23 Metaphors for sanded

George Sand was Mde.

" George Sand was a chief crusader against the curse of monogamy.

That golden sand might be ruddy with the blood of its numerous victims!" "Don't be blaming the innocent waters, simple boy!"

Rosa Bonheur, George Eliot, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and other leaders were setting the pace for the advanced women, and George Sand was still a popular romancer.

This first of all English love songs deserves to rank with Valentine's description of Silvia: Why, man, she is mine own, And I as rich in having such a jewel As twenty seas, if all their sand were pearl, The water nectar and the rocks pure gold.

These sands of Mogador are only a portion of a vast and almost interminable link, which girdles the north-western coast of the African continent, and is only broken in upon at short intervals, from Morocco to Senegal, like a shifting, heaving, and ever-varying rampart against the aggressions of the ocean.

George Sand is the only Frenchwoman who has approached her in genius and fame.

And when life's sands are well nigh run And all thy work on earth is done, In patience wait and trust, That He whose promises are sure Will number you among the pure, The righteous and the just.

" If the putting of preachment into practice is virtue, George Sand was the most virtuous of all novelists, for the hotel of her large and roomy heart was for the entertainment of transients only.

Sand was a theological student in the University of Jena, who thought he was doing God's service by removing from the earth with his assassin's dagger a vile wretch employed by the Russian tyrant to propagate views which mocked the loftiest aspirations of mankind.

Sand was masculine, energetic, restless, and by naturefor which she was surely not thoroughly to blamea voluptuary.

" George Sand was another facile, all too facile, writer.

"A kiss, a kiss, or you go further," cried her conductorshe fledhe followed, both laughing:"Into the seainto the sea," said all her companionshe pushes her onit is deeper, and deepershe shrieksshe sinksthey sink togetherthe sands were faithlessthere was no succourthe waves rolled over themthere was stillness and death:

Dick Sand was audens.

Sand was no trouble to them, and when mud marooned lorries during the advance in November the rattling, rumbling old tractor made fair weather of it.

Could I demolish with mine eye Strong towers, stop the fleet stars in sky, Bring down to earth the pale-faced moon, Or turn black midnight to bright noon; Though all things were put in my hand As parched, as dry as the Libyan sand Would be my life, if charity Were wanting.

But sand is a mark of respect in Russia and Turkey, and it really cleans the streets a little.

Dick Sand was then captain of the "Pilgrim," and, without losing an instant, he took the necessary measures for putting the ship under full sail.

The sand in the bags was "ballast."

A little sea sand or salt mixed with the soil is a preventive of mildew.

Perhaps sand is not the right comparison.

Scarcely can eye Trace where she stood with all her mighty crowd For cities die; kingdoms and nations die; A little sand and grass is all their shroud; Yet mortal man disdains mortality!

'Why, wasn't it just this kind of thing that caused a quarrel between George Sand and Musset?' 'Yes, yes; but George Sand was such a peremptory fellow, and Musset such a vapourish young person.

23 Metaphors for  sanded