68 Metaphors for  secret

68 Metaphors for secret

Right secret was the clasp and buckle of this girdle.

So spoke the Major, in the simple wish to exalt Tom in a quarter where he hoped to get him practice; and his "secret" was a mere jest, unnecessary, perhaps, as he thought afterwards, to pass off Tom's want of orthodoxy.

The true secret of their success is their industrious utilization of past experiences according to the program outlined above.

The secret of Manitoba’s low business costs is a cost of living that allows Manitobans to live better for less.

a secret of that kind is a death-warrant of itself.

My secret was my ownand his.

The secret of it all was confidence in their leader.

Secrets of the Dunes is the second Hannah and Emily Morgan Mystery written by Julianna Kozma.

It means that the secret is outthe secret is out, you hear!

Many times I had begged him to be considerate of some girl who I knew charmed him for the moment only; but one secret of his success with women was his unfeigned if brief enthusiasm.

The secret of my life is God.

She wanted to be fascinating; but the real secret of her beauty, in this case, was the whim that was carrying her away.

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The principal, if not the only secrets of good reading are, to speak slowly, to articulate distinctly, to pause judiciously, and to feel the subject so as, if possible, "to make all that passed in the mind of the Author to be felt by the Auditor," Good oral example upon these points is far better for the young Student than the most elaborate written system.

And Dodo, who had learned not to tease during her happy summer, nestled up to Olive and said, "I smell a secret somewhere, but I can wait; for I know that hereabouts secrets are always nice surprises.

The great secret of all nibs from the Egyptian reed to the steel pen is the slit down the middle of the tip.

Top Secret is the debut solo single album of Jun Hyoseong, a member of South Korean girl group Secret.

Zidane said the secret to his team’s success in beating Barcelona for its first time since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo was its defense.

For him, the secret of the Christian life is the humble respect and genuine love for fellow believers.

The whole secret of taming wild creatures is patience.

"Without going into affairs which do not concern you," said the Frenchman, answering for her, "I think you will recognize that the secret of the Charity League was quite sufficient excuse for me to request a few minutes alone with the princess."

The Lord Advocate said it had always occurred to him that one great secret of collisions at sea was the present system of lights, which made it impossible for the vessel at once to inform another vessel what it was about.

The secret of the pant is really the fabric, something Lululemon, maker of ridiculous-but-intriguing fabric names (that waistband lining is called Nulu, apparently) has dubbed Full-On Luxtreme.

The secret was the chocolate chips a true game-changer.

The secret was ill keptthe discovery spreadmany great conversions were madehouses were blazing in every part of the Celestial Empire.

Upon this point, unfortunately, there hangs a mist,not impenetrable, as we conceive, but yet impenetrated,a secret to which the given clue has been neglected, and which remains to the present day the opprobrium of a careless biography.

One great secret of their success was their constant assumption that what was to be done had been done already.

The great secret of this complete transformation is the development of love for God.

The great secret of the long and enduring success of the Order of St. John was their capacity for adapting themselves to the changing needs of the times.

They fenced very well, these two, with their respective secrets to keep; but the man fenced best, his secret being the most momentous to shield from discovery.

The secret of the active power of the arts at this time was the conscious or unconscious resort of those who practised them to the springs of Nature, from which the streams of all true Art proceed.

The secret of his invariable success was the impetuosity and vigor of his charge.

The duo had hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid in peals of laughter as they chatted about how they are finding lockdown, joked that the secret to longlife is 'plenty of sex' and also admitted to a crush on Jason Statham.

The secret to better health is zinc, and an ionophore of some kind.

That secret of a continuous life which the universe knows by heart and acts on every instant cannot be a contradiction incarnate.

It is the custom to say that the secret of such men is their profound belief in themselves, and this is true, but not all the truth.

While it is true that Kate has access to whatever top products she needs to maintain her iconic tresses, many people may be surprised to find out that her hair secret is actually an affordable, $15 tool.

Mrs Shelley, in her note to Rosalind and Helen, says that, "in his eyes it was the essence of our being, and all woe and pain arose from the war made against it by selfishness or insensibility, or mistake"; and Shelley himself says, "the great secret of morals is love; or a going out of our own nature, and an identification of ourselves with the beautiful which exists in thought, action or person, not our own."

Is it lawful openly to put forth my hand to her, or rather on a bridal-bed pluck the sweet flower?' To him the Centaur bold with a frank smile on his mild brow made answer straightway of his wisdom: 'Secret are wise Lovecraft's keys unto love's sanctities, O Phoibos, and among gods and men alike all deem this shame, to have pleasure of marriage at the first openly.

It was George Henry Lewes (not a person of the finest fibre) who said of Jane Eyre that "the grand secret of its success ... as of all great and lasting successes was its reality".

The fact is, the secret of real companionship is not quality, but equality.

The secret is all the time what happens in Chicago as Melanie dies.

Yet one secret of his fascination was the naïveté with which, at certain moments, he would abandon himself to some little impulse of a nature originally sensitive and tender.

'Yes, your family secret is an attribute of a fine old race.

Half the secret of success nowadays is organization.

, a secret is a jewel bright, Yet profitless whilst hidden from the light;

His secret, the remedy for all the world's evil and misery, was only a philosophical creed, which he had learnt from Epicurus and Democritus.

The secret was a most painful burthen to me; it was the extremest folly that led me unthinkingly to gain possession of it; but I would have died a thousand deaths rather than betray it.

One secret behind Google’s ability to innovate so rapidly is multi-tenant architecture.

Lucretius' secret then is knowledge,not the dilettanteism of the day, but real scientific knowledge of a single philosophical attempt to explain the universe,the atomic theory of the Epicurean school.