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86 Metaphors for  sections

86 Metaphors for sections

The fruit sections are probably the most attractive and the least objectionable of the entire market, because here cleanliness is indispensable.

Section OBS.This name, in both the Vulgate and the Septuagint, is Pharao Nechao, with two capitals and no hyphen.

โ€œThe Rhythm Section,โ€ Reed Moranoโ€™s new espionage thriller about a female assassin who sets out to avenge her familyโ€™s untimely death, is not a female-led approximation of a โ€œJames Bondโ€ film.

This section 20 was a transitional provision relating to contracts with retail customers which have now expired.

In 1898 the football section became a club of its own.

By 1994 a section of the jewellery store became an art gallery and his business has grown and prospered.

The center section remained India, a Hindu homeland, while the east and west sections birthed the Muslim nation of Pakistan.

This middle-class British section of the American population was, and is to this day, the only really articulate ingredient in its mental composition.

Itโ€™s no secret that moisture plays a critical role in the youthful appearance and longevity of our skin, and the section under our eyes is no exception.

This section should be a maximum of two single spaced pages with one-inch margins in Arial 11 size font.

The section of track between Telok Ayer and this station is the shortest between any two stations on the MRT network; it takes around 35 to 40 seconds for a train to travel between the stations.

The sections by the Acting-Chairman, Dr. Horace Howard Furness, on Mediumistic Development, Sealed Letters, and Materialization were the occasion of acrimonious and violent attack on the whole work of the Commission by those periodicals devoted to spiritualism and its propaganda.

The section of fence overlooking Torkham is just a glimpse of a 1,600-mile barrier begun four years ago by Pakistanโ€™s military and set to be completed this year.

The PSP Heritage Affairs Section is a unit dedicated to the prevention and investigation of hate/bias crimes and incidents.

It was divided into different sections, each section being a single row of houses arranged on level ledges staged down the embankment, and occupied by different phratric divisions.

"A Section marked thus ยง, is the division of a discourse, or chapter, into less parts or portions.

A theory library is composed of ; each section is a particular body of knowledge that is stored in a set of files consisting of def-forms.

Wonderful voicings, a superb melody, a burning shuffle feel, and an open solo section are the hallmarks of this winning original commissioned by the Jazz Division of the Illinois Music Educators Association for the 2009 Illinois All State Jazz Ensemble.

The sections of the South in which the word instruction was not used in this restricted sense were mainly the settlements of Quakers and Catholics who, in defiance of the law, persisted in teaching Negroes to read and write.

An account of this journey might have been included in Part 2, but as the name of Gregory is so intimately connected with Western Australia, this section is perhaps the most appropriate place in which to recount its incidents.

58.Diagrammatic Section of a Villus A, layer of columnar epithelium covering the villus; B, central lacteal of villus; C, unstriped muscular fibers; D, goblet cell ] Now there is a large vessel called the portal vein that brings to the liver blood full of nourishing material obtained from the stomach and intestines.

The number of players in this section is not given, but the scores given, and the fact that other sections in this event were double-round-all-play-all tournaments, strongly suggest that there were 5 players.

The front section is the cephalothorax; the abdomen is called the mesosoma, and the tail is the metasoma.

A hollow structural section (HSS) is a type of metal profile with a hollow tubular cross section.

Section 34 is an example of a statutory provision that permits the Rules to override statute, here s. 34 itself.

Beyond the warehouses, the business section and the government buildings, along the bank of the river for several miles, is an open space or common, called the Maidan, the amusement and recreation ground of the public, who show their appreciation by putting it to good use.

The choice sections of the Persian fleet were the contingents of the Ionians and Phoenicians.

Just as the whole United States is divided into forty-eight sections, each section being a State or Territory, so each State is in turn, for convenience in the administration of its government, divided into small local areas, each division managing those affairs which appertain to its own area.

True, we wanted to go to the trench that the Germans had lost and his section was the short cut.

Section 7 is a revised (and much better) version and contains the possibility of self-isolation.

We found two coloured peoplean old man and an old womanseated in the front pew close to the minister's right hand; and at once concluded that the section of pews at the end wall must be the favoured spot, the terrestrio-celestial elevation commonly called the "Negro Pew."

The first section of bytes in a JPEG is the header; this is from FF D8 to right before the last 0xFF, 0xDA ("FF DA") bytes.

The section of the slave-ship, it appeared, had been the means of drawing them towards me.

The section of Highway 121 from the Highway 35 Junction near Fenelon Falls to the Highway 118 Junction in Haliburton is now a municipal highway, maintained by the City of Kawartha Lakes and the County of Haliburton.

Section 21, also known as the Nurses Section, is the area of Arlington National Cemetery where many nurses are buried.

โ€œSection 230 is a magnet for controversy, and this order pours fuel on the fire,โ€ he said.

If large sections of the radical left are bearers of illusions from a strategic point of view, they are also a programmatic perspective.

The cross sections of occupations identified by the women are traders (35%) and artisans (30%).

When the glacier retreated, the deepened section became a lake.

This section is an adaptation of the leaflet The reform of Quรฉbec cadastre: โ€œWe have plans for youโ€, sent to all property owners during the renewal process.

Section 230 is a funky little rule that encourages sites to both moderate what is posted avoid being overly censorious.

The picturesqueness of the valley of the Duboko above the village can be rarely surpassed by wild landscape, and the whole section, the centre of which is the stronghold of Moratsha, is of a most interesting character, utterly unlike the Czernagora proper.

I understand that safe food-handling practices are important, but this section of the novel was a little jarring for me as the reader.

Projections are also open, and sections are embeddings.

The low section of the scenery is a dry streambed just outside of the town site and the high area is actually a collapsed section of hillside I have tunneled under using a four-foot length of galvanized culvert.

These sections of wood are the grand picturesque deformity of a country lately cleared.

By taking a more general view of the subject, Newton showed that a conic section was the only curve in which a body could move when acted upon by a force varying inversely as the square of the distance; and he established the conditions depending on the velocity and the primitive position of the body which were requisite to make it describe a circular, an elliptical, a parabolic, or a hyperbolic orbit.

The section of the midship beam is 70 square decimeters, and that of the exhaust port is 4.

SUGGESTIONS TO THE TEACHER This section is not only the most important but the most difficult of any so far considered.

I gather that the other section is clause 17(2) that they are referring to.

This section is a guide to reproduction and genetics, feeds and nutrition, management and facilities.

Section eight, clause eight of Article One, known as the Copyright Clause, is the only instance of the word "right" used in the original constitution (though the word does appear in several Amendments).

Some members of George W. Bushโ€™s administration argue that the โ€œideas and actionsโ€ section of their national security strategy was the first marker.

They are to keep a careful and faithful record of their plans and of the history of their respective sections, and to endeavor as faithfully and as diligently to advance the interests of the members of them as if the sections were separate and independent schools of their own.

The key section of the treaty was Article V which says that each member state has to consider an armed attack against one state to be an armed attack against all states.

At night this section of the city was indeed a black enigma.

Sections 1โ€“ 8 are the laws to set up the Commonwealth.

The eastern section of the line, between Epping and Ongar, was single track.

This section is an adaptation of the leaflet The reform of Quรฉbec cadastre: โ€œWe have plans for youโ€, sent to all property owners during the renewal process.

The tower section is all oceanview room, and the Villas are gardenview.

SECTION 5: is a consequential amendment to the Financial Administration Act to allow for the transfer of long term investments from the Endowment Fund.

One section is a gold or silver cord, several inches long.

The section is 10 full pages.

The long development section of the communiquรฉ is an advance on the G7 documents noted above.

This section of the park was originally the starting point for the tours of the park's active production studios.

What criteria does the justice minister use to decide what is a priority if addressing section 745 is not a priority?

I have'nt got my hands dirty on backscatter too much, so this section is a long term plan.

The relationship to the Canadian Section is clearly set down in the constitution: "The Canadian Section and the YS are autonomous parts of a common movement.

The section of the annular sunbeam whose direct rays act upon the polygonal reflector is 3,130 square inches, as before stated.

The tables subjoined are repeated by the same method, each section being a distinct lesson.

The top section there is the Notifications section, tap on that too, to expand the Notifications settings and change your IGTV notifications.

Cutting and pasting sections of these sources into your own paper, even if you change them slightly or take only sections, is plagiarism and is not allowed.

This section is of particular significance the Bicycle Network as it provides an alternative route to Lougheed Highway between Boundary Road and Rupert Street.

Today, that section, which became a daily publication in January 1993, is the voice of the community and a source of information within the halls of Congress, in libraries around the country and newsrooms of major media outlets.

This section is over three miles in length, nearly two in width, and presents scenes of beauty, grandeur and magnificence which are unrivaled by anything that the first other cities of the world have ever brought forth.

A quarter section is 160 acres, and the lands are so arranged that a roadway is reserved around each quarter section 60 feet wide, and the land for such roadway is taken from each side, so that each owner has to contribute 30 feet to such road, and, of course, he has the benefit of the frontage to it.

โ€œSection 230, which is a liability shielding gift from the U.S. to โ€˜Big Techโ€™ โ€ฆ is a serious threat to our national security and election integrity,โ€ Trump tweeted earlier this month.

Sections 107(1) and 116(2) are the proof.

If any section of the people is to be the paramount arbiter in public affairs, the only section competent for this duty is the superior order of workmen.

This section is a long distance from the last of the virgin forests of the Pacific Coast country.

This quarter section is the third most diverse acreage on Galiano Island, known to Islands Trust and the Galiano Conservancy Association as having very high ecological values.

The first two sections were voters that had never voted before and were energized by this year's campaign.

The next section is a hey for 3 dancers.

Preservationists also cited the buildingโ€™s history of when Oak Park was a destination for those in the area looking to buy an automobile, saying that section of Madison Street was an auto sales district.

The final section of the book is โ€œAll About Chirp,โ€ a peek behind the scenes which introduces Bob Kain and shows how he created Chirp.

This section of the country is the keystone of the Southern arch.