32 Metaphors for secretary

The secretary of finance and justice is a Filipino; the other secretaries of departments are Americans.

The secretary of finance and justice is a Filipino; the other secretaries of departments are Americans.

The secretary of the special magistrate department, Richard Hill, Esq., is a colored gentleman, and is one of the first men in the island,[A] for integrity, independence, superior abilities, and extensive acquirements.

The general's secretary, Mr. Shirley, is also an able man, but knows nothing of war.

After the war was over, when my private secretary, Mr. James H. LeRoy, was one day approaching Malolos, he was sternly commanded by a sentry to halt, the command being emphasized as usual by presenting to his attention a most unattractive view down the muzzle of a Krag.

By this means, the Secretary and Treasurer become mutual checks upon each other, and the safety of the funds of the lodge is secured.

He was explaining to me that his secretary was his stepfather's son by another wife, when we arrived at the Five Towns Hotel, opposite Knype Railway Station.

His secretary is Fish.

The secretary of the organization is always a member.

The Secretary of War was under these circumstances directed to meet the chiefs of the New York Indians in council, in order to ascertain, if possible, the views of the several tribes, and especially of the Senecas, in relation to the amended treaty.

CHAPTER VII THE EDITORIAL SECRETARY I Arthur Dayson, though a very good shorthand writer, and not without experience as a newspaper reporter and sub-editor, was a nincompoop.

The Secretary of the Irish Setter Club is Mr. S. Brown, 27, Eustace Street, Dublin, and the standard of points as laid down by that authority is as follows: * *

Our secretary of state is our minister of foreign affairs, and is the only officer who is authorized to communicate with other governments in the name of the president.

Their secretary, Mrs. Lavinia Waight, must have been a very new woman.

The other Secretary of State was Lord Holdernesse.

It may be doubted whether Secretary Thompson correctly reported the President as wishing him success in his North Carolina mission, but the Secretary is, of course, a competent witness to his own declarations and acts.

That the Secretary of the Foreign Board be, and hereby is, directed to send to the Rev. Dr. Hamilton, of London, Convener of the Presbyterian Committee, a copy of this report, with a copy of the action of 1857, and that he inform him by letter of the wishes and expectations of the Synod respecting the ecclesiastical relations which this body desires its churches in Amoy to sustain to it.'

Secretary and Mrs. Carter were a handsome pair; she, fair and girlish, with an armful of roses; he, dark and courtly and one of the most attractive looking figures we had met in our travels in Colonial-land.

Cardinal de' Medici's secretary was the erudite and upright Abbot Felice Gualterio, who subsequently gathered together his letters and literary compositions, "wherein are noble and benevolent expressions of his affection for his father and mother and his brothers and sisters.

He often dined, in company with his brother Louis, at the house of his boyhood's friend Bourrienne, and his future secretary was at that time still his host, favored of the gods.

The motion was not opposed on the ground that the Secretary was the officer of Congress and responsible to that body, which would have been conclusive if admitted, but on other ground, which conceded his executive character throughout.

One of the five shall be designated by the President as Governor and one as Vice-Governor of the Board, but the Secretary of the Treasury is ex-officio chairman.

" "But I thought" "You thought the foreign secretary was the whole thing?

A drowsy secretary, who waits for the completion of the document which he is to copy, is his only attendant.

The Secretary of the Treasury was Alexander Hamilton.

32 Metaphors for  secretary