7 Metaphors for serene

I have several times acted one of the finest Flower-pots in the same Opera wherein Mr. Serene is a Chair; therefore, upon his promotion, request that I may succeed him in the Hangings, with my Hand in the Orange-Trees.

Serene will be our days and bright And happy will our nature be When love is an unerring light, And joy its own security.

In fact, the Swiss, serene in their lofty mountains, were almost the only small people of Europe who were left untroubled.

The serene, stately, much-admired Princesse de Chevrille had been a Miss Sommers from Cleveland, Ohio, and she had come to Paris first as a governess.

Bright was the morning, cool the air, Serene was all the skies; When on the waves I left my dear, The center of my joys; Heav'n and nature smiling were.

And Philomel her plaintive chaunt prolong 'Neath skies more calm and more serene than ours, Making the summer one perpetual song?

" Saying which, Miss 'Tenty brewed her tea, spread her bread and butter, and with a bit of cheese made her savory meal, cleared it away, washed the dishes, and resumed her work as peacefully as if her life had been all as serene as today.

7 Metaphors for  serene