was first Patriarch of Venice; a saint was father to our else broken linewe have had our share in Church and State, and it behooves a member of the Consiglio to remember the honors of his house.

St. James is associated with several plantsthe St. James' wort (Senecio Jacoboea), either from its having been much used for the diseases of horses, of which the saint was the patron, or owing to its blossoming on his festival.

Silence, in the abundance of his festivity, touches upon some old song, in which this convivial saint, or signior, was the burden.

Saint by her face she should be: with such looks The queen of heaven, perchance, slow pacing came Adown our sleeping wards, when Dominic Sank fainting, drunk with beauty:she is most fair!

The Saint as he is sketched is sometimes a positively repulsive beingarrogant, venomous, and cruel; he demands two eyes or more for one, and, pucklike, fairly revels in mischief!

SAINTS The Saints of Thy great Church, 0 Christ, How vast their numbers be On holy page and ancient scroll Their blessed names we see, And from the painted window panes They smile eternally.

Isabel, in her extremity of indecision, remembered that some saint of the latter part of the last century, whose biography she had read in a Sunday-school library-book, was wont, when undecided in weighty matters, to write down all the reasons, pro and con, and cipher out a conclusion by striking a logical balance.

"Blessed saints, M'seur, you are laughingand

*** Soft, O virgin saint, and safe as soft, be thy slumbers!

The patron saint of Tucson is San Augustine, and as it was now the last of August the fiesta in honor of her patron saint was being celebrated.

The Southern saints and religious artists were seers,men and women of that peculiar fineness and delicacy of temperament which made them especially apt to receive and project outward the truths of the spiritual life; they were in that state of "divine madness" which is favorable to the most intense conception of the poet and artist, and something of this influence descended through all the channels of the people.

The corresponding female saints on the right are SS.

This was a very unlimited request, and, unless the saint was a prophet too, might not have been very pleasant retribution.

Line 9: our saint, la gran donna, is the new philosophy.

God's saints are not the richest and most beautiful.

P. Cerasus semperflorens (syn Cerasus semperflorens), the All Saints, Ever Flowering, or Weeping, Cherry, is another valuable variety, of low growth, and with gracefully drooping branches, particularly when the tree is old.

The world knows his favorite saint is Saint Andrew.

The oncoming Saints, therefore, who were not able to pay their own way, were this summer, instead of riding in ox-carts, to walk across the plains and mountains, and push their belongings before them in hand-carts.

The attendant saints below are St. Peter, St. Andrew, St. Thomas holding the girdle, St. Francis, and St. Clara, all looking up with ecstatic devotion, except St. Clara, who looks down with a charming modesty.

The saints of God are my delight, the word of God my treasure, and communion with God my greatest joy.

The saints, the most exalted of human figures, were also the most local.

50 Metaphors for  saint