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70 Metaphors for  schemes

70 Metaphors for schemes

"I confess," says Don Sanchez, "your scheme is the best, and I would myself have proposed it but that I can do so little for my share.

Shaftesbury in his Inquiry concerning Virtue (1699) debated the question and argued that the scheme of heaven and hell, with the selfish hopes and fears which they inspire, corrupts morality and that the only worthy motive for conduct is the beauty of virtue in itself.

The overwhelming evidence at trial established that Minnesotaโ€™s civil commitment scheme is a punitive system that segregates and indefinitely detains a class of potentially dangerous individuals without the safeguards of the criminal justice system.

Miss Howe's scheme of Mrs. Townsend is, he says, a sword hanging over his head.

Upon these and other facts we build our inferencethat the scheme of a revolution was the one great purpose of Caesar from his first entrance upon public life.

Ptolemy's scheme of the universe is a cross section of the universal aura, the planets and elements to which he refers having no relation to those recognized by modern astronomers."

The scheme which in the spring of 1834 they introduced to Parliament was the first instance of the adoption in this country of that system of centralization which has long been a favorite with some of the Continental statesmen, but which is not equally in harmony with the instincts of our people, generally more attached to local government.

A rhyme scheme is the pattern of rhyme between lines of a poem or song.

Liverpool City Council's ยฃ1 Home Scheme or Homes For A Pound is an initiative to bring around 6,000 empty houses in the city back into use by helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder.

The scheme is a remarkable blending of the prescribed and the elective systems, and provides for the freshman year five compulsory studies, viz.:

What I shall do next I know not; all my schemes of rural pleasure have been some way or other disappointed.'

The Shannon Hydroelectric Scheme was one the first major developments by the Irish Free State in the 1920s.

His scheme of philosophy is a mere day-dream, a poetical creation, like the Domdaniel cavern, the Swerga, or Padalon; and indeed it bears no inconsiderable resemblance to those gorgeous visions.

The scheme is a simple idea, and probably very old.) However, Ponzi's scheme was so big that it became the most popular.

Several Swap Shop customers said the recycling scheme was the only food assistance they were receiving during lockdown.

That the imagination which inspired that decorative scheme was powerful, original, and noble, will not be denied; but this does not save us from the desolating conviction that the scheme itself is a specious and pretentious mask, devised to hide a hideous waste of bricks and mortar.

this scheme 280 These two days, has been meat and drink to me.

Your scheme is but a sign of the mad age we live in.

"You aren't suggesting that you think this scheme I have been sketching out is Jeeves's?" "Of course it is.

The Florida Times Union felt that this colonization scheme, like all others, was a fraud.

The actor, who has recently announced a plan to play Hamlet again, 50 years after the last time, and who is now attending virtual rehearsals for the role, added that the emergency fund scheme is โ€œa wonderful opportunityโ€.

The most basic rhyme schemes are AA, AAA, AABB, ABAB and ABBA.

However, this new scheme was, at any rate, an act both of justice and mercy, and he was very willing indeedin fact he had actually proposed it more than onceto go himself with the first emigrants from England to Massachusetts.

In the interior of the country, and especially in Morocco, where the whole color-scheme is much soberer than in Algeria and Tunisia, the color of the native houses is always a penitential shade of mud and ashes.

The rhyme-scheme, then, would be a b a, b c b, c d c, etc., d e d e. Cuartetas, properly so called, are strophes of four eight-syllable verses, of which the second verse rhymes (or is in assonance) with the fourth.

The rhyme scheme is a, a, b, b, c, c, d, d, e, e, c for each half of the poem.

To the anti-slavery man whose ardor had been dampened by the meagre results obtained by his agitation, the scheme was the next best thing to remove the objections of slaveholders who had said they would emancipate their bondsmen, if they could be assured of their being deported to foreign soil.

The preacher said the scheme was a noble, bold, and generous effort to reach the masses.

The scheme is abba abba cdc dcd.

This scheme of mine was a prank rather than a plot.

His scheme is, that the fewer and poorer the clergy the better, and the contrary among the laity.

ASK YOURSELF: Does the scheme youโ€™re investing in pay you based on your actual product sales to customers without you having to recruit new customers so as to earn income or is your income primarily based on how many people you recruit?

Her scheme was to become, if possible, a candidate for fame without running any risk of disgrace.

The whole scheme may be foolishness.

Indeed, it seems hard to believe that in their ordinary environments such color schemes as the bright red of the marsh-deer, the black of the black jaguar, and the black with white stripes of the great tamandua, are not positive detriments to the wearers.

Ptolemy's scheme of the universe is a cross section of the universal aura, the planets and elements to which he refers having no relation to those recognized by modern astronomers."

First variant: There is no verso libre, and the rhyme-scheme is a b b c a d d c. Second variant: The first and fifth verses are libres and the others rhyme 1 b b c 5 d d c.

The scheme is a central plank in the governmentโ€™s fight against climate change and aims to halt the growth of the countryโ€™s growing greenhouse gas emissions from a resources-led boom and age-old reliance on coal for power generation.

Although this was not accomplished until after Cato's death, he foresaw it, and recommended that a farm be laid out accordingly, and his scheme of putting one's reliance upon the vine and the olive was doubtless very advanced doctrine, when it first found expression.]

First variant: There is no verso libre, and the rhyme-scheme is a b b c a d d c. Second variant: The first and fifth verses are libres and the others rhyme 1 b b c 5 d d c.

I do not know who he was, but I was told the wire road scheme was the outcome of a device suggested by a medical officer at Romani in 1916, when infantry could not march much more than six miles a day through the sand.

The Ponzi scheme that has been going bad is not just another misguided investment strategy.

His scheme of either names or forms is no model of accuracy.

The scheme of encouraging clergymen to build houses by dividing a living of ยฃ500 a-year into ten parts, is a contrivance, the meaning whereof hath got on the wrong side of my comprehension; unless it may be argued, that bishops build no houses, because they are so rich; and therefore, the inferior clergy will certainly build, if you reduce them to beggary.

The scheme for protecting minority creditors adopted under the BIA was not a class voting concept but rather a system of specific exceptions coupled with a discretionary power in the courts to remedy substantial injustice.

For many, these schemes are their only source of income now.

The tentative evaluation scheme will be 50% final, 40% over 4 assignments and 10% midterm.

Investment schemes like PPF and ELSS are investorsโ€™ favourite for varied reasons.

The scheme was Sir Julius Vogel's.

The price cut was then ruled illegal, but the one pricing scheme was mostly a success and was extended during the 1980s and 1990s as new transport routes were opened in London.

That scheme, however, was a sound and feasible one, as later events have proved.

โ€œTalking about four more for Nana, the scheme is such an example,โ€ he said to deafening cheers from the crowd.

While this scheme of Government is a pure despotism, yet it claims to be only temporary, and intended to "prepare the country so that a true Republic may be established."

While she said the scheme had been โ€œcontroversialโ€, on her road the positive changes since the introduction of the LTN had been immediate.

"And this bread of yours," I retorted warmlythe plate labour-saving scheme was a happy thought of my own"spells dyspepsia."

But scheme is not the issue.

But the entire scheme is a pentadGod's hand in the world.

His schemes and tropes are of course the rhetorical figures; but let him explain them in his own artless way.

He thought that the scheme was the most plausible ever devised.

The scheme in which he at first proposed to utilize my services was the formation of a deposit of arms and materials of war at a point in the Mediterranean from which he could descend promptly on the coast of Croatia, and this indicated that the two men-of-war of the committee entered into his plans.

You talked of bringing up your cousin Montague to bear me company: if my brother's schemes be your pretence for not going yourself to fetch her, you can write to her.

The playwright's scheme should not, then, until the latest possible moment, become so hard and fast as to allow his characters no elbow room for such manifestations of spontaneity.

The English monarchy from Duke William to Henry VIII, is a case of normal growth by minor changes and modifications, but its subsequent history has been one of revolutions, six or seven having occurred in the last four hundred years; the scheme which now holds, though precariously, is the result of the great democratic revolution accomplished during the reign of Queen Victoria.

This scheme of four cases is, in fact, a grave innovation.

Most schemes of town-planning are schemes for pretending that you live in the country.

The paint scheme the car wears is not the โ€™73 style, but that of the โ€™71 and โ€™72 cars.

The scheme was at that time almost, if not quite, a novelty in the Society, but it was accepted with pleasure and confidence by the Friends of Scarborough, and the meetings were maintained for many years.

The whole point of my scheme is independence, with just enough discipline to keep things together, like the hem on a handkerchief.

"A scheme is the fashion of a word, sayyng or sentence, otherwyse wrytten or spoken then after the vulgar and comon usage.

The scheme, so far as any comprehension of it may be gleaned from the various reports which remain, was something as follows: [Sidenote] Mason Report, p. 55.