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27 Metaphors for sections

The fruit sections are probably the most attractive and the least objectionable of the entire market, because here cleanliness is indispensable.

The sections by the Acting-Chairman, Dr. Horace Howard Furness, on Mediumistic Development, Sealed Letters, and Materialization were the occasion of acrimonious and violent attack on the whole work of the Commission by those periodicals devoted to spiritualism and its propaganda.

The sections of the South in which the word instruction was not used in this restricted sense were mainly the settlements of Quakers and Catholics who, in defiance of the law, persisted in teaching Negroes to read and write.

An account of this journey might have been included in Part 2, but as the name of Gregory is so intimately connected with Western Australia, this section is perhaps the most appropriate place in which to recount its incidents.

Beyond the warehouses, the business section and the government buildings, along the bank of the river for several miles, is an open space or common, called the Maidan, the amusement and recreation ground of the public, who show their appreciation by putting it to good use.

The choice sections of the Persian fleet were the contingents of the Ionians and Phoenicians.

Section 124-A under which I am happily charged is perhaps the prince among the political sections of the Indian Penal Code designed to suppress the liberty of the citizen.

Just as the whole United States is divided into forty-eight sections, each section being a State or Territory, so each State is in turn, for convenience in the administration of its government, divided into small local areas, each division managing those affairs which appertain to its own area.

True, we wanted to go to the trench that the Germans had lost and his section was the short cut.

We found two coloured peoplean old man and an old womanseated in the front pew close to the minister's right hand; and at once concluded that the section of pews at the end wall must be the favoured spot, the terrestrio-celestial elevation commonly called the "Negro Pew."

The section of the slave-ship, it appeared, had been the means of drawing them towards me.

And you would be safe in saying that not one in five of its well-to-do people know that the town has a Negro quarter, an Italian section, a Bohemian settlement, a Scandinavian community, a good-sized Greek colony, and some other centers of cultures and customs alien to what they assume is the town's distinctive character.

V. section 4. 'What agony and love there was then in her heart, He alone can tell who knows the hearts of all the sons of men.

By taking a more general view of the subject, Newton showed that a conic section was the only curve in which a body could move when acted upon by a force varying inversely as the square of the distance; and he established the conditions depending on the velocity and the primitive position of the body which were requisite to make it describe a circular, an elliptical, a parabolic, or a hyperbolic orbit.

The section of the midship beam is 70 square decimeters, and that of the exhaust port is 4.

Each of the upper buildingswhich properly should have been called hallswas divided into five sections, in effect separate residences, each being under the custody of one of the professors or tutors, who was responsible for order in the same, the two end sections of each of the colleges being an official residence for one of the senior professors with families.

They are to keep a careful and faithful record of their plans and of the history of their respective sections, and to endeavor as faithfully and as diligently to advance the interests of the members of them as if the sections were separate and independent schools of their own.

At night this section of the city was indeed a black enigma.

One section is a gold or silver cord, several inches long.

The section of the annular sunbeam whose direct rays act upon the polygonal reflector is 3,130 square inches, as before stated.

The tables subjoined are repeated by the same method, each section being a distinct lesson.

This section is over three miles in length, nearly two in width, and presents scenes of beauty, grandeur and magnificence which are unrivaled by anything that the first other cities of the world have ever brought forth.

A quarter section is 160 acres, and the lands are so arranged that a roadway is reserved around each quarter section 60 feet wide, and the land for such roadway is taken from each side, so that each owner has to contribute 30 feet to such road, and, of course, he has the benefit of the frontage to it.

If any section of the people is to be the paramount arbiter in public affairs, the only section competent for this duty is the superior order of workmen.

This section is a long distance from the last of the virgin forests of the Pacific Coast country.

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