11 Metaphors for savings

Supposing it were a grim struggle for existence and we were forced to drop everything but the barest necessities, the total saving on this three weeks' journey would be: lbs.

The saving of the soul was to him an individual, not a social, affair.

" "Yes, the saving of the ship is a great thing for us.

His savings, shrewdly invested, had by constant accessions become a competence.

The saving of seed is very greatthe drill using about a tenth of the amount required under the old system.

It is surprising to find that Manila will be only forty-one miles nearer New York via Panama than it is via Suez, and the saving on a journey to Hong Kong will be no more than 245 miles.

He had, of course, entrusted his savings to herthat had been one condition of the marriage!and the savings were gone, also.

The saving, therefore, of the season, by having a whole crop instead of half an one, was a third source of saving of money.

The saving of labourthe increase in the general productiveness of the capital of the worldwhich is the effect of commerce, and which a non-protecting duty would enable the country imposing it to engross, could not be engrossed by a protecting duty, because such a duty prevents any such increased production from existing.

This annual saving of lives is an important result, but more important yet is the fact that when Asiatic cholera reappears in the Mariquina valley, as it inevitably will sooner or later, we shall not live in constant fear of a general infection of the Manila water supply, which, judging from the experience of other cities where modern sanitary methods have been introduced, might result in the death of a third of the population.

"Whenever labour implies the exertion of thought, it does good, at least to the strong: when the saving of labour is a saving of thought, it enfeebles.

11 Metaphors for  savings