90 Metaphors for seas

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And when wee felt the shippe aflote, we rose vp as men reuiued, because the Sea was calme and smooth water, and then sounding we found twelue fadome water, and within a while after wee had but sixe fadome, and then presently we came to anker with a small anker that was left vs at the sterne, for all our other were lost in the storme: and by and by the shippe stroke a ground, and then we did prop her that she should not ouerthrow.

The whole sea and the whole tree are registers of what has happened, and are different for the wave's and the leaf's action having occurred.

The sea is my workshop.

The ground is histhe sea must be thy grave.

While these things were happening the wind did not shift its direction, but, the sea being smoother, the ships were more easy, though they let in so much water that they never left off pumping.

My natur' would revolt at carrying a musket, for sartain, while the seas have always been a sort of home to me.

And all the sea were ink.

The Sea is woman.

When the air is calm and still, as dead and deaf And under heaven quakes not an aspen leaf: When seas are calm and thousand vessels fleet Upon the sleeping seas with passage sweet; And when the variant wind is still and lone

The sea is a sad, solemn reality, the theatre upon which the seaman acts his life's tragedy.

Mr. Wardlaw Scott, for example, with genuine, if unconscious, imagination, says that according to astronomers, 'the sea is a vast mountain of water miles high.'

That part of Shark's Bay, between Dirk Hartog's Island and Peron's Peninsula, is formed by Le Passage Epineux, Useless Harbour (Havre Inutile) and Henry Freycinet's Harbour: to the southward of the line of bearing between Quoin Point and Cape Lesueur, the sea is shoal and studded with banks, but to the north it is quite open.

In the sunshine, and in contrast with the fog, the sea was a very dark blue or deep purple.

In this we were, however, disappointed, as the fall of the country terminated in mangroves and salt-water creeks, between which and the sea is a narrow ridge of low sand-hills.

The open sea, with a gale of wind, is a good port for the maladetti English.

E. This sea is obviously the lake Balkash, or Palkati-nor, at the south end of which our maps represent a group of islands.

The wide seas which separate us from other Governments must of necessity be the theater on which an enemy will aim to assail us, and unless we are prepared to meet him on this element we can not be said to possess the power requisite to repel or prevent aggressions.

"Ay, ay, do; the sea is just the berth for such youngsters as these," remarked the old Admiral, clapping his hand kindly on the lad's shoulder.

Sea, is this a fishe or no, or if a fishe what fishe do you call it (peace you).

The sea became during the continuance of the war the territory of Great Britain, the open highway along which her ships could pass, while it was closed to the ships of her adversaries.

I wonder'd then, but after found it true, Much joy had dried away the balmy dew: Seas would be pools, without the brushing air

The sea became a little calm.

Land is a surface, a plane; the sea is a volume.

He knows that the sea of smoke, the clirr and crash of countless foundries are the impelling force behind Germany's soldier millions, whether they are holding far-thrown lines in Russia, or smashing through the Near East, or desperately counter-attacking in the West.

90 Metaphors for  seas
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