107 Metaphors for school

" In a later letter he said: "The school is not the best, but the people are kind to him, and his health leaves no alternative.

How he escaped the reform school is a mystery.

The Cathedral School of Paris was the great attraction to these young men, then presided over by William of Champeaux, a very respectable theologian, but not a remarkable genius like Aquinas and Bonaventura, who did not arise until the Dominican and Franciscan orders were established to combat heresy.

"Sunday-schools are the militia of the Church: it is from them the most efficient youth are drafted into the service of Jehovah, to fight manfully under the Captain of their salvation, numbers of whom win the well-fought day, and receive the prize of victory.

As there was a cramming machine close by called an academy, whose sole object was to push students into Harvard College, of course the common schools must be "crammers" for the academy, and the result was, that we had no educational institutions whatever, and mental dyspepsia was well-nigh universal, a smattering of everything, a knowledge of nothing.

The school which my mother, if God spares her life, will superintend, and in which two of my sisters will teach, and the humble farm which my third sister and her family shall work, will be the gift of your charity to-day.

Mr. Caldwell Cook was not satisfied with the condition of affairs when "school above the Kindergarten is a nuisance because there is no play."

the school is your sister!

" Then what a grand school is cricket for some of the most useful lessons of life!

This is a lonely place here; even the school is a remote neighbor.

Every public school in Scotland was representedsometimes three or four times overand there were numerous doughty contributions from establishments south of the Tweed.

He must get over the notion that the school is the only educational agency and must understand that every influence that modifies conduct is educative in nature.

the school is your brother!

'The School for Saints' was, as it were, a born biography.

She became more than ever diligent in her service; the Sunday-school was the result of old sentiments in a new and intelligent combination; and the neighbors, who had always trusted Clarice, did not doubt her now.

The school must be a centre of good and joyous influences, radiating from it to the neighbourhood.

Night school, also, is not an easy practice-ground for new methods, which was disappointment number two; and then came Father's illness, which has settled once and for all the question of my teaching, and has caged me up to the business of the store, whether I would or no.

To cheat them, to lie to them, to annoy them in every possible wayto misrepresent their motives, mimic their defects, and calumniate their actionswas the conduct which he inaugurated towards them; and for the time that he continued at Roslyn the whole lower school was a Pandemonium of evil passions and despicable habits.

the school is your first cousin, and your second cousin, and all the rest of your relations!

A National System of Industrial and Vocational Education Should Be Established The school is a social institution whose functions are becoming daily more widely understood and more clearly defined.

The "school for small children" which he had left, and the "school for boys" into which he would soon enter, were the symbols used by his mind to express the passing out of one phase of life into another, but as such they suggested the actual change without revealing it.

The great English novelist Dickens (1812-1870) and his greater French contemporary Balzac (1799-1850), show in their works that their chief school was Life.]

The Gray Friars School is the Charterhouse where Thackeray was at school.

The ancient public schools and universities, which have come down to us from the Middle Ages, are a standing witness to what in this field a far poorer community thought fit to do.

Every public school in Scotland was representedsometimes three or four times overand there were numerous doughty contributions from establishments south of the Tweed.

107 Metaphors for  school