48 Metaphors for schemes

" "I confess," says Don Sanchez, "your scheme is the best, and I would myself have proposed it but that I can do so little for my share.

'What I shall do next I know not; all my schemes of rural pleasure have been some way or other disappointed.' Ib.

Upon these and other facts we build our inferencethat the scheme of a revolution was the one great purpose of Caesar from his first entrance upon public life.

Miss Maya Das told him that she had even anticipated him in this movement, for she and other Christian women of advanced education are following a regular course in spinning and weaving, with the purpose of passing on this skill through the Rural Department of the Y.W.C.A. Another pet scheme of Miss Maya Das is the newly formed Social Service League of Calcutta.

Meanwhile the schemes of the enemy were tireless for obtaining secret influence within Venetian borders.

The scheme which in the spring of 1834 they introduced to Parliament was the first instance of the adoption in this country of that system of centralization which has long been a favorite with some of the Continental statesmen, but which is not equally in harmony with the instincts of our people, generally more attached to local government.

The scheme is a remarkable blending of the prescribed and the elective systems, and provides for the freshman year five compulsory studies, viz.:

'What I shall do next I know not; all my schemes of rural pleasure have been some way or other disappointed.' Ib.

His scheme of philosophy is a mere day-dream, a poetical creation, like the Domdaniel cavern, the Swerga, or Padalon; and indeed it bears no inconsiderable resemblance to those gorgeous visions.

That the imagination which inspired that decorative scheme was powerful, original, and noble, will not be denied; but this does not save us from the desolating conviction that the scheme itself is a specious and pretentious mask, devised to hide a hideous waste of bricks and mortar.

this scheme 280 These two days, has been meat and drink to me.

Your scheme is but a sign of the mad age we live in.

The Florida Times Union felt that this colonization scheme, like all others, was a fraud.

"A scheme is the fashion of a word, sayyng or sentence, otherwyse wrytten or spoken then after the vulgar and comon usage.

In the interior of the country, and especially in Morocco, where the whole color-scheme is much soberer than in Algeria and Tunisia, the color of the native houses is always a penitential shade of mud and ashes.

She only knew that her great scheme was afootthat it went.

The rhyme scheme is a, a, b, b, c, c, d, d, e, e, c for each half of the poem.

To the anti-slavery man whose ardor had been dampened by the meagre results obtained by his agitation, the scheme was the next best thing to remove the objections of slaveholders who had said they would emancipate their bondsmen, if they could be assured of their being deported to foreign soil.

The preacher said the scheme was a noble, bold, and generous effort to reach the masses.

This scheme of mine was a prank rather than a plot.

The whole scheme may be foolishness.

Indeed, it seems hard to believe that in their ordinary environments such color schemes as the bright red of the marsh-deer, the black of the black jaguar, and the black with white stripes of the great tamandua, are not positive detriments to the wearers.

" "The schemes of the selfish may be foretold; it is only the generous and the honest that baffle calculation.

First variant: There is no verso libre, and the rhyme-scheme is a b b c

Although this was not accomplished until after Cato's death, he foresaw it, and recommended that a farm be laid out accordingly, and his scheme of putting one's reliance upon the vine and the olive was doubtless very advanced doctrine, when it first found expression.]

48 Metaphors for  schemes